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Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 5

Consumer behavior - Essay Examplethe report is limited to the discussion and analysis of psychological and consumer environment factors and their impact of consumer purchase decision of Red Bull energy drink. The case study of Richey & Michaels (2001) has been used to study the various trade activities and strategies of Red Bull. In consideration to the consumer behaviour models and theories, the marketing practices of Red Bull have been discussed. In the first-year section, the consumer decision mathematical operation has been discussed. In the second section, the impact of psychological core factors on consumer decision process has been studied and in the last section, the impact of consumer environment factor on consumer decision process has been discussed.As shown by Schiffman & Kanuk in the model of Consumer Decision Making, the tercet steps are very important in decision making process. These steps shape the psychological core factors of consumers, which directly influenc e the decision of the consumer therefore, the three steps are very important for the companies to influence the consumer behaviour.A consumer recognises a need when he faces a problem. For example, the need for a drink whitethorn arise when an athlete has exhausted after playing a game, a spectator in the audience is lacking energy to fully participate in the concert, a truck driver is staying at the rest area on highway after long driving, a working person is back home from office, a student is lacking energy to keep a pace in studies etc. Out of the two states of consumers for problem recognition including actual state or desired state, the need for a drink will be the desired state of the consumer.After recognising the need, the buy back research beings, if the consumer perceives that purchasing or consuming a particular product can satisfy his need. In most of the decision making process, the consumer recalls his past experiences however, when the consumer does not have any pri or experience, he may need to conduct an extensive

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Selfie and Self-portrait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Selfie and Self-portrait - Essay prototypeOn the other hand, a self-portrait is a representation of a characterisationgraphed or drawn picture. Self-portraits have been in existence since the medieval times when renaissance creative persons and painters started to work on human anatomy. In some cases, when artist draw a self-portrait, the photographer might utilize larger lens, which can disorient the image. They can likewise fail to present the person facing down with no focus, which can distort the image. Self-portraits include actor and thought during composition of the image or photo (McHugh n.p).It is significant to note that self- portrait is looking at me and reflecting on a personal life while a selfie is empty and not indicative of much(prenominal) a scenario. When a person takes a selfie, the eyes look bigger and shiny because of the closeness to the photographic camera but as for the self-portrait the artist produces all(prenominal) part of the image in accordance with the way it appears. duration taking a selfie, the gestures imply that look at me I am taking a selfie or a photo of me or I am here. It tries to capture the attention of other people. On contrary, Self-portrait tries to reveal certain messages or information about the image/character. For instance, the artist draws the image with an intention to get hold of a message to the people (Jim 17).A self-portrait is an artistic impression of the self that has a deeper meaning than a selfie. A self-portrait involves a person looking at a picture and trying to produce every inch of the image as it appears (Julian, 76). There is concern to expound as much as the details cannot be compared to the camera. The portrait is taken to expound on a something. It brings about a message to other people but a selfie can only be utilise to showcase a olden activity. A good example of this is a portrait of a person for use in as a gift in a ceremony. This portrait is different from a selfie or t he same photo taken using a camera as it will in most cases be used to

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Health Information Exchange Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

health randomness Exchange - Essay typefaceea in several ways including but not limited to improved quality of patient care, lessen costs and windy communication between patients and medical professionals. Though many professional bodies and individuals support the trigger of a HIE scheme, there exists several challenges to this which are still being addressed. Of these issues, privacy, confidentiality, possible unauthorized admission price and misuse of medical records are of primary concern.This essay will examine HIE in tattle to defining it as a process and what it aims to achieve in the medical community. It will because gestate at its development within recent years as technical advancements have made it a possible method of faster information transmission. Challenges that remain within the area of HIE will then be briefly examined with a view to summarizing them to their main areas of concern. Potential solutions to these problems will then be draw and a final concl uding discussion will then follow.Health Information Exchange (HIE), is a term used to describe the process of information sharing in relation to the health of individuals, among Health Information Organizations (HIOs) across the world. The sharing of this information is aimed at maintaining individual confidentiality, privacy and security, while providing a faster and more effective way of sharing health-related information for the benefit of both patients and HIOs (AHIMA). HIE is a primitive part of the health information technology (HIT) network which is currently being reviewed in the United States and the home(a) Health Information Network (Health Information Exchange). It is still not fully developed but is evaluate to be implemented at some stage in the near future.It is the responsibility of Health Information Organizations to ensure the successful operation of HIE. In order for this to function, they must create a standardized practical model that is patient centric, tr usted, longitudinal, scalable, sustainable, and

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Compare what it book says and what textbook says. Ten words from Essay

Compare what it book says and what textbook says. Ten words from textbook - Essay ExampleAt the rootage of the book, cwm describes the old and fishily built Dutch house, which was the house of her birth because this was to go on to, being the main setting of the book. inside(a) this house is a secret room where political prisoners and Jews who were getting away from the national socialists were hid. We see from the very beginning of the book that the Ten Booms were essentially very kindhearted people who went out of their way to help the ugly and bonded well amongst themselves. Corries siblings are portrayed as people she found her best friends in and her aunts as grownups she looked up to. Taking in people to provide refuge started when one Jewish woman ended up at the Ten Booms doorstep and asked for protection following her husbands arrest by the Nazis. This gave a start to the privacy place for the Jews.However, the story is not a bed of flowers as Corrie and her family soo n had to face the Nazi Invasion of Holland, their country of residence. The Ten Booms became an essential part of the Resistance Movement and provided shelter for people fleeing the Nazi forces in a hidden room should the house ever be assailed. The book duologue intimately how they did practice runs everyday in case their house was ever raided.During the time all this was happening, Corrie sometimes had serious doubts about whether what she was doing was right or not but always came up with the conclusion that she was by keeping her faith in God strong. Even though the family and their wards prayed very hard that a raid should not happen, it eventually did due to the Dutch traitor named Jan Vogel. Ironically, the Jews in the secret hiding place were protected but the Nazis took the Corrie, her father and sister Betsie into custody. As luck would have it, the father died ten days after arrest and Corrie who was unwell at the time of arrest was put into solitary confinement. The b ook talks about ho every time Corrie came near despair, her faith in God unplowed her going y giving her something to do. During her solitary confinement, she just had a black ant for company with whom she divided up her bread. This alone gave her the strength she needed to pass the lonely days and nights of her confinement when she saw this ant assay to take the piece of bread back through the crack in the floor. A few months later on devil Corrie and Betsie were reunited at Vught Prison and the two sisters were able to catch up on what happened to both of them during the separation. Betsie had a weak heart from birth and Corrie knew she had to be with her sister ever more now. both sisters wished for release but instead were transported in boxcars into the infamous Ravensbruck Prison in eastern Germany where living conditions were so horrific that Betsie became more and more ill. Despite the uncomfortable living premises and Betsies continuously failing health, the two sisters kept bringing the word of God to any prisoner who listened and found strength in it. Corrie habitually sneaked in a tiny vitamin bottle for Betsie and also distributed vitamins to whoever needed them. Betsie was very sure that they allow for be released at the beginning of the year 1945 which

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Modern Age Europe 1348-1789 Analysis Essay 4 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Modern Age europium 1348-1789 Analysis 4 - Essay ExampleThese advancements caused long standing monarchs to search for new courses to broth projects. It was this funding and the methods France and England took that led to the eventual differences in political development. France succeeded in gaining absolute control by having a strong financial structure based on complete dependency on noble earnings. On the other hand, England did not make the same strong financial base and had to modify the government to achieve success. It is at this stage during the late 16th and early 17th Centuries that France became an absolutism structured government, maculation England took more(prenominal) of a Constitutionalism structured format.English leaders preceding the long parliament of 1640 attempted to run things the way they saw fit. Among numerous offenses in the eyes of parliament during the first 40 years of the 17th snow were two things that really affected the future of the English go vernment. Those two things were the lack of parliamentary inclusion on large decisions and the overall attitude towards religion. In 1604 King James I created a peace with Spain that while seemingly good, frustrated the parliament due to his apparent fondness with the Catholic Religion. England at this point was powerfully connected to the Anglican Episcopacy.1 While the states religion had been this for some time, King James refused to leave alone the freedoms that Queen Elizabeth had.The peace with Spain caused the parliament to worry that King James was being influenced and therefore possibly lightheaded to a Catholic power. In fact it is believed that much of King James rule was being influenced solely those near him, specifically the Duke of Buckingham who sold titles and reportedly influenced much of the Kings decisions.2 His son, Charles wanted nothing to do with the parliament until his realization that without them, money

New Business Proposal Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

New Business Proposal - Research Paper ExampleThe assumes of the customer are vital because they help in making changes for the product such that it conforms to their needs (Stark, 2011). Providing a product that suits customers needs in terms of size, price and other characteristics will recruit revenue enhancement generation due to increased sales (Stark, 2011). The revenue will increase by creating a new product line extension. This process entails bundling the new product with the existing products by using a similar brand name.Apart from improving the name of the brand, the process will act as criteria for marketing the new product (Stark, 2011). As the product gains customers, it is possible to perform an analysis of the market in terms of demand and elasticity. This determines how customers will respond to any changes in price. If demand appears to be inelastic, it will be convenient to increase the prices of the commodity in order to generate sufficient revenue. When de mand is inelastic, the amount of sales remains unaltered, meaning that a slight increase in price will result in high revenue (Stark, 2011).Determination of the profit-maximizing amount of money requires understanding of basic concepts of summarize revenue and total cost (Stark, 2011). After performing the sales of the new product, there will be a need to determine the gain at each sales level. This computation sh every last(predicate) involve a consideration of all be including labor plus other variable costs. It is possible to determine the profit maximizing quantity by first computing the bare(a) profits after the sale and finding where the marginal revenue becomes identical to the marginal cost (Stark, 2011).In this case, the formula marginal profit= marginal revenue marginal cost, will apply. If the marginal revenue is higher than marginal cost, it means that there will be a marginal gain (Taylor & Weerapana, 2012). In order to maximize profits, the business shall ensure r eduction of marginal costs and improvements in

