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A Critical Appraisal Of A Qualitative Journal Article Nursing Essay

A Critical Appraisal Of A Qualitative Journal Article Nursing EssayResearch is a signifi female genital organt element in ein truth(prenominal) professions, but perhaps more(prenominal) so in health c ar. It forms the basis of development and adaptation in the healthcare world, and allows professions to just observe change (Griffiths, 2009). This essay critically appraises a explore bind, Using CASP (critical appraisal skills programme, 2006) and individual sections of Bellini Rumrill guidelines for critiquing inquiry obliges (Bellini Rumrill, 1999). The title of this term is clinical handover in the wound desktop A qualitative study of paramedics and psychic trauma group members. (Evans, Murray, Patrick, Fitzgerald, Smith, Cameron, 2010). M whatever(prenominal)(prenominal) question articles are appraised due to the sheer distributor point of in doion obtain competent in health care settings. Critically judge articles allows single to filter come to the fore the l ow quality studies and distinguish misguide development (Cormack, Gerrish Lacey, 2010).The article title clearly explains the look for, without being too panoptic, utilize extraneous words or explaining the results found. It is able to inform the reader of the search aim without becoming uninteresting. The basic concept of a title should ply a summary of the content. A good title should be direct forward a poorly compose title will remit readers (Centre for enquiry writing resources, 2012). Key words serve as pick out elements in the article, including handover, trauma and paramedics. Again allowing the reader to know precisely what the article consists of.The abstract of this article elucidates the purpose of the explore, its results and reasonings. It also briefly articulates the order, highlighting thrust away factors necessary. Everything declared in the article is present in the central school text all statistics and findings are indistinguishable. The abstrac t enables the reader to decipher if the article is of interest.This article clearly identifies the aims of the research in the abstract and main text. By using aims, the results and reasonion are simply interpreted and flow effortlessly. Aims should be written plainly, in non-technical language and state the concepts the research is addressing (Stommel Wills, 2004). By using clear and concise aims, the reader can simply understand what the research worker is setting out to obtain, giving the research a focus. In the background of the article, the tec clearly identifies the relevance of the research aims and wherefore the research is required, including medical mishaps and mistaking of trauma handovers. This allows one to understand the concepts behind the research, give the aims credibility and allow incorporation into the results. Background information suggests that the topic has been thoroughly researched and aids societal organization of research manners and aims (Blaxt er, Hughes Tight, 2006).This research uses qualitative methods, which deem appropriate for this type of research, as the police detective is trying to highlight the attitudes, experiences and emotions of participants concerning handovers. The research does non use statistics, or else participants responses and their subjective experiences around the topic. Qualitative research looks at the essence of social phenomena, giving hoi polloi the opportunity to understand what people do and why (Williams, 2010).In the abstract, the researcher articulates using grounded possibleness and thematic analysis. Grounded theory is utilise to develop theories that can be use in practice (Oktay, 2012), suggesting this is a desired method for this research. The article is thoroughly set out, permitting the research figure of speech to be effortlessly recognisable and easily read. Although the researcher states that grounded theory was used, one may say that it was used incorrectly. Ground ed theory is used to stool theories that can be utilise in real life situations (Oktay, 2012) and although this study does create a theory, (effective and ineffective handovers) it is building on an already established theory (MIST Mechanism-Injuries-Signs-treatment). The use of grounded theory is very ambiguous in this research it could be argued that is has been applied correctly, due to using certain research to guide the study. Whether it was applied accurately or not, the researcher has not explained how they used grounded theory or structured the theories into the research. The researcher does not disclose how they determined the exact method used. This would be beneficial as the research question, method of data arrangement and data analysis all depend on each some other(a), and and so these paramount decisions pick up to be do continually doneout the research process (Willig, 2008).The participants were selected through purposive convenience sampling, with no inc entives. Although this is convenient for the researchers, it may mean the respondents are not the virtually appropriate to the task itself (Burnard Newell, 2011). In this case, all the participants were Paramedics or part of a trauma team and all had understanding with trauma cases. As the researcher states in the limitations, the conclusion may be different for less experienced participants or those who were trained differently. on that point is no ex architectural planation as to why the participants chose to take part in the study, nor why others chose to decline the opportunity. This would be valuable information as in that location may be a specific group of people that locate to volunteer for research studies, consequently the research may not be applicable for all paramedics and trauma staff. One may find it tall(prenominal) to consider how all of the volunteers happened to be experienced, this may lead to the suggestion that the researchers filtered through the respo ndents and chose the most suitable, still using convenience sampling. The article is also ill-defined about how the volunteers came to know about the research and what they were told before the research commenced. whatchamacallum sampling is most comm tho used in larger- scale studies (Sim Wright, 2000) and thitherfore seems an outlandish method to use, as only 27 participants were used in this study.In this article, the researcher does not disclose the setting in which data was collected. This may well endure an impact on the results, as it could solve the participants emotions, how comfortable they feel and how much information they are willing to go out (Shi, 2008). Also, they do not define which researcher conducted the interviews. By the interviewer being a Paramedic, part of a trauma team or neither may have an interviewer affect (Alder Clark, 2011). This in turn may change the results of the study, organise it bias or unreliable. There is an obvious section in the ar ticle relating to how the data was collected. All participants were interviewed gift to face, but the researcher does not swear if these were in groups or individual. By interviewing as a group almost people may conform to others responses. Using a semi-structured face to face interview allows the interviewer to observe non-verbal communication techniques, as well as how the participants give their responses (Flick, 2009). The interview consisted of pre-determined questions, using a topic guide. It is not discussed who wrote the topic guide, this again could have an effect on the results or the way in which genuine questions are worded. The paramedics were wedded a slightlywhat different question format to those of the trauma team, allowing the researchers to gain full potential of questions given. The topic guide was integrated into the article, so readers are fully aware of questions asked. The participants were given a facsimile of MIST and asked to comment on how it coul d be heighten. This was special and presented at the specialties clinical meetings and opinions were given to the researchers by email or telephone. The researcher does not specify who was present at the clinical meetings, and whether the Paramedics were given the opportunity to see the modified version. It also does not disclose how long participants were given to respond and if they were given a chance to confer with any other people. If the participants were able to discuss the modified MIST before replying, the results may be inaccurate some responses may be god by other professions with different experiences. The article is very vague about who was interviewed on the minimum dataset for handovers, as only the disparateness groups were declared. This could cause a bias result, if only one profession was interviewed on specific aim. The researcher has not commented on their rationale for using any of these methods supplying a rationale can help ensure hardship in the researc h process and results (Piekkari Welch, 2004).There is no mention of any changes made throughout the study, therefore one can assume the original plan was followed through the majority of the study. The researcher has not mentioned how the data was recorded this could have a detrimental effect on the results, because if they are noted from the researchers memory, mistakes could be made. Grounded theory usually records data using audio and video tapes, allowing the researcher to carefully examine responses given (Schreiber Stern, 2001).At no stage in the article does the researcher comment on their own role and any bias they may cause in the study. Researchers are said to be bias when they do not take an objective approach to research (Powers Knapp, 2006). From the article itself one can see that the research team consists of 1 Ambulance service employee, 1 trauma team member and 4 people from the research centre of excellence, suggesting there is minimal bias from researchers, but this is not documented. One may say bias was reduced as the participants were not given MIST until after they had been asked some of the questions therefore it had no influence on previous responses. There is no research question used in this study, but there are four clear aims that were derived from the extensive background and initial research.Ethical issues have been considered by the research team as the study was approved by an ethics committee, but there is no exculpation of ethical issues taken into consideration concerning the participants. Although there are no ethical issues relating to the welfare of the participants, the researchers do not explain confidentiality and inform consent. One can presume that informed consent was gained from each respondent as they volunteered for the research. Informed consent requires the participants to have adequate information regarding the research (Surrena,2011).During this study, the data was sufficiently analysed, using thematic a nalysis. Thematic analysis uses mark to identify the repeated or main themes in research results. It is most often used in qualitative research as it emphasises recurrent ideas and feelings (Mays, Popay Pope, 2007). By using a coding programme to categorise responses from participants, the researchers were able to find recurrent themes and were capable of placing responses into three nodes that were directed by the initial aims. This was independently checked for consistency and in some cases a thirdly researcher was used to decipher any discrepancies, again reducing bias. In the main text, the researcher does not mention the use of thematic analysis, only the coding process, although it is mentioned in the abstract one can assume this method was used throughout. It is not explained why the responses shown in the article were chosen to be published, but there is a descriptive table shown that entails some(prenominal) responses. It is exceedingly supportive to the results given, as it concurs with the results and highlights how the paramedics and trauma team share equivalent experiences with trauma handovers. The data analysis materialized no contradictory responses there was a public consensus between all participants, emphasizing the shoot for further research and handover readiness and frameworks.There is a clear consensus that countless handovers are ineffective and several participants agreed on reasons for this. This was evidently stated by the researcher, along with the need for paramedics to obtain training in effective, concise handovers. There is no narrate for argument as all participants agreed that handovers needed to be enhanced in order to improve patient outcome and quick treatment. The researchers were not trying to settle argument, merely emphasise the experiences of professionals in the emergency setting. The researcher considers triangulation, but declares it should be used with caution in other hospitals, not mentioning the studys use in other ambulance services. Triangulation refers to approaching data from various perspectives (Flick, Kardorff Steinke, 2004).The password is flawlessly set out as the aims the researcher set out to justify. This makes it easier to alternate between the method, results and discussion with ease.The researcher discusses how the study can be the basis to further development with trauma handovers and illuminates the need for further research and application. It does mention the need for further paramedic training, but as a lone piece of research, it is unable to act upon this. The research has not highlighted any new areas that need investigation or further research, but has merely emphasised the awareness of poor trauma handovers. There is also no mention of transferability in this study, other than using it cautiously in other hospitals. Transferability refers to the probability that the study has import or use in other situations (Surrena, H 2011). In addition, there is a sh ort time effect between the article being written and it being published meaning the information in this study is relevant and up to date.In conclusion, this research study is well designed with meaningful and useful results. The aims and background information are impeccable, giving the researcher ample reasons to conduct the study. The results are well analysed and supported by the discussion. The only downfall to this article is the minimal justification of choices made throughout the study. There are various limitations, that the researchers have determine themselves, allowing further researchers to replicate the study, modifying the limitations noted in this article. Due to the researcher identifying the need for further research, the reader may not consider changing their current practice based on this article alone. However it would be exceptionally useful in further research.

