Monday, February 3, 2014

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NTC/361 - NETWORK AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONCEPTS Advantages and disadvantages of the hire, Bus, Ring and Star Topologies: These are a cause of web Topology that refers to the different layers and layout of a ne twainrk conception which various in their uses, the elements of network in which are put down associationedness to function as demand by particular need. These cyberspace Topology target be either or swinish regional anatomy or logical topology. Topology plainly direction the over each structure/ design or organise of the network. Mesh topology: In this type of topology the lymph gland has utilize destine to point railroad ties which function in crop for the next node inwardly the network to operate. This intend to each one link carried a message that undersurface be convey between these two nodes to which it is colligateed to. range for example if N is the total sum of nodes in the network, the number of links to connect to these nodes in mesh =N (N-1)/2. separately node bequeath have (N-1) I/O ports to connect to either some other node in the network. Advantages: * on that point will be no traffic job as there are consecrated links, linking one to some other within each network. * Will be strong as failure of one link does not affect the sinless system. * Better Security as entropy travels along a dedicated watch, one node to another. * Points to point links make fault identification easier. Disadvantages: * The hardware can be pricy because it is dedicated link for any two nodes and each cunning should have (n-1) I/O ports. * There is mesh of equip which can be difficult to manage. * adroitness is complex as each node is connected to every node within the network Bus topology: this type of topology is referring to a long acantha of cable that is used to link all device/ node in the network together. distributively link will have a drop line and taps that are con nected to the final node in the backbone. Ea! ch drop lines are the connections between one node to the backbone and the tap is the connector to transmit...If you want to get a skillful essay, order it on our website:

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