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Gothic Style Architecture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gothic Style architecture - Research Paper Example(White, 1993) The style is considered to be classical to some extent because it is prominent before the renaissance period came in. At the comparable time, it originated and had several(prenominal) modifications that were derived from the Romanesque Architecture. (A thusa Publications, 1996) This style flourished during the Middle Ages, too known as Dark Ages. The most prominent and influential powers argon the Church and the King. Feudal System flourished as well. In most cases, religion has a strong severalise about what happens in the society back then. However, Gothic period is also reflective of the low place of art during those times. (Thomas, 2000) Most of the Tribes of Goths, Vandals and the like had an intention of eliminating the classical culture. (Thomas, 2000) Gothic Architecture was preceded by the Romanesque Architectural which also had arches and several huge domes. To some perspective, the Romanesque style infl uenced the way Gothic architecture presented itself in history. Mostly, the Romanesque Architecture had its traditions and conventions derived from the Greco-Roman Architectural style. (Athena Publications, 1996) Given that case, we cannot fully consider Gothic art and architecture as something that is highly valued. Its dark stigma and stereotype manifests the dark period where it is confined and existed. However, despite of its depreciation from the people during that period, particularally the tribes, this downfall period is reflective of the exchange of light and dark art periods Classical to Renaissance then to fancy. (Thomas, 2000) Classical is more of dark, emotional themes and style in contrast to Renaissance which is more humanist and scientific. The Baroque which also values shadow and emotions are somehow related to the dark style the perpetrated the Classical or Gothic art and architecture period. What ultimately constitutes the conventions and technical aspects of the Gothic Architectural design? The Gothic Architecture is commonly known to have specific structural elements, such as ribbed vaults, pointed arches, and the flying buttress. (Kidson, 2011) ribbed Vaults showed the capital structure that is somehow seen like a dome on the inside with intricate designs that are supported by the columns. (Athena Publications, 1996) These vaults provided a spacious ceiling that made the Gothic buildings spacious and huge not just outside but also inside. The pointed arches, on the other hand, are viewed on the external of these buildings. On the bare minimum, these arches contributed to the spacious appearance that is working in unison with the vaulted arches on the inside. At the same the arches also reflected the extravagance of the Gothic architecture. The flying buttresses have provided a different role in the cosmea of the Gothic Architecture. They are actually supporting the other structures of the Gothic Church, mainly the vault. (Athena Publi cations, 1996) They are usually given to walls and act as a support to the vaults of the Gothic buildings. To some extent, they provide more spacious ceiling appearance. Even if Gothic Architecture has a certain specific style, several styles of it emanated depending on a specific geographical domain. All of them are relatively the same, however, the French, Italian and English Gothic Architectural design asseverate their own identity. France is considered to be the birthplace of this architectural movement. At the same time, there was a strong

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William Blake, Romanticism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

William Blake, Romanticism - Essay ExampleFirstly, the poem The hymeneals of Heaven and Hell someways speaks of the goodness in all things even in those which nation admit as negative. In the poem, the capital sins ar regarded by Blake as good things to God pride is glory, liking is bounty, wrath is wisdom, and nakedness if the work of God. This then somehow creates a pattern where the succeeding lines illustrate the equal polarities between evil and good which are actually the same. Thus, following from the line supernumerary of sorrow laughs. Excess of joy weeps1, which means that things are non what they seem, it simply means that all lines in the poem are lines of contradictions too2.Therefore, following through from the line Joys impregnate, Sorrows bring out3, one can conclude that joys will knuckle under people something negative and that sorrows will bring people something opposite too. This means that joys impregnate or somehow make someone pregnant, which is basic ally a bad thing if two people are not married yet. On the other hand, when someone says Sorrows bring forth, it means that perhaps sorrow brings someone forth or forward. This means that such a negative thing like sorrow may ever so be instrumental in advancing someone. Perhaps, it is because one learns much from sorrow as much as he learns from happiness.The meaning of the line Joys impregnate, Sorrows bring forth (Blake) is also evident in the historical circumstance in which Blakes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell was written. In fact, William Blake was born during a time when the leger was glorified4. It was at that time that Blake started pointing out the inaccuracies and errors in the Bible in order to somehow educate the people and make them believe that the Bible was actually a mere creation of man. This was Blakes protest against unionized religion. Thus Blake, through his The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, was able to instill in his readers

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MarketingProject-Kuwait Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MarketingProject-Kuwait - Research Paper ExampleAdditionally, the offset fairish utilization of aircrafts, gives them a higher hail per every seat mile, this is different from Jazeera Air, which has cut its fleet and uses its aircrafts extensively (Shaw 35). This paper discusses how Ryanairs limited airport transportation will work in the Middle eastern United States where the airports are concentrated. Consumers across the globe have continued to turn towards the internet for their mixed impress needs. This involves enquiry on trips, comparison of prices, shopping for flights and mesh. Consumers have found this convenient and vital to their business and personal travel needs. Looking across the markets with increased focus on the Middle East market, there are various emerging demographic trends that drive growth across the B2C travel industry. Understanding this trend is vital for Ryanair in order to create a strong presence online and increase market share. One demographic gr oup, which would move ball Ryanair is the age group from twenty five to thirty four. This is because these are the most samely to prefer get-go cost carriers, as they have just started earning and would be more willing to forfeit the comfort and prodigality of a traditional airline for the cost further measures of a low cost carrier like Ryanair. People from thirty five to forty four would excessively consider flying Ryanair because of its cost cutting. This is generated by the idea that they have most likely had increased responsibilities. However, it should be noted that these are those people in the middle to low income earning bracket. Those over sixty-five were the least willing to consider flying Ryanair. Another demographic, which would fly Ryanair would be students studying abroad or travelling for study trips. This would be informed by the particular that they will be doing this on funds from the government or school. However, there was a disparity with the sexes, w ith iodine woman claiming that low cost carriers did not provide enough segregation for women, and since she preferred to remove her booking on the flight, she would be uncomfortable. Another demographic that would most certainly be willing to fly Ryanair for its low cost measures is tourist groups. Given that most claimed to be travelling on a budget that they had been saving for a while. For business people, the most receptive to Ryanair travel were those in supervisory roles or junior commission positions, in their companies. Those in middle management roles were also receptive of the idea of a low cost carrier. However, those in professional roles or senior management are least implicated in a low cost carrier like Ryanair. Finally, Kuwaitis travelling to Europe to experience leisure or visit relatives and friends are likely to fly Ryanair for its low cost. However, business people were least interested in using a low cost carrier like Ryanair, despite the fact that it would save their organization money. Clients who are concerned about the environment could elect to fly low cost carriers since the cut back weight of the plane leads to a reduction in fuel used by the plane (Shaw 38). These airlines also offer a fairly simpler scheme for fares, for example, charging tickets for one way at half the price of polish up trips. This encourages clients to choose it. Since these carriers fly to less congested and smaller secondary airports during off-peak hours to avoid delays by traffic, they offer an

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Research research literature to determine the population, sampling Paper

Literature to study the population, take in strategy, HIPAA concerns, informed consent procedures, and setting - Research Paper ExampleThe assistgivers and patients included in the seek were also supposed to have sixth grade education at the minimum and be in a position to read and comprehend English. They should also attain a score of at least seven in the Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire (SPMSQ) as well as at least 40 in the Palliative Performance Scale (PPS). Since the study concentrated on prudence of pain, constipation and dyspnea, the patients included in the enquiry had to be experiencing two of them.A sample of 329 home care patients suffering from cancer and family caregivers were selected and randomly grouped into three categories. One control group comprised of 109 people genuine standard care, another group with the same number received standard care and friendly visits season the third group comprised of 111 people received standard care and COPE interven tion. This method of sampling is cognize as cluster sampling in which case naturally occurring groups would be selected and be included in a sample. In this method, the population would be divided into groups or samples. In some cases, rather than store data from every group, a sub-sample would be use.Economical- expenditure is one of the major concerns in any sampling method. However, since the research will be carried out on clusters, the expenditure is tremendously reduced due to the less listing efforts incorporated (William, 2007).Feasibility- cluster sampling method is also more feasible when carrying out research on large populations (William, 2007). Given that the population in the large hospice is in excess of 300, carrying out door-to-door research may not be very feasible and therefore, clustering the samples would make it more feasible.In carrying out any form of research, the vulnerability of the variables used in the samples is taken into consideration (William, 20 07). In essence, the patients and caregivers used in the research are quite vulnerable given the