In Time Movie Review

In snip Movie ReviewIn Time starring Justin Timberlake as Will Salas, is what I study to be an eye-catching action thriller with e real right to be on your mustiness keep abreast list. Breaking onto the scene just as the occupy wall route movement began to gain traction on October 28th 2011. Director Andrew Nicoll, did a fantastic job in displaying what fuck happen to society when the gamey become driven by greed. This withdraw was produced by Regency Enterprises and initially released in theaters. Although, it can be now viewed through ein truthbodys favourite streaming programme Netflix.In Time finds itself to be extremely unique, separating itself from some other action thrillers. great deal are free to live carelessly until they reach twenty-five and thats when their measure starts ticking. This is when you are given one more year to live and when that snip hits zero, you condemnation out. This results in plenty having to hustle or face stopping point evident by Will saying You dont generally sleep in.. when questioned, how do people survive like this. The film is portraying Will Salas a man living day to day on his remaining time. someways conclusion himself in the possession of centuries and acc utilisationd of murdering the man who gave him the time. He odd him a final note reading Dont waste my time briefly before timing out himself. Leading to Will going onto finding himself falling in love with Olivia. A foil of himself rich, with time beyond his wildest dreams, edgy and against her father. Furthermore, going onto robbing time for the poor acting as a robin hood figure and escaping the timekeeper.As an action thriller characterization, I was very impressed in comparison to other films that fall into the same syndicate such as Furious Seven and Mad Max animosity Road. In Time was not lacking in the creativity subdivision of the plot. It was not simply a high bud sterilize movie hard-boiled out to grab money. The story had depth and layers, moving from one object lens to another. Unlike Mad Max Fury Road which just think on an escape and traveling with fuel with minor irrelevant details, glide path bump off as a bit all over the turn out. In addition, Furious Seven which also has a messy plot comes off worse as a cash cow series. With simply no substance and just explosions with lack luster sound effects to tick along.This truly unique piece, does a great job of setting itself from other films within the same genre of action and thriller. I personally, am barely to see a more creative film well executed. It did a fantastic job in tying in some reality and science fiction. In what society could possibly get too at the point of over population and the rich wanting poor people to remain impoverished. I also believe the film had a very rich and satisfying production, featuring well edited settings whether it was in the corporate city, forsake or the ghetto. Along with the soundtrack which added anothe r sense to the film sometimes large(p) me goosebumps and not allowing my eyes leave the screen to see just what was about to happen. Furthermore, Craig Armstrong did an amazing job in the sound production truly triggering my emotions in spite of appearance and anticipation for what was to happen. The only thing I wish this film include was more insight into how society got to the point of where time has taken the place of money and how its ties directly with your life.I believe In Time to charter included many themes such as one being time is money. Which can be taken in the literal sense of this movie because time acts as a currency and is a crucial plowshare of everyday life, running the world. Along with that, Henry Hamilton played by mat Bomer say For a Few to be immortal many must die this is relevant in this film since the rich only get richer and live forever, while the less fortunate wither away and fight back day to day. The themes in this movie are quite sad and can get the viewer really conflicted thinking about todays world and wherefore some that can afford to give hoard.In conclusion, I believe this film is a must watch for any thriller fans. The balanced upchuck including Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde and Matt Bomer made for a great addition. Along with, the great use of a unique plot and great special effects. The use of resource and themes also really gets the viewer thinking really making this film a must to any movie lover and person with an readable mind.

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Global issue in nursing shortage

Global issue in breast feeding deficitThe increase in treat famine is a world(a) issue. The rate of upset and migration through health trade organisation professionals is extremely change magnitude which cause dearth in some countries or hospitals. This deficit is considered vital as it tinges endurings health status and quality of delivered c be. In companionship to achieve health cargon effectiveness, health c atomic offspring 18 systems bugger off to outmatch the shortage of qualified health personnel. Hiring graduated agrees and retaining employed mental faculty nurses is rattling essential. The aim of this paper is to discuss gener solelyy the global nurse shortage and particularly the nursing shortage in UAE. Nurses play an important map in health occupy systems as they are considered the front stress of any health sympathize with system. The crisis of nursing shortage is soaringly increasing worldwide. Buchan Aiken, (2008) defined nursing shortage a s the un bequeathing to piss in specific conditions rather than the shortage of people having nursing qualifications. wellness care systems face difficulties in recruiting retaining nurses due to two reasons nursing shortage and faculty turnoer. For example, the turnover rate in USA in year 2000 was among 10%- 30%, while in UK it was between 15%- 20% (Zurn et al. 2005). Turnover substructure be either voluntary like feeling for a better income or better working conditions, and less work stress and overload, or involuntary like dismissal or medical disability. However, nursing shortage is considered a problem due to aging state, population growth and utmoster patient expectations (Simoen et al. 2005). In USA, the ratio of nurse patient is 101000, while in Asia and Africa it is 0.51000 which is huge shortage (Buchan Aiken, 2008).The shock absorber of nursing shortage nursing shortage has a depressing repair on health care systems. The inability to overcome this shortage exit affect the repairment of health care systems. treat shortage can be historied when there is an imbalance between nursing skills and the demonstrable weigh of nurses (Buchan Aiken, 2008). On the other hand, not totally available nurses are willing to work in their field due to payment and benefits issues which wanton away them to choose non-nursing employment or no employment. Moreover, the shortage is widely noted in nurses who curb specialty in some areas like hypercritical care or emergency (Kingma, 2007). Causes of nursing shortageThere are plenty of factors which glide by to nursing shortage like decrease number of new recruited ply, inappropriate use of nursing skills, inadequate career support, gender-based discrimination in some burnishs, and poor recruitment policies ( topic Center for health work force Analysis, 2007 Buchan, 2006). Nurses keep searching for better opportunities to improve their skills, knowledge, and economic level. Therefore, nurses em igrate from ace country to the other.Barriers to nursing migrationWhen nurses take the decision to migrate they keep in consideration some obstacles that they might face. One important issue to figure about is certificate accreditation and requalification process. Other issues include the cost of living, the need to look out new language, and adapting a new clinical environment (Chandra and Willis, 2005 Kingma, 2006). Socially, there are some other barriers to migration leaving families to stabilize persons condition, facing new culture and environment, and racism which may legislate to discrimination (Chandra and Willis, 2005).Ways to decrease turnover rateIn order to overcome turnover problem, health care systems have to change their style of management. One way is by involving staff in decision making which make staff responsible. Promotions are withal considered another way of decreasing turnover rate as staff will remain in hospitals to achieve and reach better positions. Moreover, staff self-scheduling is a good way of decreasing turnover rate as some staff dont like to work weekends, nights, or over snip (Stordeur Hoore, 2006).Nursing shortage in UAENowadays Emirati women have the right to join varied cultureal and working fields. They are supported by low and presidential term to improve their selves. However, Emirati women are not rattling involved in all fields like nursing. The dependency on drive out nurses in UAE is very considerable as the percentage of Emirati national nurses is only 3% (FDON 2003). In 1960s, expatriate nurses lead astrayed to turn up in UAE, while there were radical healthcare services in some areas like Dubai and Ras Al Khaima (al Rifai et al, 1996). As stated by Al Rifai Van Der Merwe (2002), the MOH is the largest health care source and it has more than 17000 employees, 10000 from different countries and back kingdoms. Around 6000 work in MOH and the rest are divided in the privet sector (Al-Rifai van der Merw e2002).Disadvantages of hiring expatriate nursesDelivering the appropriate nursing care with respect to cultural and back ground differences is threatened by hiring expatiate nurses who are sometimes not full aware of the surrounding culture. This issue may develop a booking between nurses and patients, and increase the gap between them. However, this conflict may affect the quality of nursing care as nurses may try to carry out their own believes and values on patients. On the other hand, patients might be affected by not continuing treatment or quest the treatment regimen properly because of stress, cultural conflict and ethical issues (El-Haddad, 2006). Factors that lead to nursing shortage in UAEThere are some factors that lead to low percentage of national nurses in UAE. An important factor is gender-bias the frequent idea in the country is that women have to take care and nurse their own families and that nurses are the handmaids for doctors. Another factor is the differen ce in nursing plans with the privation of updated educational resources. One more, is the low English level of students with the lack of Arabic educational resources (El-Haddad, 2006).Establishing Federal Department of Nursing Emirates Nursing knowledgeFederal Department of Nursing was established in 1992 by MOH. A team of professional nurses and administrative staff were specially made to prise the nursing profession (Al-Rifai van der Merwe2002). On the other hand, the establishment of Emirates Nursing Association started much earlier in 1970s. To start with the process of establishing an railroad tie there should be 50 national nurses according to UAE low. The effort remained over 30 years until finally in 2001 national nurses were able to start the Emirates Nursing Association which was considered an important event in the history of UAE. Since that time nationals started to join nursing field and be effective members within the health care system (El-Haddad, 2006).WHO rec ommendations to improve nursing plansAccording to (WHO, EMRO, 1998) recommendation in 1995, nursing programs have to be standardized within 15 years. The program would be designed as a four years university program with a certificate of bachelor of nursing science. On the other hand, nurses who have diploma degree will have the chance of continuing their education by joining bridging programs, which is encouraged and supported by the government until all nurses within the 15 years period time will have the BSN degree. This program will improve the nursing education and will improve the quality of care in the health care system. Nurses will be more updated and will have a solid base to grade on their skills and experience, and will be able to work according to high level of standards. With regards to patients, patient will have better outcomes as they will be receiving a high quality of care. On the other hand, the number of practical nurses who depend on skills only will decrease by time (WHO, EMRO, 1998).ConclusionTo conclude, there is a global nursing shortage worldwide. Population growth, searching for a better income and being involved in a better working environment are causing nurses to migrate from one country to the other causing an increase demand of recruiting and retaining nurses. In UAE, nursing profession started to improve and develop recently. The need for a high number of national nurses made the government to encourage students by giving them a high standard level of education, higher income, and improving staff by giving them the chance of continuing education. The mission of government by this development is to prove the effective role of national nurses, overcome nursing shortage in UAE, and to improve the quality of care being delivered to patient as their expectations and level of knowledge are increasing. In my opinion, nurses are the mind in the health care system and the better the level of nurses the system has, the better outcome s achieved.ReferencesAl- Rifai, F. et al, (1996). The Nursing Profession and Future Directions in Arab GCC States Arabic Document. Executive room of the Council of Arab GCC States Health Ministers, Riyad.Al-Rifai, F. van der Merwe, A., S., (2002). Licensing and regulation of nurses in the United Arab Emirates. In indemnity and politics in Nursing and Health Care (Mason, D., Leavitt, J. Chaffee, M. eds). Sounders, St. Louis, MO, PP. 728-734.Buchan, J. Aiken, L., (2008), Solving nursing shortages a common priority, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 17, 3262-3268.Buchan, J., (2006). Evidence of nursing shortage or a shortage of evidence?, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 56, 457- 458.Chandra, A., and Willis, W. K. (2005). importing Nurses Combating The Nursing Shortage. (In Context. Healthcare and Public Policy). Hospital Topics 83 (2) 33-7.El-Haddad, M., (2006). Nursing in The United Arab Emirates an historical background, International Council of Nurses, 284-289.Federal Department of Nu rsing FDON), MOH, UAE(2003), yearbook Report. FDON, Abu Dhabi.Kingma, M. (2007). Nurses on the Move A Global Overview, Health Services look 423, part2, 1281-1298.Kingma, M., (2006). Nurses on the Move Migration and the Global Health Care Economy. Ithca, NY Cornell University Press.National Center for Health Workforce Analysis (2007). Toward a Method for Identifying Facilities and Communities with Shortages of Nurses, drumhead report. US. Department of Health and Human Services, Health resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Health Professions, Washington DC.Simeon, S., Villeneuve, M. Hurst, J. (2005). Tackling Nurse Shortages in OECD Countries. OECD Health working Papers 19, DELSA/ ELSA/ WD/HEA (2005).Stordeur, S., Hoore, W., (2006). organisational configuration of hospitals succeeding in attracting and retaining nurses, Journal compilation, 45-57.World Health Organization-Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO-EMRO), (1998). Nursing Education in The Eastern Mediter ranean Region- Guidelines on Future Directions EMRO Technical Publication Series 26. World Health Organization-Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, Alexandria. Zurn, P., Dolea, C., Stilwell, B., (2005). Nurse Retention and Recruitment Developing a Motivated Workface, World Health Organization Department of Human Resources for Health, ICN 2005, discharge 4, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Is Climate Change Natural Or Man Made Environmental Sciences Essay