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Ceremony & Wisdom Sits in Places Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ceremony & knowledge Sits in Places - Essay sheathIn this book, basso withal argues that berths can be identified with sacred stories and ancestors. According to Basso (83), adorn connects sacred names and stories of ancestors to everyday life. He suggests that people tend to speak about strong place-names. Basso argues that place-names is not mere telling of stories but is adopted in westerly Apache as a smorgasbord of shorthand during conversation. Using names enables individuals to remember about places and the story about them. In the book, Lola conversation serves as a perfect example of how places connect people to historical meanings. In the conversation, Lola explained We didnt speak too more than to her... that way she could travel in her mind... we gave her clear pictures with place-names. So her mind went to those places, standing in front of them as our ancestors did long ago. That way she could see what happened there long ago... perhaps (she could) hear our anc estors speaking(83). This reveals the fact that place-names of western Apache are firmly embedded in the historical and deterrent example meaning or imagination. Basso believes that there experience reciprocal relationship between people and landscape by which people and communities get connected to utterance of their ancestors. The author believes that place-names enable people to develop mental pictures and images of Western Apache or any other geographical location. ... For instance, when an individual makes a mistake in the society, he/she is brought to a landscape that was named after an event occurred. Consequently, this would jock remind the person who has committed mistake of the important morals of that event, which they can apply them to their lives. Basso argues that place naming is critical on the grounds that landscape is an instrument in human living. Names of places or geographical features such as mountain are used when teaching people about moral values becau se they are believed to be sacred. A Mountain is sacred because it is a hub of most natural resources. Western Apache have a close relationship with geographical features especially land because of the belief that land should be taken care of in order to improve the lives of people (90). Even though the book has had significance meaning to human life, it has certain shortcomings. Martin Ball is one of the scholars who sharply criticised Bassos book Wisdom Sits in Places. Ball argues that Basso failed to represent the emic Western Apache view of places. He did not write now on sacred lands in the Western Apache as the way they are being dealt with today. Basso also failed to include geographical locations where certain spiritual events occurred. Basso knew that Western Apaches would outcry that these landscapes are sacred. As such, this claim is distinct from considerations of a sacred landscape connected to certain group of people in Western Apache (100). Question Two Tayo is the main character in Leslie Marmon Silkos novel, Ceremony. Having returned from World War II, Tayo must screw up with life and come to terms with himself. As Silko indicates, Tayo is suffering from post traumatic stress disturbance that has had far-reaching negative effects on his

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Alcohol Problems in Hospitality Industry Research Paper

Alcohol Problems in Hospitality diligence - Research Paper ExampleSo the government always put more emphasize on this industry. Hospitality industry is a major employer. The industry includes assistant sector work like tourism and food service. It suffers from more economic fluctuations comp ard to its peer industries (Hospitality Industry par. 1). A Business Problem For the sustaining and success of any establishment the most important thing is the identification of its difficultys and solving it. In this context, the clear identification of the problem is the bigger issue. If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five transactions defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution. Albert Einstein (Problem Definition par. 1). Through the words of Albert Einstein, we batch make sure that, the solution is always depends upon the definition of problem. How better the defining of a problem touch on the quality of the stunned coming solution. The existing gap between the desired render and the actual state is called problem and when it happens to a business it is called problem. Problem analysis and solving the problem all are the precedent of the defining of the problem. To get the right solution which faecal matter make the business successful, the problem defining should be very clear. Here the problem is defined as the Alcohol Problems in Hospitality Industry help professionals and those that work in the cordial reception industry could be at risk for developing unhealthy drinkable practices, and it is important to be aware of the dangers (Warning Hospitality Workers May Be at Risk for Alcohol ill-treat par. 1). The main damages that have been recognized in the pressure of inebriant consumption have conduct the hospitality industry to witness a numerous problems. The restaurants and bars that serve drinks to human are as involved in disaster and are lawfully in charge for damage. It is complained frequentl y about the alcohol consumption of employees working in the hospitality industry. This problem has been identified as result of finding out the reasons behind why people hesitate to bring their family to some places. In support to this a submit of students is consulted. The following report contains the data from two surveys in two different sectors of service, which we can use for learn the case. In the initial survey from three different colleges 84 students were interviewed employees working in hotel service in concerning their alcohol practice by using the testing device called Alcohol Use Disorders Identification screen out (AUDIT). The second study was focused on service employees working in restaurants in a crabby area. Exactly One hundred and five samples had been taken and the respondents answered the AUDIT questionnaire in the survey very properly. The comparing of the results of two studies showed that the hotel and restaurant associated persons scored considerably h igher on the survey by AUDIT than the respondents from different service sectors. The first survey which conducted by 84 students from three different colleges show that the effective survey can bring out the things and the second survey showed that restaurant workers scored considerably higher than people in other areas of the service industry. A new analysis of government data finds that 15 percent of employees in the hospitality industry suffer from serious alcohol-related problems (Hospitality Industry Worst for Alcohol-Related Problems par. 1). The steps to solve the business problem are as following Take the time to

Statistic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Statistic - Essay ExampleAmong the sample we questioned, a legal age of them, 66.7% representing 20 individuals were of the opinion that caseful II diabetes mellitus is a dangerous disease. Only 1 subject represents a meager 3.3 of the nub sample existence disagreed. This indicates that diabetes mellitus, type II is feared by more than half of the population as a dangerous disease and only(prenominal) a significantly low proportion of the total population are of the opinion that the disease is not that dangerous. This information is well represented in the submit 1 below.The perk ups of type II diabetes were listed as genetic factors, obesity, a despicable diet or, in around cases, vitamin D insufficiency. Consequently, the study sought to identify from the sample population what was their opinion on the cause of the diabetes among these intravenous feeding factors. Interestingly, more than half, 56.7%, representing 17 subjects in the sample joined type II diabetes to obes ity. However, a few individuals linked the disease to a poor diet or genetic factors. It should be noted that vitamin D and poor diet may be intertwined since both have to do with ones eating habits. In this regard, 30% of the subjects of this study linked these two factors to the disease. Therefore, inferring from these statistics, it is true that obesity leads as a major cause of type II diabetes mellitus with poor diet coming a distance second (see Table 2 below).Personal measures taken to prevent type II diabetes were also investigated in this study. These factors majored on habits/behaviors aimed at preventing type II diabetes, namely, exercise, diet, and enough sleep (sleeping early). Of the personal initiatives, 14 subjects, representing 46.7% of the survey subjects, exercised so as to curb the disease, whereas only 23.3% were of the opinion that sleeping early could prevent type II diabetes mellitus (see below Table 3, a pie chart

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Two Companies in Economic Downturn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Two Companies in Economic Downturn - Essay ExampleFor about four years General Motors have been losing in the market but Harley Davis has been gaining. Ultimately GM has failed after a loss of about $82 one million million in 2008 and Harley is still survived with a net gain of $3.6 billion. Both are in the automobile manufacturing agate line and based in USA.( vaneing Strategy August 09)Harley too has faced the slowdown recently in the period of recession but it did not close down. GM is multi-brands ships company and Harley has a single heart product. It competes with brands like Honda, BMW. GM also competes with these brands in the market. The main difference behind the Harleys success is that the company has built a strong brand image in the market focusing on its dull duty motorcycles. GM on the opposite went on adding to its brands without focusing them on any single segment. GM had twelve brands in the market Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Pontiac, Daewoo, Holden, Hummer, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall, and Wuling. These vehicles were not free from problems. Customers were not happy about the performance of these vehicles. GM had put the focus on these brands in order to sell them and not at all on how to solve the problems. Customers remained dissatisfied and that eventually put GM into problem. This is case of Supply power that Porter in his theory Porters 5 forces mentioned explaining how erosion of brand loyalty penalizes a big company.( Brand Position workshop)Harley always projected the brand HOG to prospective customers and explained what the brand stands for. HOG grabbed 46% of the industrial motorcycle market and entered the name among the worlds 50th most valuable brand. GM was nowhere in the list. In 2007 GM made about 7,450.000 vehicles and lost $4141 on every vehicle. GM neer projected what their brands stand for except dreamy and vague captions such as See the USA in your

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The Music of Hollywood Films Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The practice of medicine of Hollywood Films - Assignment ExampleThen one day an engineer comes to the village to build a dam. The engineer Rajeev had a very strange problem since his childhood and that was his inferiority complex regarding his looks. He thinks that he is very ugly and no one would like him. Then one day hears Roopa singing apparitional songs in the temple and put togethers her. As they continue to meet, both f each(prenominal) in love each otherwise while Rajeev had no idea about the facial disfigurement of Roopa. Roopa did not tell him anything wither as she was scared of losing the only love of her life and kept Rajeev in dark. Rajeev falling deeper and deeper in Roopas loves goes to her founding father one day and seeks his permission to marry Roopa.Roopas Father happily agrees as He knew they both loved each other and all He could ask for was the happiness of her daughter. After getting married, Rajeev gets to exist about the reality of Roopa and He thinks that she is not the girl he fell in love with and this was all a plan to cheat him. Disappointed and frustrated both, He kicks Roopa out of his house while Roopa pleaded and begged him to guess that she is the same girl he fell in love with and she did not cheat.Desperate for her love Roopa decides to meet her husband daily in the night with her face covered. Rajeev with this supposedly different girl falls in love and they start to meet every night. One day Roopa realizes that she is pregnant. Rajeev, when gets to know about this, suspects her again of deception as he did not know that Roopa and that girl are the same people. Then one day, ascribable to heavy rain, the dam breaks out and everything gets washed away in the rain. There Rajeev realizes how wrong he had been and saves her married woman Roopa from the flood and gets her back to his home.There are many archetypes and stereotypes displayed in the movie. For example, how could two people fall in love with each other wit hout even seeing each other face?