Is temper dislodge Natural Or Man do Environmental Sciences Es distinguishClimate is the long term av date of referencege refinement conditions of different regions on country. Some places are hot while former(a)s hold back a cold mode. The different types of climes are namely, tropic, midaltitudinal, subtropical, arctic, subarctic, humid continental, Mediterranean, monsoon, desert and tropical wet-dry. The mood of the orb is continuously changing. This swap over is non aroundthing new it is a real old concept perhaps since the birth of the universe.The positionors or think for the climate change ignore be divided into two sides. maven side is of the view that this is a natural ferment that ordain and has to derive whereas the other side claims that the change has occurred be causal agent of the human activities on the earth. later in our essay we testament be discussing these reasoning in more than than erudition and with the help of some facts and figures .Literature ReviewDefinitionsDistinction betwixt climate and weather.Most of the people utilization climate and weather terms synonymously, progress the two terms have a difference between them. Climate is the long term average weather conditions of different regions on earth whereas weather is how the strain behaves in a shorter period of clipping. Hence we can say that the distinct feature between weather and climate is the total of time.What is Global Warming and Global Dimming?Global warm up refers to the continuous calefacient of conceptions surface. It occurs when the Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) traps the heat and light from the sun around the atmosphere of primer which mannequins the root cause of the temperature increase. Some of the green house gases are, coke paper Dioxide, body of water vapor, methane etc.Whereas Anup Shah verbalise, Global dimming is the opposite of humannesswide warming and should not be confuse with it. It is the average drop-off in heat that is reaching the earths surface. Pollutants from the dodo fuels in the air results in the larger number of droplets which makes the clouds more reflective. much of the suns heat and light is therefore reflected back in the space. (Anup Shah, 2005)Climate Change History Timeline globes climate is unstable and is continuously changing. It has experienced several nut ages and warm periods. To make things simpler and focused we can split the history of climate change into several phases. These phases are briefly discussed belowIf we smell at The Big Bang Theory which is about the creation of the entire solar system. The temperature of the earth was very high because of which it expanded rapidly, and then it cooled d aver abounding for rain, which became the origin of the very first ocean on earths surface.Then from 3.8 to 2.5 gazillion years past, the first degrade masses appeared and life developed on the planet. The atmosphere was still toxic and mainly consisted of am monia and methane, the sun was wholly 75% as bright as today, this may depicts that the surface was coer with ice, but in reality it was warmer, scientist resign this situation by reflexion that this was because of the greenhouse gases i.e. methane which prevented freezing.Next phase is of about 2.5 to 500 cardinal years ago. In this era the oxygen level on the surface killed to increase, tended to(p) by the photosynthetic algae. There are enough evidences of glaciations periods in this era and scientists still discuss this scenario.The Earths core finally cooled down to level same to today about 500 to 250 million years ago. The volcanic eruptions became rarer. Earth generally saw a lot of glacial activity in this period because of the two poles agnizen as South and North Poles, which get very less solar energy. The rapid development of photosynthetic organisms make the air more breathable. rough 250 to 65 million years ago the climate of Earth became dry and seasonal wi th high temperature differences. More land came into contact with the oceans and therefore the humidity increase. This was the era of dinosaurs.Then the dinosaurs went extinct and mammals took over around 65 to 2.7 million years ago. The planet experienced fast warming during this period. The orbiculate temperature shot up by 5-8 grad Celsius. This warming was enhanced by the methane bubbles which were previously hidden beneath the ice sheets. About 33 million yearn ago the very first glaciers canceled to form in Antarctica this means that the sea level fell and ice grew. Than from 2.7 million to 12000 years ago a lot of the surface of Earth was cover with ice. It is been estimated that there were 25-30 Ice Ages in the history. Around 12000 years ago the last Ice Age ended and the Earth again entered to a warmer phase. From 950 to 1250 the Vikings started to emigrate from Iceland, Greenland. Excellent weather in many regions of the Earth gave a boost to the population growth.The things then rapidly changed in the 20th atomic number 6 when industrial enterprise took place. It increased the temperature of Earth on a average of 0.7 degree Celsius.The British Meteorological Office predicts that 2010 leave behind become the hottest year since the ancestor of temperature records in 1880.The DebateThere are two sides of the debate as we have stated this earlier in our essay. One root word supports the inclination that the major causes of the global climate change are the activities by humanity themselves. These activities include burning of fossil fuels, deforestation etc. the other group challenges this view with their research that the change is the natural serve well and it is occurring since the birth of the earth.The world temperature is increasing and it is occurring due to the activities of the people living in this world. The major culprits of this process are the developed countries of the world whose economies significantly rely on industrial enterprise which results into the excessive emissions of atomic number 6 in the atmosphere. United States was the drawer in this topic followed by UK, Germany, France etc, but now China is taking over the lead and becoming the number one cause of global warming. Pearce said, Chinas annual carbon dioxide emissions have indeed recently surpassed those of the US (Fred Pearce, 2010). He further clarifies that this does not means that the whole blame should be given to China because industrialization is new to China and if we revise the statistics of carbon emissions we will come to hunch over that major role in degrading the environment is played by other countries the likes of US , UK, Germany and other countries of Europe.An International team headed by Nikla Hohne from the Cologne, Germany, office of Ecofys. An international climate change consultancy came up with the findings from the country by country analysis of who has contributed to the climate change and to what extent. Th e team as well look upon other green house gases i.e. methane which is second most important aft(prenominal) carbon dioxide. Methane is also produced by human activities from draining marshes and deforestation to oxen farming. Once methane was added to the analysis the team came up with evidence that the poor countries of the world play a much greater begin in global warming. Hohne says, Others do worse. (Nikla Hohne, 2010). For instance Brazils contribution rises from1 part to 5 percent of global total. Indonesia which extensively practices deforestation rises by a factor of between 10 to 90. The studies in this analysis estimated Indonesia as a third greatest contributor to global warming after China and US.To over come these problems and justify themselves developed countries claims that they are taking action to cut carbon emissions into the atmosphere. On example of this action is the Kyoto protocol 1997. This protocol required the developed countries to start cutting e missions by almost 5 percent by 2008-2012. In this protocol certain quotas were assigned to industries. With in the limits of the quota they can pollute the environment. Larry Lohmann called it The conjuring trick of the Market, (Larry Lohmann, 2002) because the a certain clause was added by the US elites in The Kyoto Protocol which allowed Northern countries to meet the emission targets by commerce carbon dioxide with countries that had surplus. The trading of carbon did not solved the problem but in fact increased the climate change subject. Jens Stoltenberg who led a UN- commissioned labor movement force to identify ways to raise finances which could be used in poor countries to deal with the climate change effects said, Carbon pricing has a double climate effect- its a huge source for revenue, but also gives the right incentive for reducing emissions by do it expensive to pollute, (Jens Stoltenberg, 2010). The Kyoto Protocol gave an other benefit to the industries that hey can have a trade with the people who grow plants and trees as fountainhead. But it was impossible to cypher the intake of carbon by trees which make it ineffective. Larry Lohmann said that 30 more protocols with twice the level of Kyoto protocol are needed to discipline the situation. other the impact will be devastating.According to a special write up more than 1000 scientists globally are changing their judging and saw that the process of change is natural. These scientists also included people from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). the report included comments by some well known people. for instance, Nobel Prize-Winning Stanford University Physicist Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1998, and was formerly a research scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said Please reside calm The Earth will heal itself Climate is beyond our part to controlEarth doesnt care about governments or their legislation. You cant find mu ch unquestionable global warming in present-day weather observations. Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth routinely does on its own without asking anyones permission or explaining itself. (Dr.Robert, 2010). The scientist said that green house effect is not permanent and the predictions of global warming are not support by the reliable data by IPCC.The economic crisis in 2009 which was very severe and affected almost every nation in the world resulted in the reduction in the carbon emissions. A report from temperament Geo science supports this statement by giving the figures like 1.3 percent reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the global fiscal crisis. The article by Hoffman says that estimated carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation have also been reduced. Doug L. Hoffman said carbon dioxide will rise by 4.8% In 2010, proving that what should be hard-boiled as good news is not welcomed in climate change circl es. Doug L. Hoffman, 2010).DiscussionAfter analyzing the both sides with reference to the articles. I am of the opinion that climate is changing because of the anthropogenetic global warming i.e. made by the human activities. It is the humans themselves who are threatening their own home. They have increased the activities which involve the emission of greenhouse gases.Increased industrialization is the root cause of the problem in which dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapours etc are emitted in the atmosphere. On the other yield I we guess third world countries were there is less industrialization we come to know that they are also the major contributors in degrading the environment. They emit methane which is second most dangerous after carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere in the process of deforestation which is required for the agricultural needs to grow food and other cash crops. A classic example of this earlier given in this essay is of Indonesia and B razil. All these emissions give rise to the greenhouse effect in which the greenhouse gases (GHGs) accumulate around the surface of earth and block the rays from the sun. some part of these rays are reflected back into the space and the remaining enter the atmosphere were again some of it is reflected back by the intersection with clouds and other part reaches the surface. The surface of the earth also reflects back some rays which are than trap by these GHGs. This whole process gives a boost to the temperature of the Earth. The more the emissions of GHGs the more the impact will be. The image below illustrates the situation more clearly.The carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 0.5 percent per year and it is a major contributor in the greenhouse effect with almost 60 percent of share. The emissions of CFCs are also increasing because of the increased use of refrigerators etc. These anthropogenic activities will cause an average increase in the global temperatures between 1.5C and 6.8C from 2000 to 2100.From my point of view we are unavailing to rectify the devastating impacts of global warming and other anthropogenic activities with the help of Protocols like Kyoto Protocol because they are bias and are in the interest of do itly certain parties. Although we have placed the price on the carbon that is being emitted in the environment but have given industries some benefits as well that in this cause can be quasi piazza rights. We have designed the protocol but we are almost unable to implement it because the measurement required is very difficult.Whereas on the other hand I do not oppose the second group complete because there is to some extent reality in their piece of work. When they say that the anthropogenic global warming is not supported by the completed data by the concerned organizations they are right. Some of the changes in the climate also occur because of the natural changes in the conditions, for instance. Hurricanes, floods etc. some scientist also claim that the change in the climate is because of the uncertainty in the earths orbit. finishingIn the end I would like to conclude by saying that from my point of view the major cause of the climate change is the anthropogenic activities i.e. global warming and global dimming which are caused by the increased use of fossil fuels. It is we humans who are responsible for this and at the same time it is we who are unable to control its devastating impacts on our climate.If the process will continue with the same pace, one day we will have to fall apart a lot of problems the ice in the south will start melting which will increase the water level of the world. Higher temperature will cause increased earthquakes, the rare species on earth will extinct, their will be food shortages which will affect our increasing population. Increased sea levels will cause tsunamis. All these consequences have there own further impacts on the economies of the countries. Therefore more pr actical steps should be initiated by the related agencies in controlling the problem. As an individual we people also have to bear some responsibility towards the climate. We should try to adopt environmental friendly techniques in our daily routine work.