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The Fashion Industry of Lebanon, SWOT Assignment

The mold Industry of Lebanon, SWOT - Assignment ExampleThis paper get out examine the strategies incorporated into stylus and will analyze the strengths and weaknesses that be a part of the culture.The fashion industry is one that is continuing to grow in various regions, specific all in ally because of the growth and changes in the economy. Currently, the movement into global capitalism and the focus that is incorporated into unlike industries is the central focus. The fashion industry began to change with the industrial revolution, specifically because it allowed for mass production and exploitation at an international level. Industry leaders in fashion are known to have two components. The send-off is based on global trends that are reaching different regions. The second is from ethnically diverse types of clothing, all of which help with a combination of trends and fashion forward thinking that is based on regional concepts. This is merely combined with different regions th at combine industrial materials that are available as resources with the fashion that is available (Chandler, 303, 2004). The several(prenominal) changes that are a part of the fashion industry at large have also abnormal the fashion industry structure in Lebanon and the different concepts that apply to this.The Lebanon fashion industry has over 92 companies that produce different levels of fashion. The fashion is divided first by accessories, design, footwear and overall fashion. This is further divided by the expected industry that is based on global expectations, specifically which combines the economic scale of fashion with the production. Haute couture is the most expensive. This is followed by luxury items for those who still require high quality but want a lower price. Affordable luxury is the next target market followed bymainstream brands and discount brands. The most fashion-forward knowledge domain is in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.There are over 5,000 artisans work ing in this area as soundly as a Beirut Art Center, which includes exhibition spaces for artists. Schools specifically designed for the visual arts are also a part of the culture.

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Democratic ticket Essay Example for Free

Democratic tatter EssayAlvin Greenes win was as a result of good, hard work. The models of choose apply happy him. Research on models of ballot shows that a aspect should be smart and sharp during campaigns. Models used by electors influence voting choice. Some of these models include Ballot Position final result likewise admitn as Name purchase order Effect, immaculate Exposure Effect, Name Letter Effect and No Information Voting. rehearse of research papers such as, Who is Alvin Greene by Mark, Greene on the Issues by Buster Brown, among others keyed on the reference list shows the different types of models of voting. Questions asking advantages of apply wizard or more or more models, limitation of from each one model, strengths and weaknesses of one model to another have been researched. The conclusion of this research shows ways which influence the behavior of voters. It summarizes the personal effects of different models applied and the effect they have on a medical prognosis. Alvin Greene, an unemployed army veteran, is the harming prognosis using the Democratic ticket. He has surprised analysts, pundits, and academics by winning with more than 58 percent of the votes. moreover victory was not a surprise for him because he worked hard and so earned it. His campaigns were simple he traveled with friends, friends of friends and family members. He did not have any campaign website neither did he put push through signs nor fliers. Alvins victory was as a result of good, hard work. The phrase Get south-central Carolina abide to Work which was his campaign slogan had been acquired through Greene world motivated to run for one of South Carolinas two senate seats to help Get South Carolina Back to Work.He had his priorities straight which included snap on jobs, education and Justice in the judicial system. These issues helped him rally against his running mate DeMint (Robert, Para. 5). Greenes winning had benefited from unusual cir cumstances. One of them was his reboot appearing premier in Alphabetical order on a ballot for U. S senate. This effect is called the Ballot Position Effect or Name Order. The candidate existence listed first increases his or her performance by 2. 5 points as the average.This has primacy effect and affects a person psychologically in that nation making a choice from a visual list considers top as outflank choice (Valerie, Para. 6). Secondly, Greene was able to win as a result of guiltless Exposure Effect. In this type of model of voting, it is believed that the more a person is exposed to a certain stimulus, the more he or she is inclined to liking it. In this case Greene is a more common type of cry comp ard to Rawl. Another type of model of voting is Name Letter Effect. This model holds that people prefer names that address their own initials.No Information Voting is also a type of model used to vote in USA. This is where voting is done with the voters having less or no education about the subject. In this case, the name order effect rises as voters get down the ballot to a candidate they know little about. Models of voting influence vote choice. Choice voting, a form of proportional representation is wide used by worlds established democracies. It gives political parties and candidates an assurance to gain the percentage of legislative seats reflecting their support by the public.Choice voting is a form of limited voting where voters maximize their ballot. Every model of voting has its advantages which affect vote choice. The Name Order Effect favors the candidate who appears first on the ballot. This is because the person voting might have no information about candidates on the ballot, therefore pass on go for the candidate appearing first with the assumption first is best. Secondly, Mere Exposure Effect gives the candidate who is more exposed to a certain stimulus an advantage and a higher chance of being voted.For example if it is the name, Greene and Rawl, Greene is a more common word, and voters are inclined to liking it. Other voters will use the No Information Voting type of model which will be an advantage to the candidate appearing first in the ballot. This is because voters will again tend to think that first is always the best and will vote for the person who appears first on the ballot. The voters have less or no information about the candidate and they will assume that if they vote the first one, chances are the person is the best (Mark, Para. 4). However, these models of voting may have limitations.A model may favor one candidate but be a shortcoming to other candidates on the ballot. When candidates use Ballot Position Effect, the candidates who appear at the foot of the ballot will have less chances of winning the elections compared to the candidate appearing first. Similarly if voters use the No Information Voting type of model voting, voters will assume that the first is most likely the best causing the candidates who appear at the bottom of the ballot less likely to win. Sometimes, voters will use Mere Exposure Effect as their voting choice.This type of model of voting will give the candidate with a less exposed stimulus less chances of being voted in. If there is a candidate whose name is more exposed compared to other candidates names then that type of voting model will be a limitation to the candidates. Similarly, if the candidates use the Name Letter Effect when voting, a candidate with names that share initials with that of the voter will have a higher chance of being voted in compared to the candidate whose initials do not match with those of the person voting (Can Anyone Explain How Alvin Greene Actually Won Para.1). When compared, all these types of voting models are related to one another. They can either be related through their strengths or weaknesses. Each one of them has their own strengths or weaknesses. Ballot Exposure Effect also known as Name Order Effect is rela ted to No Information Effect in both strengths and weaknesses. Due to a voter having no information about the subject, the person can opt to vote for the candidate who appears first on the ballot. This is strength to the candidate appearing first on the ballot paper.On the other hand, it can sedate be a weakness because the person appearing last on the ballot might be the best candidate but loses because the name appears last. There is also a relation between Mere Exposure Effect and Name Letter Effect. When the name of the voter and that of the candidate match, then automatically their initials match. Voters using these types of model voting will relate their names and that of the candidate with a certain stimulus which they are exposed to in relation to the matching of their initials.In some cases, a candidate can be favored by majority of the model of voting, whereby a candidate appears first on the ballot, is exposed to a certain stimulus and the voters have no or less informat ion about the candidates. Here the trine types of model voting will be related to the candidate being voted or not being voted (Buster, Para. 3). CONCLUSION Models of voting being the behavior in which people vote can be influenced psychologically, socially or economically. As a candidate it is important to know about the people and their expectations during campaigns.Different types of voting affect vote choice in different ways. As a candidate, it is wise to make one known to the voters. This way, voters are able to avoid No Information Voting which leads to Name Order Effect. It is also advisable for candidates to address key issues which affect the people. This way a candidate is able to let the people be conversant with him or her. Reference List Buster Brown. Alvin Greene on the issuesCandidate gets beyond the headlines. getable athttp//www. charlestoncitypaper. com/charleston/alvin-greene-on-the-issues/Content? oid=2121463Can Anyone Explain How Alvin Greene Actually Won? Av ailable athttp//www. newsweek. com/2010/06/17/can-anyone-explain-how-alvin-greene-actually-won. html Mark Leibovich. Whos Alvin Greene? State Asks After Vote. Available athttp//www. nytimes. com/2010/06/12/us/ governing/12greene. html? _r=1src=mv Robert J. Baker. Local Dems had never met Greene Available athttp//www. theitem. com/news/local_news/article_0524b36c-ec80-5eba-882f-713558543451. html Valerie Bauerlein. Puzzle Roils South Carolina Contest. Available athttp//www. marioguerrero. info/ps151/wsjarticle. html

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Organizational Change Essay Example for Free

system of rulesal Change EssayGiven the complex nature and competitive environment to a lower place which modern compositions operate ,the way forward for plaque is to adopt strategies ,methods and practices which enable them to be ahead of their competitors.lately global ,political and economic events such(prenominal) as liberations of economics,arising cost of professional personductions ,global economic downtown ,the many competing and substitute products in the marketplace and the spill over effects of the terrorist attacks in America, have led many brass section to economize adopt stringent cost cutting measures and to think of appropriate measures of attracting the largest number of consumers and secure a direct market shargon in a presumption industry . To uphold competitive, modern organization should take away at uniqueness and superiority in all spheres of their operations in technology , run for procedures ,good and services ,approaches to the respective(a ) management function of training ,organizing,staffing , directing and controlling . These alters are only possible through fanciful and innovative thinking . The survival and continued relevance of organizations in the market place then depends on the strategies and survival tactics evolved by these organizations to respond to miscellanys in the operating environment. whizz of the greatest challenges set around organizations therefore is the management of wobble in a manner that encourages pro activity and ensures continued relevance . Organization modify earth-closet be throttled from various perspectives . One commonly used definition of tack is alteration of existing activities , transpose can in addition be defined as innovative the basic signified of introducing something modernistic in the organization. Organizational alteration in the intellect of improvement therefore refers to activities aimed at deepen organizational performance such as freshly technol ogy, work policy ,procedure,product,work attitudes and structural design . nonionalness is the surgical operation through which a change can be introduced in an organization. It refers to the generation of juvenile thought processs into a real product ,service or method of production . Organization change ,creative thinking and innovation through creative ideas most be capable of cosmos implemented. A creative ideas work therefore be unsatisfying unless it is innovative .Organizational change may be necessitated by pressure from distant or indoors the organization Cole G. A. 1996), Management Theory and Practice says that external forces for change are those forces which operate from outside organization,These include forces of competition ,for example competitors ever-changing their strategies and otherwise methods of operations economic forces such as curt economic performance may require new cost cutting measures political and legal forces such as passage of new laws by the government . Economic liberalization policy which no lengthy affords protection to local squiffys may require them to adopt new methods in products strategies in order to remain in competitive in the face of the inflow of foreign goods.Technological forces,for example,new technology of a firm obsolete social cultural forces such as change as in societal norms,values and altitudes should be accompanied by corresponding changes in goods and services. For example, a changes in taste require that a telephoner must change fibre levels,feature of existing products and services or introduce a completely new product in the marketphysical forces like change in die hard and climatic patterns,for example,adverse weather effects may require a company to ad good its production program.This may be ascribable to shortage of essential agricultural based raw materials. Other external forces for change may becreditors changing their lending policies which would mean that companies must work harder than beforetrade unions imposing new conditions on guinea pigs affecting employeesconsumer protection organizations insisting on specific quality standards hence the need to be quality sensitiveconsumer insisting on quality and efficient services other than low prices or fees charged. inbred forces for change includeexisting procedures which have be suffer irrelevant and the existing structures which are too soaked hence the need for flexible structurescentralized systems of authority which is no longer effective after major organizational growth and expansion negative working attitudes by workers which need to be changed through new policies,rules and procedures,existing technology which may be obsolete and the organization has to adopt the new technology for it to improve expertness and the competitive edge against other competitorsexisting products and services which are no longer competitive in the marketexisting training program which have be execute irrelevant in light of changes in work methods and technologyexisting compensation policy which is not motivational such as machine-driven salary increment not based on merit.Anew compensation method for example recompense by results may be adopted or introduced in the organization n facing up these internal triggers for change,management have to plan how they go forth respond to them. Some potential changes volition have been inform well before blow over and in these cases planning is taken care of pro actively . Koontz and Weirich (1995)ManagementA global perspective, defined a change agent as any person or a group of people who may identify and recommend the need for change in an organization . Examples include, a committee set by the management, a task force, board of directors,shareholders,managers or individual employees. An employee for example may identify a difficulty or a weakness in the existing work procedures and betoken change to the management.If the change is rather in significant and may not affect the final results,an employee may just implement such a change without a further consultations. Organizational change may be introduced in a planned or in activated manner. A planned change is introduced pro actively when the organization identifies the need based on the benefits believed to come from change without disrupting operational processes. All change will incur some direct costs,for example,equipment costs,relocation costs,recruitment costs and possible redundancy payments. There will be too indirect costs such as communicating the changes to employees ,providing appropriate training and temporarily redeploying mark managers and staff on change projects.An organization should also consider what might be the costs of not introducing the proposed changes. The resources required are identified in advance,employees trained or prepared accordingly adequate measures do in place to deal with the effects of change such as resistance to change. A reactive change on the other hand is normally introduced in an abrupt manner through a step-by-step approaches. A company waits until the pressure for change becomes too much and simply reacts through measures which can lead to immediate solution of a problem. For example, when there is cut throat price competition , a company may wait until it finds it unavoidable to reduce its prices when it is not able to survive in the market by maintaining its prices.According to Lewin Schein model , a model propounded by Kurt Lewin and Edgar Sshein,German Management theorists ,change can be introduced in an organization through the following stepsunfreezing that is,identifying the need for change and make it clear to employees how the organization will benefit by changing the locating quochange the transition period in the change process when employees abandon the old practices and adopt the new practices or change from the old to new attitudes refreezing which are the measures taken by the management which would ensure that employees sustain or continue with the changed attitudes or behavior.Emotional support,encouragement or monetary reward may be provided. Through positive reinforcements ,new practices become the accepted ship canal of doing things in an organization. One of the principal ways in which organization can bring about planned change is by means of organization phylogeny. Organization information is a strategy for improving organizational effectiveness by means of behavioral science approaches,involving application of diagnostic and problem solving skills by an external adviser in collaboration with the organizational management.Organization development is an organization wide process,it takes an essentially systems view of the organizationit utilizes the techniques and approaches of the behavioral sciences that is psychology and sociologyit also involves the intervention of an external third party in the shape of a change agent trained and experien ced in behavioral science application in the work situation. Organization development is aimed at organization effectiveness that is,it is something more than management development it is concerned with changing structures and decision processes as it is with changing peoples behavior. Organization development is about change and this change can be painful especially when it involves peoples attitudes ,beliefs and self image. The organization development is utilized when the senior management of an organization come to recognize that the key components of the organization system are not working harmoniously together.There is no one best way of introducing and designing an organization development program in an organization. It first takes a preliminary stage whereby the senior management team discusses the scope and implications of an a organization development with the change agent. This includes discussion about the aims of a possible program and the means by which it might be ach ieved. It also includes a consideration of the possible implication for the organization arising from the implementation of a programit then define the nature of the relation ship amidst the change agent and the organizations management that is,whether the change agent is to number the role of an expert , a catalyst for new ideas ,educator or some other agreed role.If the proportionateness is reached about the idea of commencing an organization development program then it goes to the next stage of analysis and diagnosis where the change agent usually takes the initiative by designing appropriate methods for obtaining relevant information for example,interviews and surveys and by proposing a strategy for putting these into operation with the full backing of the management team. The information obtained should clarify the problems facing the organization,and build up a picture of staff attitude and opinions as well as render some important suggestions as to how the problems would be solved. On the basis of information received,the management team and the change agent agree their diagnosis of the situation . The management team in close collaboration with the change agent agree on what are the aims and objectives of the program. These aims could be to improve profitability ,secure a share of new market ,improve staff motivation or other desired improvement.To these ends,specific objectives would be useful,such as to achieve the restructuring of the company along matrix lines over a period of say , one and a half years and obtain the full commitment of all the management staff to an open and democratic style of leading or to reduce substantially the number of customer complaints about after sale service. The organizations problems have been canvas ,a diagnosis of the overall situation has been made and agreement has been reached about the aims and the objectives of the exercise,it then behooves a moment of planning the content and the sequence of activitie s designed to achieve the aims of the programs. Much of the tactics in the planning stage will be influenced by the change agent whose skills and expertise knowledge in behavioral matters will be brought to bear on the manner of introducing the various organizational development activities.These activities will be examined more tight in bits noting the progression. Once the plans have been put into action,it is very imperative that they should be monitored at frequent intervals by the management and the change agent. Difficulties and misconceptions are bound to occur and these must be noted as short as possible and dealt with quickly. If a particular activity is having adverse results,it will have to be revise or even dropped from the programs. From time to time more substantial canvasss of the progress towards the aims and objectives of the exercise will be required ,and this often leads to comparing the results against the benchmarks which are the objectives of the whole chang e process.In light of the major review it is possible that some important revisions of the aims may be important for which further series of plans will be necessary. The success of any organization development concerning change process in an organization depends largely on the part played by the change agent. The change agent is at the core center of the wide-cut organizations development process. If the change agent is not able to build a firm relationship between himself and the management team concerned,or if he fails to establish his credibility with a crop of other groups,his chances of obtaining a sense of commitment required in the whole process are so low.Conversely,if the gains trust and respect some(prenominal) as a person and as a skilled adviser, then he stands a break away chance of achieving his own contribution to the aims and the objectives of the program. The roles of a change agent are a multiple ones. These roles range from the highly directive,leadership typ e of roles to a non-directive counseling role. In the first place,he prescribes what is best for his clients and on the other hand ,he will reflect issues and problems back to his clients without offering any judgment to himself. Qualities of intellect and personality are also important with the change agent in particular the ability to listen and to apply rational approaches to problems and situationsalso a mature outlook in terms of awareness and acceptance of personal strengths and weakness.Abilities required are not only those associated with behavioral science knowledge but more general skills such as interviewing skills,presentation skills and the ability to establish and maintain comfortable relationship with a wide cross-section of people. This combination of attributes suggests that a change agent will not always be readily available. It takes a certain class of character to be able to make the contribution to joint problem solving and decision making that is required in t he organization development. The most significant benefits of an organization development program obviously depends on the needs of the organization at the commencement of the program.Organization development enables an organization to adapt to change in away that obtains the full commitment of the employees concerned that is,it instills a mind of change in the employees minds where they perceive themselves as apart of the whole process of change organization development can also lead to organization structures that will facilitate employee cooperation and the achievement of tasks in that it brings about the issue of critical thought and mind development whenever the employees swaps between the jobs and the ranks unlike when the the employees would on a particular job and role until the retirement hence change brings about new challenges to the employee which eventually turns around the status quo and implement the policies of an enterprise into improvement of servicesit also thaw the latent energy and creativity in the organization by way of specializationit provides opportunities for management development in the context of real organization problems and the way to solve them by involving all the parties concerned including employees in the decision making processit may also stimulate more creative approaches to problem-solving throughout the complete organization.Finally,change increases the ability of the management groups to look as teams and this will eventually lead to the achievement of longterm goals of the company. Resistance to change has been associated with the change and accepted as a major element of any change process. No matter how change may benefit the organization and individual employees,there will always be a aspiration to resist it.Stower J.F (2000) Management,says that change may result from fear of the unknown ,for example,potential difficulties or uncertainties which may come along with a new method or a procedurefear of losing pow er,prestige or status that is fear of perceived inferiority complex towards the subordinatesfear of losing job related opportunities such as procession or lack of care growthfailure to understand why a change is being introduced due to poor communicationperpetual differences between individual employees ,managers or work groupsfear of losing a job or going for further training when computerization program is to be undertaken or a major change are to be introduced through business process re-engineering .The management should device ways of reducing some of the resistance to change in an organization such ways as tolerate an education and communicate effectively with employees on the need and benefits of changeinvolve employees in planning the change process negotiate with employees or departments which are likely to resist changes introduce change in piecemeal manner and provide emotional support including time off during the most difficult period of the change processselectively u se information which gives emphasis on positive aspects of change. Employees likely to resist change may also be co-opted or assigned new positions growd during the change process. In order to create an environment in which people think creatively and develop suitable ideas for change ,the management of an organization should take the following measuresdevelop an acceptance for change,employees must think strategically and believe that change is infallible for the organization survivalprovide a clear objectives and freedom to achieve them. Organization members who are given clear objectives would be stimulated to meet them .Their creativity will have a purpose and counseling a conducive environment for creativity is enhanced if individual have the opportunities to interact with members of their own and other work groups. Such interaction encourages team spirit ,exchange of useful information,free flow of ideas and fresh perspective on problems,also make it clear in word and deeds that the management welcomes new ideas. Managers who closely supervise all(prenominal) action of subordinates encourage them to follow orders rather than to experiment with new ideas. Because of tough competition ,resource scarcity and high equipment costs,the only way to ensure survival in any industry is change through creativity and innovation. Any idea that leads to more efficient and effective operation should be explored and implemented,hence a new idea may be a boon in an organization.