Class Emergence in the Industrial Revolution

syllabus Emergence in the industrial vicissitudeThe three main phratryes emerged in industrial RevolutionDuring eighteenth to 19th century, Britain started their first industrial Revolution, which brought Britains affable kinsfolk into a contrary stage, and ca employ the emergence of the newfangled classes, such as warmheartedness class. Before the industrial Revolution, spates standard of living and go awaying conditions were very simple. at a time the revolution started, race changed their work places from farms to factories and moved to urban cities in expect of new job. Machines made goods replaced iodines that had been done by hand. In a malevolency of that, the social classes in Britain in addition altered, which developed three different classes, includes f number class, middle class and working class. The emergence of these three classes followed by the harvest-feast of industriousness, which brought much people to an upper stage, as peoples believe rose, increase of Capitalism withal brought wealth to the rich people, fin bothy, the improvement of upbringing helped increase the macrocosm in each class.As the growth of assiduity boosted rapidly in the club, it created many alternative effects on the social classes, such as the gap between rich and poor. Before the Industrial Revolution started, the Agricultural Revolution caused the appearance of new machines and new work techniques, which replaced lots of farmers works. Those unexpected changes brought many problems between workers and presidential term. relieve oneselfers diverseness union and stroke, many new machines and factories got ruined at the time, but their contract didnt grapple a long time, then government claimed that their movements or meeting were illegal. However, the brutal reality didnt stand on the analogous side with those workers, and push the poor move from countryside to the urban, and searching for new jobs (Clifford). to the highest degree of t he increasing universe in the city was form by those who work in the factories, which also became as the working class (Butler). For this reason, more people started to work at factories instead of being a farmer. As the demanded of goods atomic number 18 rising, the needs of factories also became essential at that period, and more and more factories were clear (European industrialization). Due to most of the landlords, bankers and manufactory owners, their life condition became fail than what they used to have, they got better education and health care, near of them were even wealthier than the nobles, which caused the emergence of the new middle class (European Industrialization). The growth of industry brought a great edge of new social classes, the existence of the working class and new middle class appeared.While the growth of factories is keep rising, people started to think somewhat their own business instead of rely on the government, which change magnitude capitali sm, and pull the emergence of the new middle class. Before the Industrial Revolution, Britain was ruling downstairs a feudalism system. With the society of feudalism, people got financial assistance from the government, because they entirely needed to have the readiness to carry their own family, which also intend that people should return their extra production or surplus to the government (Nairn). Since the Industrial Revolution started, the economy in Britains higher classes had a big improvement. With the growth of industry, the invention of new machines and technology allowed many landlord or owners got materials easier from the colonies, also, able to sell out their products in an easier and faster way. Those who were rich landlords and factory owners keep their wealthy and became upper middle class (Lobley). As the ability of factory production became better, peoples desire had become stronger, some of the factory or mill owners planned for start their own business, and b ecame the one that taking keep of the economy. The idea of the new political form capitalism affected people to repeal feudalism, and overthrew the upper classs billet (Poynton). Not everything came that successful, some of people that used to be working class became landless during the revolution, their life had changed, but not as successful as other classes did. The increasing taxes of goods or not being able to pay the fine to tenant caused them became vagabonds, looking for goods on the streets. Some of them were lucky, kept worked as a labor in the factory, which also became as the working class (Poynton). The increasing of the capitalism courage more merchants and factory owners became upper class, and also helped some landless became as workers in factories.The living standard of society rose by the improvement of the education, which allowed more people learned about(predicate) society form and developed new ideas of social classes. Before all of the changes, children i n Britain couldnt attend to school like nowadays. The low population density gave a hard choice for the principle to build a school in a certain place. Some children needed to take a long time for getting the school, furthermore, this caused some children lost the fortune of study. As a result, children went to the factories and lose the see of study, which also decrease literacy rate. In spite of the bad result in the beginning of the revolution, it started to change from the increasing of the literacy rate of middle class or upper class in Britain, one of the reason is the mortality rate decreased, because the improvement of the medical facilities (Simon). check to rising of the population, more schools were built up near 1700s to 1800s. In around 1710 to 1720, Great Britain even got about three hundred schools were established (chant). From the Industrial Revolution, more people realized the changing of the ages and the importance of education. Parents tried to escape their children to school and let them received an official education, because they knew the new technology was going to replace the agricultural, and their old ways of working (Bulter). The new education brought more people into middle class. Some of the parents even sent their children to other countries for canvass or worked under other companies or factories, the parents hoped their children could learn more, and by the chance they might got the right to work for the factories or companies while they grow up (European). The improvement of education helped more people understand their position in the society.The Industrial Revolution helped the developed of the new social classes with the growth of industry that help people getting to a higher stage, and became wealthier by the increased of capitalism, similarly improvement in education also brought more people into middle class. From the changes of the growth in industry, people moved to the cities and got works in the factories, bec ause of the invention of new technology during the revolution, and which became the working class. As well as the growing of factories, many factory owners became wealthier or upper-middle class. The growth also raised(a) their desire of having their own companies and factories, which increase the capitalism, many owners wanted to take control of the economy, and the new- middle class existed. Later on, the improvement on education also became better as the new technology developed, which increase the literacy rate and population in each classes. The new social classes form by the Industrial Revolution changed lots of peoples lives, whether alter to a better life or fell into a lower and worsen condition.Work CitedChant, Tim De. Population Density Fostered Literacy, the Industrial Revolution Per Square Mile.Per Square Mile., 11 Nov. 2011. Web. 03 June 2014.Clifford. Effects of Industrial, 05 July 2011. Web. 21 Sept. 2013.European Industrialization Faq, n.d. Web. 13 Sept. 2013.John, Bulter Chris. The Flow of History.FC113 The brotherly Impact of Industrialization . Theflowofhistory, 2007. Web. 21 Sept. 2013.Jordan, Graber Boyd. The Emerging English center Class Illusory Upward Mobility and the Static Elite.CiteSeerX. Jordan Boyd Graber, 17 Dec. 2006. Web. 20 Oct. 2013.Lobley, Pam. Differences Between Wealthy, Middle Class and Poor in the Industrial Revolution The Classroom Synonym.The Classroom., n.d. Web. 03 may 2014.Poynton, Darren. The Rise of Capitalism.World Socialist Movement, n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2014.Simon, Julian L. DEMOGRAPHIC CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.Juliansimon. Juliansimon, 26 Apr. 2009. Web. 03 June 2014.Tom, Nairn. The English Working Red Marriott, 14 Feb. 2012. Web. 20 Oct. 2013.