The Century’s Most Groundbreaking Advertising And How It Changed Us All James B. Twitchell Essay Example for Free

The Centurys Most Groundbreaking Advertising And How It Changed Us All James B. Twitchell EssayJust like tot totallyy the ads around us, it seems as if we atomic number 18 beat over the head with the idea that success comes from distinction. Time and date again, we all hear this notion that if you want to break though the clutter, you keep to be different. Its easier state than done with billions of ads around us. So, where did this all st craft? We have learned ab out(p) the days when people would key their street signs in hopes to be the best barber shop in town. Well of course, with little ambition meant broad business. Unfortunately, we have grown to live in a world full of competition, for jobs, more than money, break out education, etc.Now take a step back, the people behind selling you all these things be competing for your attention too. Who is the going to sell you the best education, the best food, where is the best place to get a grand job? Its an all arou nd circle of who prat get whose attention. In light of all this information we deal with day in and day out, James B. Twitchell has taken us back to the root of where our announce comes from. There were groundbreaking advertisements that opened the brink to evolution and change. In his curb, 20 Ads that Shook the terra firma, we are taken through this hi horizontal surface and tarradiddle of our past.Everyone thinks advertising is just the cousin to the creepy employ cars salesman, just there is a rich culture behind what we do that no one knows approximately Its not just people sitting in conference inhabit thinking about how to get your money, ok, well maybe it is, but its not what society makes it out to be. Their ignorance comes from a lack of education. Twitchells 20 ads are a plethora of information and as he retells the deep history rooted back to the good old days, he tells this story in hopes of enlightening those with a preconceived notion. Twitchell lays the grou ndwork for his have through a very interesting entree chapter.From topics of commercial speech to commercialism, he handlees the cultural phenomenon that makes up ads. He makes it clear from this refer on that advertising is not something that leads individuals to buying things. Advertisings its societys way oh blaming the adman for their incessant purchasing habits. Once we are fed and sheltered, our needs are and have always been cultural, not natural, Twithcell claims, and this basis for writing the book is ingenious. Advertising professions might pick this book up in their spare time for a drama read, but I think he has calculateed this novel for those who dont know.Rightfully so, it is a great book for the avid advertiser in college. Education is key he makes a point to discuss how you can ask any doctor or lawyer about their history. Why do they have institutional memories while admen dont? Twitchells twenty ads address the problem of an incomplete education, so the boo k serves a great audience. To us (advertisers) ads are an art form, but to the rest of the world its all something they glance over for thirty seconds or so and forget down the road. He makes the point to say that we dont have a story that is unforgettable.We too can be doctors and side professors who can say we have a story to study not trash. To every story there is another story the beginning. If we can appreciate the history behind what we do, society too can learn what is about ads that makes them what they are today. Not all of them of course, but the ones worthy of being considered the greatest art form of the twentieth century (Marshall McLuhan) With this idea that Twitchell is telling a story he has laid the book out into 20 chapters, suitably each chapter recounts the background of each advertisement.The book is a composition of hornswoggle stories that in the end retell the whole idea of what the groundwork for todays ideas are establish off of. His method of developing the story is not sincerely a narration but more of an exposition because he dives into the meaning of each advertisement. His analysis not only recounts the historical background for which the ad was written. However, because the book is also tailored to an uneducated audience, one might consider his thoughts to be more of an argument in some cases.If he wrote the book with the intention of changing the idea of what advertising really is to someone, it might help to say that his method of development can be classified to specific target audiences (both and argument, but more of an exposition). Without a doubt in an advertisers mind, Twitchells basis and thesis cant stand to be argued with. Advertisers can all agree with the feature that we clutter the world with information, and we all know what it is to put together a great ad.It takes a kettle of fish of hard work and you cant really say there is a formula to it, but we can surely agree on the fact that someone back in the da y came up with something that sparked the way we create things today. The greatest example of the book is chapter 13, The Hathaway Man David Ogilvy and the Branding of Branding. Back in the 1950s Ogivly came up with this man that everyone wanted to be and every woman wanted to be with. These ads for the Hathaway Shirt partnership ran from 1951 to 1990, and for 39 years one man was successful at branding a plain white-hot dress shirt.People wanted this shirt because the loved the man who wore it. Think about today, we want things because of the blur behind who makes it or who wears it. The modern customer of prestige brands wants the mark for all to see, Hathaway Shirts opened the door for the brand clustered society of todays logo driven enterprise. Twitchells examples, from Marlboro and Listerine mouth wash, to the story of Coke and Christmas, all 20 ads are dissected, bit by bit, to really explain to the reader what is about each ad that started the revolution. Now, who can arg ue with that?

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Dominos vs. US Pizza Essay Example for Free

dominos vs. US pizza pie EssayThe interrogation report you have authorized us to write on dominos vs. US pizza is now ready and follow this letter. This report is the dissolver of work completed at SKIPS. During our work term as another(prenominal)wise student, we were engaged to assist in related topic order of battle. In the course of this work we gained knowledge almost this topic. It is the point in timeed information and entropy which is the subject of this report. Through the course of the term, we were given the opportunity to learn much about the strategic set of Dominos. We feel that this knowledge will be helpful in future work terms, and in our c atomic spell 18er. We would uniform to thank our mentor Mr.Manish Thaker for his patience and sound judgement, as well as classmates who were always willing to help. unfeignedly Parul Kapoor (43) Sejal Rathod (55) Table of contents Contents Executive summary Introduction enquiry methodology Analysis of enquiry data Findings Conclusions Recommendation Annexure Executive Summary This report contains the detailed seek about the strategies of Dominos vs US pizza pie. The research was an exploratory one. The aim of the research was to dress the out the strategies adopted by Dominos to collect customer towards it. The research was conducted in the period of March to April.The target population of the research was the pizza pie consumers. Out of this the sample size of light speed were drawn based on convenient sampling technique. The research was done by filling the questionnaire which was fully drawn on the basis of the research objectives. The conclusion for the research was almost drawn during the data collection itself. one C% of respondents standardised pizza. Out of sample size of deoxycytidine monophosphate, 68% of respondents visit more than than to Dominos. 35% of respondents lie in age group of 20-25 days, visit these eating places with their friends in bring out hour s. Respondents opt Dominos because the caliber of the food tendered by Dominos is good.Aw arness of preferred restaurant came from friends and T. V add. This shows that spate atomic number 18 attracted more towards Dominos because timber of food offered by Dominos is better than step offered by US Pizza. INTRODUCTION Problem Definition Both (Dominos and US Pizza), provide same frame of facility. They have huge varieties in pizza as well as other items. Us pizza has innumerable organization packages and equipment casualty of its items be also undercoatable whereas Dominos doesnt have whatsoever unlimited packages and damage of each(prenominal) the items are also high as compare to U. S. Pizza. Still tidy sum attracted towards Dominos, more than US Pizza.Research Objectives The key objectives of the research are identified as following To subscribe the strength of Dominos business model. To study the strength of US Pizzas business model. To find out why people are a ttracted more towards Dominos than US Pizza Research envision This is an exploratory type of research. Its a problem of general nature, numbers and statistics are used to prevail this research. The primary source of data is in questionnaire and short interview. Research design is the that phase where researcher has to detail a plan in which alternatives are going to be chose at each of the following stages. endurance of type of research. Selection of measures and measurement techniques. Selection of sample size and sampling techniques. Selection of methods of data abridgment. Research Methodology Primary Data Data is collected through structured questionnaire by conducting survey. Mode of collection Online questionnaire Offline questionnaire Methods of Data Analysis The questionnaire of 22 variables (2 dependants and 18 independents) was administered through advanced data analysis of utilities of SPSS. 1. Hypothesis To grasp these objectives, the following hypotheses are formula ted- 1.H0 - much Frequency of customer towards Dominos Pizza H1- Frequency is more towards other restaurant 2. H0 - All parameters are equality rogueortant H1- At least(prenominal) 1 contestation is significant 3. H0- Customers are contented for each Parameter H1- Customers are Satisfied for At least peerless Parameter Data analysis and interpretation Exhibit-1 1)Like restaurants Frequency percent valid portion cumulative pct legitimate YES speed of light deoxycytidine monophosphate. 0 one C. 0 100. 0 interpretation From Exhibit -1 we can finish that 100% people like to go to restaurant. Exhibit-2 2)Visit time Frequency per centum legitimate percent Cumulative Percent. well-grounded at once OR TWICE IN WEEK 23 23. 0 23. 0 23. 0 at once OR TWICE IN 15 DAYS 27 27. 0 27. 0 50. 0 ONCE OR TWICE IN A MONTH 37 37. 0 37. 0 87. 0 OCCATIONNALY 13 13. 0 13. 0 100. 0 lend 100 100. 0 100. 0 reading material- From supra graph 37% people go to restaurant once or twice in a calendar month, 27% people go to restaurant once or twice in a 15 days, 23% people go to restaurant once or twice in a week and altogether 13% people like to go to restaurant occasionally. Exhibit-3 3)No. of visit Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid 1-5 91 91. 0 91. 0 91. 0 5-10 7 7. 0 7. 0 98. 0 MORE THAN 10 2 2. 0 2.0 100. 0 organic 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation looking above graph 91% respondent visit restaurant 1-5 quantify in a month Exhibit-4 4)Prefer Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid PIZZA 59 59. 0 59. 0 59. 0 CHAT 6 6. 0 6. 0 65. 0 SANDWITCH 25 25. 0 25. 0 90. 0 OTHER 10 10. 0 10. 0 100. 0 tally 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation From above Exhibit more preference given to pizza then other snacks. Exhibit-5 5)Like pizza Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid YES 100 100. 0 100. 0 100. 0.Interpretation Above diagram conclude that thought respondents like other snacks like sandwitch, chats etc, they also li ke pizza. Exhibit-6 6) Preferred rest. Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid DOMINOS 68 68. 0 68. 0 68. 0 US PIZZA 26 26. 0 26. 0 94. 0 PIZZA WORLD 2 2. 0 2. 0 96. 0 PIZZA govern 2 2. 0 2. 0 98. 0 OTHER 2 2. 0 2. 0 100. 0 get along 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation Respondents like to go many restaurant like dominos, us pizza, pizza world, pizza zone etc however they give more preference to dominos. Exhibit-7 7)Reason for visit Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid QUALITY IS GOOD 86 86. 0 86. 0 86. 0 PRICE IS LOW 8 8. 0 8. 0 94. 0.SERVICE IS GOOD 2 2. 0 2. 0 96. 0 4 2 2. 0 2. 0 98. 0 5 2 2. 0 2. 0 100. 0 primitive 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation Above diagram conclude that people give more preference to dominos because food quality of dominos is better than other restaurant. Cross-tab Q-9 Q-10. Important factor satisfaction level 8. (a) timberland * 9. (b)Price Crosstab debate 9. (b)Price tally Satisfied least fulfill 8. (a)Quality very imp 54 46 100 nub 54 46 100 Interpretation From above cross tab 54% respondents to whom quality is very classical and they are also quelled by the terms which they are paying for the quality.8. (a) Quality * 9. (c)Service Crosstab depend 9. (c)Service Total Satisfied 8. (a)Quality very imp 100 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation Almost all the respondent to whom quality is very of the essence(predicate) they all pleasant by the service given by the restaurant. 8. (a) Quality * 9. (d) atmospheric state Crosstab sum up 9. (d)Ambience Total Satisfied normal 8. (a)Quality very imp 79 21 100 Total 79 21 100 Interpretation- Above table conclude that respondents to whom quality is very grievous they are also fulfill by the ambience in the restaurant. 8. (a)Quality * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization.Total Satisfied normal least conform to 8. (a)Quality very imp 77 21 2 100 Total 77 21 2 100 Interpretation respondents who gives very great to quality al so live up to by the customization adopted by their favourite(a) restaurant. 8. (b)Price * Satis. In Quality Crosstab Count Satis. In Quality Total very satisfied 8. (b)Price very important 46 46 IMPORTANT 23 23 least important 31 31 Total 100 100 Interpretation In this table respondents who gives very important to the price, they are also very satisfied by the quality they are getting in that price. 8. (b)Price * 9. (b)Price Crosstab Count 9. (b)Price.Total satisfied least satisfied 8. (b)Price very important 0 46 46 IMPORTANT 23 0 23 least important 31 0 31 Total 54 46 100 Interpretation- Respondents who gives very important to the price they are least satisfied by the price adopted by their favourite restaurant. 8. (b)Price * 9. (c)Service Crosstab Count 9. (c)Service Total satisfied 8. (b)Price very important 46 46 IMPORTANT 23 23 least important 31 31 Total 100 100 Interpretation This table conclude that respondents to whom price is very important they also satisfied by the serve delivered by restaurant. 8. (b)Price * 9. (d)Ambience Crosstab.Count 9. (d)Ambience Total satisfied normal 8. (b)Price very important 46 0 46 IMPORTANT 2 21 23 least important 31 0 31 Total 79 21 100 Interpretation Respondents also satisfied by the ambience presents in their favourite restaurant. 8. (b)Price * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization Total satisfied normal least satisfied 8. (b)Price very important 46 0 0 46 IMPORTANT 0 21 2 23 least important 31 0 0 31 Total 77 21 2 100 Interpretation- Respondents to whom price are very important they also satisfied by the customization. 8. (c)Service * Satis. In Quality Crosstab Count Satis.In Quality Total very satisfied 8. (c)Service very important 52 52 important 48 48 Total 100 100 Interpretation Respondents who give much important to the service they are also satisfied by the quality. 8. (c)Service * 9. (b)Price Crosstab Count 9. (b)Price Total satisfied least satisfied 8. (c)Service very important 52 0 52 important 2 46 48 Total 54 46 100 Interpretation Respondents to whom service are very important they are satisfied by the price which they are paying. 8. (c)Service * 9. (c)Service Crosstab Count 9. (c)Service Total satisfied 8. (c)Service very important 52 52 important 48 48 Total.100 100 Interpretation- Respondents to whom service is very important they also satisfied by the service offered by their favourite restaurant. 8. (c)Service * 9. (d)Ambience Crosstab Count 9. (d)Ambience Total satisfied normal 8. (c)Service very important 31 21 52 important 48 0 48 Total 79 21 100 Interpretation respondents who gives important to the service they are also satisfied by the ambience in the restaurants. 8. (c)Service * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization Total satisfied normal least satisfied 8. (c)Service very important 31 21 0 52 important 46 0 2 48 Total 77 21 2 100.Interpretation Respondents to whom service is important they are satisfied by the customization. 8. (d)Brand * Satis. In Quality Crosstab Count Satis. In Quality Total very satisfied 8. (d)Brand very important 31 31 Important 23 23 least important 46 46 Total 100 100 8. (d)Brand * 9. (b)Price Crosstab Count 9. (b)Price Total satisfied least satisfied 8. (d)Brand very important 31 0 31 Important 23 0 23 least important 0 46 46 Total 54 46 100 8. (d)Brand * 9. (c)Service Crosstab Count 9. (c)Service Total satisfied 8. (d)Brand very important 31 31 Important 23 23 least important 46 46 Total 100 100 8. (d)Brand * 9. (d)Ambience Crosstab.Count 9. (d)Ambience Total satisfied normal 8. (d)Brand very important 31 0 31 Important 2 21 23 least important 46 0 46 Total 79 21 100 8. (d)Brand * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization Total satisfied normal least satisfied 8. (d)Brand very important 31 0 0 31 Important 0 21 2 23 least important 46 0 0 46 Total 77 21 2 100 Interpretation Respondents gives least important to the brand but they are satisfied by quality, price, service, ambience and customization delivered by their favourite restaurant. 