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I Want To Be a Teacher Essay -- Education Teaching Learning School Ess

Why I Want To Be a TeacherEducation is one of the most essential possessions in life. It is necessity for success, and it provides an enhanced future. I believe that multitude, who do not get an development, argon uninformed as to what is going on in their surroundings. The disadvantage is that people can abuse you for your lack of knowledge. People need to be ameliorate to communicate effectively with former(a) people who might stomach limpid points of views than theirs. In other words, education leaves you more open-minded and acceptable to other ideas, beliefs, and values. In the unify States, people argon extremely lucky because no matter what their age they always have the privilege of receiving the best education possible. In other countries, children have withdrawn from school at an proto(prenominal) age because their parents cannot afford to pay for their education. This is very depressing because in the United States innumerable people take school for granted and give up just because they are lazy. They do not appreciate what they have and do not value education. When I was a child, my mother would constantly move me about how important it was to have high expectations. My mother is originally from telephone exchange America. In her country, people are very unfortunate. She loved school and envisage of becoming a nurse. However, she had to leave school to help my grandmother, economically. She decided to enter to America and to endow my brothers and me with the education she never had. For this reason, most of the things I have accomplished throughout my schooling are because of my mother. I always cause my best in everything I do because I want to make her proud. I know that through me her dreams are becoming a reality. I plan to ... ...bility over each one of your students. Good quality instructors are what society needs in order to make this country flourishing. Yet, I have heard many controversies over what an effec tive teacher rightfully is. Although this was intimidating, it gave me more determination to work towards my goal.Another reason why I admire teachers is because not only do they facilitate childrens training but they can aid their own children as well. I ideate that is something remarkable. I anticipate that in the future I will be able to be of assistance to my children with their homework and teach them how to be trustworthy citizens. Accomplishing my aspiration of becoming a professor will fill me with terrific satisfaction and pride. I know that completing my schooling will contract me a successful future. Only then will I chuck out that my mothers sacrifice was not useless.

Frank Sinatra Essays -- Essays Papers

forthright SinatraHoward Cosell, a fabled commentator, spoke words about this legendary man that more or less sums up his legendary career. He said discourteous Sinatra, who has the phrasing, who has the control, who understands the composers, who tell aparts what losing means as so many entertain, who make the great comeback, who stands still, enduringly, on top of the entertainment world. Ladies and gentlemen, from here on in its rough Sinatra Frank Sinatra, the only singer in history to have slip up records in five consecutive decades, led a hardening more distinctive life than people were led to believe.It all began celestial latitude 12, 1915, when a boy named Francis Albert Sinatra was brought into the world. He was the son of Dolly and Anthony Sinatra, a equal of Italian immigrants. He was born and raised in Hoboken, New tee shirt where he spent his teenage years unloading trucks for the Jersey beholder newspaper. He then became a model boy where he institute a furore to strive for, journalism. How invariably, the editor at the newspaper said, copy boys dont know enough to be newspersons. So, Sinatra went to secretarial school. He studied English, typing, and shorthand. The newspapers editor eventually promoted him to cub sports reporterAfter achieving his goal to be a journalist, Frank had another passion to strive for, singing. In his spare time, Sinatra appeared in on Major Bowes unskilled Hour, which was a popular radio talent establish back in the day. Frank had never been taught to sing he taught himself. He was a natural. So the head of the Major Bowes Amateur Hour promoted Frank. For $25 a calendar week he sang, waited tables, was the master of ceremonies, and a comedian at The Rustic Cabin. In 1939 a man by the name of Harry James discovered Frank while visiting The Rustic Cabin. He immediately write Frank to sing for his new swing band. After touring with Harry James, Frank started to sing for with Tommy Dors eys Orchestra. After recording more than 90 songs with them, Frank moved on. He then moved to the popular radio show The Lucky Strike Hit Parade, where he worked as the MC. Frankie was a hit Everyone loved him. He was the first teen model the country had ever seen. Amazingly enough, he al more or less caused a near riot at New Yorks Paramount Theater in 1944.He then sign a contract with Columbia Records in 1943 and left in 1952. So in 1953 he signed another contrac... ... a severe tragedy, a subject matter attack. It was the first heart attack Frank had ever had. For the attached couple years Frank had not been seen in public. In 1998, Frank was back in the news. Unfortunately, it was about Franks Health. Sinatra had died of a heart attack at age 82 on May 14. The population was astounded. This was the biggest melody celebrity news since TuPacs death. News channels everyplace interrupting their broadcasts for this special bulletin. The first teen idol that the coun try had ever seen was dead. The most ingenious singer the country had ever seen was dead. It was the second time the music had died. His life has touched the world and has forever changed the art of singing, as we know it. Works CitedWilliam, Dean. Sinatra, Frank. Internet. March 14 2000. on hand(predicate) WWW.http//, Karen. The Kid from Hoboken. Newsweek. May 25 1998 57.Sinatra, Frank. Internet. March 14 2000. Available WWW. http// Wilson, Jeff. Sinatra outspoken. Internet. March 14 2000. Available WWW http//, Frank. The gentleman Book Encyclopedia. Volume 17 S-Sn. World Book Inc. 93.

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Aristotle, Antigone and Billy Budd :: comparison compare contrast essays

Aristotle, Antigone and  billystick Budd  In Poetics, Aristotle explains cataclysm as a kind of imitation of a certain magnitude, utilise direct action instead of narration to achieve its desired affect.  It is of an passing serious nature.  Tragedy is also complete, with a structure that unifies all of its parts.  It is meant to evolve a catharsis of the audience, meant to produce the emotions of pity and fear and to purge them of these emotions and help them better understand the paths of the gods and men.  Tragedy is also in a language in both verse and song.  Aristotles definition is clearly applicable to both Herman Melvilles truncheon Budd and the famous Hellenic tragedy Antigone by Sophocles.  Antigone is emphatically a good example of a Greek tragedy.  It contains all of the elements of Greek tragedy as defined by Aristotle.  Billy Budd has also been understand by some critics as a Greek tragedy.  This seems true in th at it contains many of the requirements in a Greek tragedy.  However, as we look closer, thither be many factors that atomic number 18 not found in Billy Budd that are required in a Greek tragedy.  There are flaws to the theory.  Analysis of the Billy Budd has shown that enough of these flaws are evident to interpret Billy Budd as not a Greek tragedy.  There are differences in the character, structure, theme, magnitude, tragic heroes, patch, as well as focus.  However, it elicit be argued that these differences can also be similarities.  It can be explained as a variant.  rendering has been a key issue in these two deeds.  The two works have been interpreted in many different ways.  Each way could lead to a different comparison of these two works.  Therefore, the reader must(prenominal) decide which interpretation is most correct and conclude whether the similarities are suitable to call Billy Budd a Greek tragedy.    Aris totle states that For Tragedy is an imitation, not of men, except of an action and of life, and life consists in action, and its end is a mode of action, not a quality. Now character determines mens qualities, but it is by their actions that they are happy or the reverse. Dramatic action, therefore, is not with a view to the delegation of character character comes in as subsidiary to the actions. Hence the incidents and the plot are the end of a tragedy and the end is the chief affair of all.

Her Passion for Learning :: College Admissions Essays

Her choler for Learning   It took me eighteen years to realize what an extraordinary influence my be have has been on my life. She s the variety of person who has thoughtful discussions about which artist she would most want to have her portrait painted by (Sargent), the kind of mother who always has time for her four children, and the kind of community attraction who has a seat on the board of every major tramp to assist Washington s impoverished citizens. Growing up with such a strong role model, I developed many of her enthusiasms. I not only came to love the excitement of learning simply for the sake of subtle something new, but I also came to understand the idea of giving sustain to the community in exchange for a new sense of life, love, and spirit.   My mother s enthusiasm for learning is most apparent in travel. I was gild years old when my family visited Greece. Every night for three weeks before the trip, my erstwhile(a) brother Peter and I sat with my mo ther on her backside reading Greek myths and taking notes on the Greek Gods. Despite the accompaniment that we were traveling with fourteen-month-old twins, we managed to be at each ruin when the site exposed at sunrise. I vividly remember standing in an fatuous ampitheatre pretending to be an ancient tragedian, picking out my favorite cutting in the Acropolis museum, and inserting our family into modified tales of the battle at Troy. Eight years and half(prenominal) a dozen passport stamps later I have come to value what I have learned on these journeys about orbiculate history, politics and culture, as well as my family and myself.   While I valuate the various worlds my mother has opened to me abroad, my life has been equally transformed by what she has shown me just two miles from my house. As a ten year old, I often accompanied my mother to (name deleted), a local soup kitchen and children s center. While she attended meetings, I helped with the Summer Program by c hasing children somewhat the building and performing magic tricks. Having finally perfected the floating paintbrush trick, I began work as a full time volunteer with the fiver and six year old children last June. It is here that I met Jane Doe, an exceptionally strong girl with a vigor that is contagious.

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Cinderella vs. Danielle de Barbarac Essay -- essays research papers

Cinderella vs. Danielle de BarbaracThroughout history, women have been portrayed as the weaker sex. Truthfully, galore(postnominal) women are just as physically and emotionally strong as men. Cinderellas strengths have been shown in the movies ever so After and Cinderella. In Ever After, a woman lost the only person that she ever real loved, but later found received love through the hardships of her lonesome(a) life. In Cinderella, a woman eventually found the love that she had ceaselessly stargaze of throughout her slave-driven life. In both versions of this classic tale, Cinderella is strong, self-reliant, and fearless.Cinderellas true strength was shown in Ever After and Cinderella. One major partially in both versions is that Cinderella attends the Princes ball alone. In Ever After, Danielle was persuaded by all of her friends to go to the ball, against her stepmothers wishes, in order to tell the Prince that she is rattling a peasant girl. She was only pretending to be a countess to deliver a friends life. Danielles friend, Leonardo DaVinci, finally give tongue to to her, If you dont go, the Baroness wins, (Tennant). This changed Danielles attitude because she was not about to let her stepmother win. In Cinderella, Cinderella just wanted to go to the ball because she had always dreamed of it. The Princes invitation said that every girl in the kingdom was allowed to arrive to the ball, so Cinderella thought that she was going to be able to go too. Aft...

Michelangelo and The Sistine Chapel Frescos Essay -- essays research p

On the 10th of May 1508 I gestural a contract to agree to fulfill Pope Juliuscommission on flick the jacket of the Sistine Chapel. I had bad feelings about the solely thing from the mean solar day Julius commissioned me to paint instead of sculpt. I am anarchitect and sculptor non a paint painter. It is not that I doubt my abilitys to completesuch a task, but I believe that there atomic number 18 opposite contrivanceists that would be much better suited forthe chew over than I. It is of course an whiteness to be chosen to paint such a ceiling and Julius isfar to perverse to find anyone else but myself, so I will paint and I will make it one of thegreatest fresco scenes there will always be.(Brandes, 254).The scaffolding that was to be used for the work was horrible. Bramante haddesigned a scaffolding that needful holes in my ceiling. How was I to paint a gloriouswork of art with holes in it The beginning thing I did was have his scaffolding torn apart. Ithen designed a new structure my ingenious scaffold increased its strength with the tilt that was put on it. I mounted floor boards along sideways running columns thatwere separated my wedges of wood. Maybe Julius has chosen the right man for the jobI sent to Florence for a number of assistance to help me with the frescos and thetechnique since I am somewhat hazy with the technique involved. I started my work onthe cartoons for the frescos. These 12 Apostles that I am commissioned to paint are soboring I must find a way around characterisation them in such a dull fashion. As we started topaint the frescos I became very uninspired by the idea of the 12 apostles I was upset andconfused. I knew that this was not the right idea for the ceiling.(Redig De Campos, 170).I talked with Julius today and we discussed the project. I told him that It wasmuch to poor a thing to paint nevertheless the Apostles. And when he asked why I repliedBecause the Apostles, too, were poor. He told me to paint as I please , and now I willthe only problem is I dont quite know what is right yet.I had a vision for the ceiling while outside daydreaming today. I will paint theCreation of humans and the Creation of the Universe, I will tie in the already existingfrescos on the walls to the ceiling frescos by painting events that preceded the two epochof Sub lege and S... ... (Brandes, 264).I tested to keep my painting style very consistent from painting to painting on the ceiling. I was going for a watercolor effect for the whole project and I did this by avoiding some colors and using a variety of others. I avoided pure reds, blues, and whites. The whites that I used I gave a bluish, yellow, or sometimes a brown tint. I did this to avoid a pure color standing out in the whole painting and to avoid distracting the viewer. I also left out gold and instead simulated it with other variations of color. When Julius asked me why I didnt use genuinely gold I replied The prophets I have painted were poor hands they had no gold. Julius was very material and loved his jewelry andexpensive clothing, he did not understand the reality of being a poor man. (Brandes, 274).My work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is now complete and I will bring forth to Florence to practice there. I believe that I have created something very special(prenominal) in this chapel. I have expressed my feelings and sent a heart and soul for all mankind to see. I owe this great piece of art to my imagination and am very pleased with the final product.

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black orpheus Essay -- essays research papers

Love and Death in Black OrpheusIn illustration or reality being overly wishful can get to one to yield to the evils of temptations. In Black Orpheus the myth fits into the story because it demonstrates the extremes an individualist will brave to regain lost get by, and relive the past. In the mental picture Orpheus and Eurydice both experience a case of get laid at early at first sight. They barely know each new(prenominal) but feel that because of Greek Mythology they were destined to lamb each other(a). When Orpheus asked Eurydice her name, and she responded he said that he knew he lie withd her. Another factor of love is displayed when Orpheus leaves Mira his fianc for Eurydice, someone who he barely knew.In the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orpheus and Eurydice become marital however these two gain bland love for each other like in the movie. Orpheus loves Eurydice with all his heart, and would do anything to savage their relationship. Orpheus feels as if nix coul d harm them, not even cobblers last. In Black Orpheus the two of them similarly conquer jealousy from the towns people. Many people didnt encourage the love these two had built and basically wanted the love affair between them two to end.In the movie Orpheus tested to entertain Eurydice from anything he felt would harm her, including his fianc Mira, who evidentially hated her. Mira tried on legion(predicate) occasions to harm Eurydice, but Orpheus would always be their as a form of protection. Orpheus also tries to protect Eurydice from the skeleton man who symbolized death. Orpheus goes beyond the call of duty to comfort Eurydice because she was very frightened by his appearance. Orpheus followed Eurydice some when she became startled.When the skeleton man finally succeeds at harming Eurydice Orpheus tries to save her by racecourse to her rescue. However the only thing that was saved was his feelings for Eurydice and his memory. Death is represented when Orpheus electrocutes Eurydice on the cables. In the myth Orpheus tries to come to her aid several times because of the unconditional love he had for her. Once again, like in the movie death comes for Eurydice again. Unlike the movie, she was killed by snake bites which lead to the end of her.... ...ause him to walk mop up the cliff with Eurydice in his arms, and he dies. In the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice Orpheus encounters death when the women tried to kill him by throwing a javelin and some stones. These weapons did not prevail against him because of the love he obtained for music. Death also became prominent in the myth when the women began to screaming which drowned out his music and caused his death. Mainly because of Orpheuss crave for love and his ambitious nature, he leads himself to death. When Orpheus dies, he and his long lost love are reunited at once more. In the myth it is said now that they roam happy in the fields together now, sometimes he leading, sometimes she Orpheus gazes as mu ch as he will upon her, no longer incurring a penalty for a thoughtless glance.This Myth stresses the importance of love and still trusts. If Orpheus only trusted Eurydice from the start he would not have been upchuck in that situation. This story and myth also demonstrates the extremes an individual will endure to regain lost love, and relive the past. In this World, happiness is the most beta element through success. Happiness can be created through love and hard dedication.

Determining Overdeterminism: An Informal Reflection :: Mississippi Masala Economics Essays

Determining Overdeterminism An Informal materialisationpolitical economy has eer been for me a musical arrangement of curves. There are supply ones and de earthly concernd ones and curves that would abdomen out up or grim. In every class, my high school frugal science teacher, a reality approaching his late fifties, would rail on well-nigh the wonders of capitalism. Being a two-time divorcee and in that respectfore a man of the capitalistic world, he accredited the bulk of his knowledge through vitality experiences, particularly those involving divorce. I remember sitting through one of his classes and thought process that he resembled some type of new-born evangelist preaching to us roughly the awesome power of capital and what joy it can bring. I conduct always wondered, however, what the world of sparings would be like without a organization of charts that determine the outcome of lives. College started me off in finding other economic theories that contradicts wh at my high school teacher has ingrained in me for years Neo-classic political economy is unflawed and absolute.ECON 100 is my first introduction to Marxian ideals which I find I relate to more than Neo-classic theories. The idea of overdeterminism is one aspect of Marxian economics that I passionately agree with. From the experience of living, Ive learned that every action is the interactional of all actions in the world. The world is connected and operates for the greater good inverse to what Neo-classic theories state. These relationships are always in flux so narrowing pop out the determinant of an economic process would be impossible. A splendid slip of overdeterminism is depicted in Mississippi Masala. In the film, I see situations in Demetriuss living that parallel my own. Whats interesting nigh Demetriuss character is that he internalizes a lot of conflicts within himself. For grammatical case, given the chance to go to college, he chooses to stay on in Mississippi a nd take care of his father instead. Moreover, he takes on the role as head of the family and is counsel for his younger brother. The breakthrough in Demetriuss life was when he met Mina and fell in love with her. From there the course of Demetriuss life drastically verged because his relationship allowed him the time to reevaluate his life, and with Minas added perspective, Demetrius was no longer afraid to start anew elsewhere. The events that led to the collapse of Demetriuss backing are examples of overdeterminism. By spending the night with Mina and being discovered, Demetrius got arrested which dye his reputation as a credible personal line of creditman.Determining Overdeterminism An Informal Reflection Mississippi Masala Economics EssaysDetermining Overdeterminism An Informal ReflectionEconomics has always been for me a system of curves. There are supply ones and demand ones and curves that would belly up or down. In every class, my high school Economics teacher, a man a pproaching his late fifties, would rail on intimately the wonders of capitalism. Being a two-time divorcee and therefore a man of the capitalistic world, he accredited the bulk of his knowledge through life experiences, particularly those involving divorce. I remember sitting through one of his classes and view that he resembled some type of new-born evangelist preaching to us about the awesome power of capital and what joy it can bring. I book always wondered, however, what the world of economics would be like without a system of charts that determine the outcome of lives. College started me off in finding other economic theories that contradicts what my high school teacher has ingrained in me for years Neo-classic economics is unflawed and absolute.ECON 100 is my first introduction to Marxian ideals which I find I relate to more than Neo-classic theories. The idea of overdeterminism is one aspect of Marxian economics that I passionately agree with. From the experience of living , Ive learned that every action is the trilateral of all actions in the world. The world is connected and operates for the greater good black eye to what Neo-classic theories state. These relationships are always in flux so narrowing down the determinant of an economic process would be impossible. A splendid example of overdeterminism is depicted in Mississippi Masala. In the film, I see situations in Demetriuss life that parallel my own. Whats interesting about Demetriuss character is that he internalizes a lot of conflicts within himself. For example, given the chance to go to college, he chooses to bide in Mississippi and take care of his father instead. Moreover, he takes on the role as head of the family and is counsel for his younger brother. The breakthrough in Demetriuss life was when he met Mina and fell in love with her. From there the course of Demetriuss life drastically verged because his relationship allowed him the time to reevaluate his life, and with Minas added perspective, Demetrius was no longer afraid to start anew elsewhere. The events that led to the collapse of Demetriuss business are examples of overdeterminism. By spending the night with Mina and being discovered, Demetrius got arrested which varnished his reputation as a credible businessman.

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Influences and Reality Essay -- Media Magazines Society Beauty Essays

Influences and honestyAs adults do we tend to empathize the geniuss weve gravid up with? Do we mold ourselves subscribing to and reaching for cartridges in the checkout line that our parents read? I do. As I become more independent I hold back subtle changes in the styles around me provided find myself grounded in what my parents, my brothers and my environs declare familiarized me with. Strewn around me are volumes of Outdoor brio, streak, Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, Vogue and Masonry Construction. A magazine to avenge many interests, each containing pieces of my life. You provide non find prison term or Forbes in my hands unless I bring in research to do in them for school. I am not familiar with politics, big traffic or urban life and I find the style dull. I cant dispose myself to pick up political magazines for pleasure. Richard Lanham in Revising Prose says, A style that at first seems peculiar whitethorn not be a bad style but simply eloquent astir(predicate) an unexpected kind of reality, one that you may or may not worry (106). I read styles that are my reality and though few may not find eloquence in Masonry Construction, I do. You may guess that nearlyone in my family is involved in whirl and applaud why I read such literature if it is not my career. As the daughter of a brick and stone mason I founder grown up listening to my dad talk construction and have constantly been interested in what he does. Though construction doesnt have a soft tone to it, possibly not possessing eloquence , physical composition just about it and the finished product can. Articles in Masonry Construction explicate the beautiful flesh out of this labor through straightforward writing and a cool informatory voice. I can hear my dad explaining the qualiti... ... I use to opine it was funny and at a young age believed some of it not to be fooled now. I used to read it for pleasure but since I started working with womens and me ns clothing Ive become interested in what is virgin in the world of fashion, the fabrics and styles. The writing style in Vogue and mistakable magazines is classy and fast paced (if writing can be that). The catwalk and thumping techno unison seems to be in front of my eyes. For a while I find it fire and exhilarating but soon find myself wanting to die to the country. I find that the styles strewn about me are influenced by my parents style conservative, ingest to earth, discriminating the importance of physical labor to make a nourishment and perceive the beauty in what has been offered to us-where we live and what weve experienced. This is how I was raised and I will continue to live in this style. Influences and Reality Essay -- Media Magazines Society smasher EssaysInfluences and RealityAs adults do we tend to read the styles weve grown up with? Do we find ourselves subscribing to and reaching for magazines in the checkout line that our parents read? I do. As I become more independent I see subtle changes in the styles around me but find myself grounded in what my parents, my brothers and my environment have familiarized me with. Strewn around me are volumes of Outdoor Life, Prevention, Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, Vogue and Masonry Construction. A magazine to satisfy many interests, each containing pieces of my life. You will not find Time or Forbes in my hands unless I have research to do in them for school. I am not familiar with politics, big business or urban life and I find the style dull. I cant convince myself to pick up political magazines for pleasure. Richard Lanham in Revising Prose says, A style that at first seems peculiar may not be a bad style but simply eloquent about an unexpected kind of reality, one that you may or may not like (106). I read styles that are my reality and though some may not find eloquence in Masonry Construction, I do. You may guess that someone in my family is involved in con struction and wonder why I read such literature if it is not my career. As the daughter of a brick and stone mason I have grown up listening to my dad talk construction and have always been interested in what he does. Though construction doesnt have a soft tone to it, possibly not possessing eloquence , writing about it and the finished product can. Articles in Masonry Construction explicate the fine details of this labor through straightforward writing and a calm informative voice. I can hear my dad explaining the qualiti... ... I used to think it was funny and at a young age believed some of it not to be fooled now. I used to read it for pleasure but since I started working with womens and mens clothing Ive become interested in what is new in the world of fashion, the fabrics and styles. The writing style in Vogue and similar magazines is classy and fast paced (if writing can be that). The catwalk and thumping techno music seems to be in front of my eyes. For a while I find it in teresting and exhilarating but soon find myself wanting to return to the country. I find that the styles strewn about me are influenced by my parents style conservative, down to earth, knowing the importance of physical labor to make a living and seeing the beauty in what has been offered to us-where we live and what weve experienced. This is how I was raised and I will continue to live in this style.

Free Glass Menagerie Essays: Escape Symbolism :: Glass Menagerie essays

Escape Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie If we take a look at the disparate tokens used through and throughout the play, I think that the most measurable bingle when it comes to escape is the fire escape. It is in the center from the very beginning, when Tom makes his coal scuttle addressing to the audience from it. To understand the role of the fire escape one has to m honest-to-god that it serves a different purpose for each of the characters. In general we layabout say that it represents the fudgeline between freedom and imprisonment. Apart from this, the different characters guess it in different ways. For Tom, the fire escape is an opportunity to get away(predicate) from the apartment and his nagging mother. For Amanda, on the other hand, its a door through which gentleman callers for Laura can come into their apartment / into their world. For Laura, even though shes been outside, its the border between the safe and the dangerous, between the known and the unknown. Also the Dance entrance hall across the street can be seen as a symbol of escape. Its name, Paradise Dance Hall, is a contrast to the lives of the characters, and to the current situation in the world as seen in the play. Also, Laura spends much of her time listening to her mothers old records, hearing the same old music over and over again. I believe that the music coming from the dance hall can be interpreted to be Lauras conjecture to escape from her monotonous life, a possibility that she cannot currently utilise. The last symbol that I see as important for the theme is the father of Tom and Laura, Mr. Wingfield. He is the ultimate symbol of escape, as he has actually managed to get away. The fact that Amanda still has his picture on the wall tells us something about another way that she is attempting to escape by keeping hold of the past, as the picture is probably there to motivate of the good

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For the Sisterhood Essay -- Women Feminist Feminism Papers

For the Sisterhood The female praying mantis is notorious in the zoology kingdom for her mating habits. It has been observed that occasion anyy, the female ordain bite rancid the head of her mate during copulation. Among the many reasons for this cannibalistic behavior is that the head is an inhibitory center during sexual intercourse. Removing the head increases the drive of the male. As I sit in lecture listening to my Animal Behavior professor epicurean on the peculiar yet fascinating mating habits of the female praying mantis, I saw my male classmates around me squirm in their seats obviously disturbed by what they were hearing. Some of the girls in the room tittered nervously. I could not help smiling. Now there is a woman after my receive heart. I often ask myself what I con perspectiver an ideal woman. In my mind, an ideal woman is independent, ambitious, self-sufficient. She has no fear of reaching for what may reckon unattainable. Instead, she thrives on the challenge. Looking around, I see there are draw of wo manpower who fit that mold. The US government has more high ranking women in office nowadays than it has had at any other time in history. Compared to even just ten years ago, women are a panoptical force in the corporate world. The times overhear yielded us highly accomplished and highly successful women professors, writers, policewomen, musicians, doctors, lawyers. The list goes on and on. However, even with all the progress that has been made for women in the past few decades, there is undeniably a glass ceiling for women. Gender division of labor exists. condescension these progressive times, society still imposes expectations on women in all aspects of life, and women have not yet completely broken out ... ...ling will shatter. Women will scatter and fearlessly run rampant throughout the previously predominantly male society. We will not bite off the heads of our male counterparts similar the female pr aying mantis. We are, after all, not insects. We will simply push men aside and assume those roles which we women are best suited for in todays world. Women will take a stronger hold of their position in relationships, and this will be generally accepted. Men and women will work side by side in professional settings for commensurate pay and for equal amounts of respect. Old stereotypes of women will disintegrate because historically traditional roles are barely that historical and traditional. Such changes will take time. Schools of thought cannot be neutered overnight. However, until that day comes, we will continue to persevere and fight for our place in this world.

Essay on Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness -- comparison compare

The Tragic Fall in Things Fall unconnected and Heart of Darkness In Achebes Things Fall Apart and Conrad Heart of Darkness, the role of Africa is intertwined. It is seen as extremely primitive and the Africans belief scheme is belittled. The two heroes in the novels also are very similar, and most in particular in one aspect. They some(prenominal) experience a gloaming. This is a bouncy theme throughout twain books. Aristotle would say it is the fall of two tragical heroes. However, even though these two characters share these similar incidences, the readers are given several different perceptions of one event. The colonization of the Europeans paid a voiceless toll on the Africans and their way of life. The Europeans are consistently portrayed at the outsiders. Okonkwo is also quite familiar with Africa, yet Marlow was not. In his eyes, the Africans are seen as the outsiders. Okonkwos father, Unoka, was seen as a person who was very lazy and who made no contribution to their society. This made Okonkwo hate him and any trait of any attractive that correlated with that of his father. One way that this is displayed is that Okonkwo neer showed emotion openly, unless it be the emotion of anger. To show emotion was a sign of weakness, the only thing worthy demonstrating was strength (Achebe 28). Okonkwos greatest weakness was fear, yet this a contradiction in its own terms. His fear of fear played such a larger-than-life part of his adult life that it came back to haunt him. He never wanted to be considered a victim. Yet, ironically, he was only setting himself up to self-destruction and tragedy. Because of fear, it drives him pull his machete and strike a blow, first cleanup position Ikemefuna and later the Court Messenger. Finally, this drives him to be physically abus... ...d, but instead because he could have been so great. Instead, he hold ups cruel, unfeeling, and greedy. The true tragedy is that Kurtz did not become the great man that he could have been. Okonkwo and Kurtz were two men from the adversary ends of the spectrum. Their beliefs did not coincide, but they did have one aspect in common. They both brought themselves to the point of a tragic fall. For some reason or another, they both had to leave their homes. This is the marking of their fall. As soon as they do leave, the downfall begins, and it does not stop until there is nothing else to lose. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. upstart York Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, 1959. Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. New York W.W. Norton & Company, 1988. Daniel, Patsy J. Conrads Heart of Darkness. Explicator. 54(3)164-165.

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William Shakespeare :: English Literature Essays

William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare was a very successful man he was an English dramatist and poet. (1) He is considered the greatest extendwright who ever lived. His comedies, sonnets, (the solid fact, however, of Meress summon of the Sonnets, two of which (though the whole collection was not published till cristal years later) appeared secret, it would seem, next year (1599), introduces another range of hypothetical cipher in biography, which has sometimes been followed in opposition to the former method, but has been more(prenominal) frequently combined with it so as to permit of even more fruitful and wilder expatiation.), tragedies, and poetry. He has been famous ever since all of his works. He wasnt really recognized then, because people didnt know or understand who he was, now people know what he has done. The tabularize of Shakespeares plays is uncertain, but a reasonable approximation of their order can be imply from dates of semipublication, references in contemp orary writings, and resources in the plays to contemporary events, thematic relationships, and measured and stylistic comparisons. One of his accomplishments was his famous tragedy it was called Romeo & Juliet, written by Shakespeare at a somewhat connection in his literary career, most believably in 1594 or 1595. In Romeo and Juliet the main plot, in which the new cut between Romeo and Juliet comes into conflict with the longstanding hatred between their families, is skillfully advanced, trance the true development of minor characters supports and enriches it. The most complex of Shakespeares early plays, Romeo and Juliet is removed more than (2) a play of young love or the worlds veritable(prenominal) love-tragedy. Weaving together a large number of related impressions and judgments, it is as much about hate as love. It tells of a family and its home as well as a feud and a tragic marriage. The public life of Verona and the private lives of the Veronese make up the setting f or the love of Juliet and Romeo and house the background against which their love can be estimated. (1) The capital of South Carolina Electronic Encyclopedia, 1994-2000, William Shakespeare (2) The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 1994- 2000, William Shakespeare It is not the deaths of the lovers that enclose the play but the public apocalypse of what has happened, with the admonitions of the Prince and the reconciliation of the two families. Another one of Williams works of wile is Hamlet. Hamlet is a legendary Danish prince and hero of Shakespeares play Hamlet.

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To understand what it means to keep a day holy, one must understand what holy is. defines holy as spiritu eachy whole or sound of unimpaired innocence and virtue free from sinful affections pure in heart godly godly irreproachable guiltless acceptable to God. According to this definition to keep a day holy would be to make the day acceptable to God.making a day acceptable to God will unquestionably take off with religious beliefs.For the Christian, Sunday is above all an Easter celebration, illumined by the ring of the Risen Christ. It is the festival of the "new creation". Yet, when understood in depth, this opinion is inseparable from what the first pages of Scripture tell us of Gods plan in the creation of the world. If the first page of the Book of contemporaries presents Gods " dress" as an example for man, which it does, thence the same must be true of Gods " domicile." On the seventh day God finished his work which he had done" (Genesis 22)It would be clichd to interpret Gods "rest" as a kind of "inactivity". By its nature, the creative act, which founds the world, is unremitting and God is always at work, as Jesus himself declares in dissertation of the Sabbath principle "My Father is working still, and I am working" (John 517). The divine rest of the seventh day does not allude to an passive God, but emphasizes the fullness of what has been accomplished. It speaks, as it were, of Gods lingering before the "very level-headed" work.The book of Exodus tells us that we need not cease all work to keep the lords day holy but lonesome(prenominal) reckon "Remember the Sabbath day in order to keep it holy" (Exodus 208). Before commanding that something be done, the passage urges that something be remembered. It is a annunciate to awaken recall of the grand and fundamental work of God, which is creation, a remembrance that must inspire the constitutional religious life of man and then fill the day on which man is called to rest. Rest therefore gains a sacred value the faithful are called to rest not only as God rested, but to rest in the Lord, bringing the entire creation to him.

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should cookies be banned :: essays research papers

Over the long time internet secrecy has been major concern worldwide. Even with such move technology we still placet perfect the intrusion technology. scarcely first before we try to ban cookies we should realize what we tend to loose. tout ensemble cookies are non intrusive but a navigation scratch as well. net profit cookies are extremely valuable to consumers and website operators alike, despite concerns that they menace web accustomrs personal privacy. Without cookies, the Internet would be slower, the electronic marketplace, a trying place to navigate and the entire online experience frustrating. The Internet Alliance urges lawmakers not to regulate cookies but to work with industry to conductress the underlying issues privacy and security. Together we must alert consumers on how to use technology and commonalty sense to protect their own personal privacy online. First, it is important to commiserate what cookies are and how they benefit the web browser. A cookie i s a elegant piece of information that is sent to your browser when you admittance a grouchy site. When a cookie arrives, your browser saves this information to your hard contract when you leave to that site, some of the stored information is sent back to the web server. But a cookie is not an executable program it cannot scan your hard drive or be used to find out information you abide not given the web site. Without cookies, a consumer in an online bookstore, for example, could not cast off items in a shopping basket. Each item would have to be selected and purchased separately. The common practice of refining queries through a search locomotive would not be possible because without a cookie, there would be no record of the previous query. Cookies also allow web servers to collect and add specific data about a consumer and their browsing habits. Some use that data to send marketing information to consumers. It is this practice that raises privacy concerns. The Internet Alli ance believes that consumers should be able to set the level of privacy they insufficiency when surfing the Web. If they want to be anonymous, they should have that right. Only technology can make that possible. Only an educated consumer, armed with technology can turn over real online privacy protection. So what should consumers do? First, Web servers can and do track who visits their site. They collect information. So browsing habits determine the cookie you receive, who has access to your information and what advertising you get.