8. (e)Ambience * Satis. In Quality Crosstab Count Satis. In Quality Total very satisfied 8. (e)Ambience important 33.33 least important 67 67 Total 100 100 8. (e)Ambience * 9. (b)Price Crosstab Count 9. (b)Price Total satisfied least satisfied 8. (e)Ambience important 33 0 33 least important 21 46 67 Total 54 46 100 8. (e)Ambience * 9. (c)Service Crosstab Count 9. (c)Service Total satisfied 8. (e)Ambience important 33 33 least important 67 67 Total 100 100 8. (e)Ambience * 9. (d)Ambience Crosstab Count 9. (d)Ambience Total satisfied normal 8. (e)Ambience important 33 0 33 least important 46 21 67 Total 79 21 100 8. (e)Ambience * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization Total satisfied normal least satisfied 8. (e)Ambience important 31 0 2 33.least important 46 21 0 67 Total 77 21 2 100 Interpretation Respondents who gives least important to the ambience but they are satisfied by the quality, price, service ambience customization. 8. (f)Customization * Satis. In Quality Crosstab Count Satis. In Quality Total very satisfied 8. (f)Customization very important 2 2 important 98 98 Total 100 100 8. (f)Customization * 9. (b)Price Crosstab Count 9. (b)Price Total satisfied least satisfied 8. (f)Customization very important 2 0 2 important 52 46 98 Total 54 46 100 8. (f)Customization * 9. (c)Service Crosstab Count 9. (c)Service Total satisfied 8. (f)Customization very important 2 2.important 98 98 Total 100 100 8. (f)Customization * 9. (d)Ambience Crosstab Count 9. (d)Ambience Total satisfied normal 8. (f)Customization very important 2 0 2 important 77 21 98 Total 79 21 100 8. (f)Customization * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization Total satisfied normal least satisfied 8. (f)Customization very important 0 0 2 2 important 77 21 0 98 Total 77 21 2 100 Interpretation Almost all the respondents gives important to the customization and they are also satisfied by the quality, price, service, ambience, customization. 8. (g) resemblance * Satis. In Quality Crosstab Count Satis. In Quality Total very satisfied.8. (g)Nearness very important 58 58 least important 42 42 Total 100 100 8. (g)Nearness * 9. (b)Price Crosstab Count 9. (b)Price Total satisfied least satisfied 8. (g)Nearness very important 52 6 58 least important 2 40 42 Total 54 46 100 8. (g)Nearness * 9. (c)Service Crosstab Count 9. (c)Service Total satisfied 8. (g)Nearness very important 58 58 least important 42 42 Total 100 100 8. (g)Nearness * 9. (d)Ambience Crosstab Count 9. (d)Ambience Total satisfied normal 8. (g)Nearness very important 37 21 58 least important 42 0 42 Total 79 21 100 8. (g)Nearness * 9. (e)Customization Crosstab Count 9. (e)Customization Total satisfied normal least satisfied 8.(g)Nearness very important 37 21 0 58 least important 40 0 2 42 Total 77 21 2 100 Interpretation Almost all the respondents prefer to go to nearness restaurant and they are also satisfie d by it. Exhibit-10 10)Visit with whom Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Friends 87 87. 0 87. 0 87. 0 Family 4 4. 0 4. 0 91. 0 g. f/b. f 9 9. 0 9. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation respondents broadly speaking go to the restaurant with their friends. Exhibit-11 11)Scheme Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid unlimited 65 65. 0 65. 0 65. 0 By one get one forgive 5 5. 0 5. 0 70. 0 Discount 11.11. 0 11. 0 81. 0 coupons 7 7. 0 7. 0 88. 0 Other 12 12. 0 12. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Exhibit-12 12)Awareness Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Friends 68 68. 0 68. 0 68. 0 TV adds 17 17. 0 17. 0 85. 0 news paper adds 9 9. 0 9. 0 94. 0 Posters 4 4. 0 4. 0 98. 0 Internet 2 2. 0 2. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation looking to the above diagram respondents awake(predicate) about the restaurant by their friends and by TV adds. Exhibit-13 13)Frequency Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative P ercent Valid occationally 28 28. 0 28. 0 28. 0 once or twice in a week 15 15. 0 15. 0 43. 0 once or twice in a month.57 57. 0 57. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Intr Interpretation respondents visit dominos once or twice in a month. Exhibit 14 14)Visit spring Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid In your exempt hours 66 66. 0 66. 0 66. 0 For meetings 6 6. 0 6. 0 72. 0 For parties 21 21. 0 21. 0 93. 0 For someone parties 7 7. 0 7. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation Respondents mostly like to go to Dominos in their bounteous time for Parties. Exhibit-15 15)Freq. visit reason Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Quality of food is good 53 53. 0 53. 0 53. 0 Has good friendly atmosphere.32 32. 0 32. 0 85. 0 It is near your place 10 10. 0 10. 0 95. 0 Other 5 5. 0 5. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation Above diagram conclude that respondents like to go to Dominos because the quality of the food offer by dominos is b etter. Exhibit-17 17) age Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid 20-25 35 35. 0 35. 0 35. 0 25-30 17 17. 0 17. 0 52. 0 30-40 29 29. 0 29. 0 81. 0 above 40 19 19. 0 19. 0 100. 0 Total 100 100. 0 100. 0 Interpretation looking to the above exhibit mostly young times, who come under the age of 20-25 preferred to go to the Dominos. Findings conclusions.1) From above analysis we can conclude that 68% respondents prefer to go to the Dominos then other restaurants. 2) Respondents prefer to go to the Dominos because the quality of the food is good over at that place. 3) People give very important to the quality, price and services. They give important to the customization but they give least important to the brand ambience. But comparison to all factor more preference given to quality price. They are satisfied by the quality in their favourite restaurant but they are least satisfied by the price. 4) Out of the respondents most number of respondents visits dominos with their friends family.5) Respondents also aware about Dominos by their friends and TV adds. 6) Out of respondents mostly they prefer to visit Dominos once or twice in a month in their free time and for parties so we can conclude that they are regular customer. 7) Dominos attracts all kind of generation like those who come in age 20-25, 25-30, and above 30 also. But more attracted by 20-25 years old people. Conclusion 1) People gives more important to price and they also least satisfied by the price in dominos but they are attracted to Dominos because they are satisfied by the quality offered by the Dominos and for that they are not paying high price.2) People are not attracted towards Dominos because it is an international brand. People are not with child(p) important to the brand but they are giving important to the quality and price. 3) Mostly people go to Dominos with their friends and family. But people go to on that point with family rarely because of the price factor. They prefer to go U. S. Pizza with family because it offer unlimited scheme which is enable them to authorise less. 4) People also aware about the Dominos by their friend and TV adds also by the banners. 5) Dominos attracted all kind of generation like youngster adult.Strategies Following are the strategies adopted by Dominos to attract the customer towards it. 1) They maintain the quality of the food same in both inclose because there quality is main factor to influence the customer. 2) They maintain same taste in every store. 3) They also maintain hygiene level. 4) They have monopoly in 5 types of pizza which is thin crust, hand toast, give up burst, deep dish, 3 cheese. 5) They come up with new product every 3-4 months. 6) They contacted their customer and ask about their choice taste and they launch new product according to customer preference.7) People give more preference to the nearness restaurant so they open their branches in 15 areas. 8) They give free pitch shot in jus t 30 minute. If it is not delivered in 30 minute they give pizza free of cost. 9) Mostly college going student and working people go to Dominos so they open there branches in 2. 5km 3 km near to the college and office area. Recommendation 1) People give more important to the price if dominos reduce their price then people they can capture almost all market share. 2) If dominos dont want to reduce the price than it can also offer some discount or unlimited scheme.People attracted towards US pizza because of it unlimited scheme. Here people already satisfied by quality if they offer some scheme then they can attract more people who go restaurant with their family. 3) They also offer salads or other customization product. Annexure Dominos vs us Pizza Questionnaire Respected Sir/ Madam We, 1st year PGDM student from St Kabir Institute of Professional Studies , conducting a research on Dominos vs US Pizza. We want to know your views about these restaurants. The information provided by y ou is rigorously for research purpose and will be strictly kept confidential. Top of Form.1) Do you like to go Restaurants? Yes No 2) When do you go to Restaurants? Once or Twice a week Once or Twice in 15 days Once or twice in a month Occasionally 3) How many times in previous month did you visit the restaurant? 0 1-5 5-10 More than 10 4) What do you prefer in snacks? Pizza Chat Sandwich Others 5) Do you like Pizza? Yes No 6) Where do you like the most to go for Pizza? Dominos US Pizza Pizza world Pizza zone Others 7) Why you like to go in above mention Pizza restaurant? Quality is good Price is low Service is good Others 8) How much importance do you give to the following factors when you go for eating pizza?Very Important Important Least Important Not at all Important Quality Price Service Brand Ambience Customization Nearness 9) How much are you satisfied with the following factors in your preferred pizza restaurant? Very satisfied Satisfied Normal least Satisfied Not Satisfied Quality Price Service Ambience Customization 10) With whom you like to go in this restaurant? Friends Colleague Family G. F/ B. F Others 11) Is there any scheme in above pizza restaurant? Unlimited By one get one free Discount Price Coupon Others No scheme s 12) How did you know above restaurant? Friends T. V Add. Newspaper adds. poster.Internet Other 13) How frequently you go to this restaurant? Occationally Once or twice in week Once or twice in month rarely 14) When you prefer to go? In your free hours For meetings For parties For someones parties 15) What is the main reason you frequently go a particular restaurant? Quality of food is good Has a good friendly atmosphere your family children like it It is near your house Other 16) Name 17) Age 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-40 above 40 18) Area where you belong 19) Contact No 20) sex Male Female 21) Occupation Student Job Business Other 22) Youre monthly Income? 20000 foot of Form.

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Euthanasia Essay Example for Free

Euthanasia EssayFor currency, this piece of intelligence activity was published very in brief after the mobile mercy killing clinics scheme started (stated in article that was cross-referenced the Guardian) on Thursday 1 parade 2012. Therefore, it is likely to be valid and updated till that point in time. However, as the article will not include any further developments since March 2012, on that point is a need to research as to whether there are much current reports on the issue in order to make a more informed decision on the issue. For relevance, this article tells us about a brand new weft for euthanasia that is carried out through mobile clinics in the Netherlands.So far, euthanasia is legal in unless the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia and Oregon in the USA. This can be seen as a controversial new option that makes euthanasia even more accessible in the Netherlands. It raises questions whether this new convenience could result in an abuse of the orde r with doctors and patients firing too far. The debate over the whether it should be a right for people to choose when and how to die, with dignity, has been going on for a long time in many countries, especially in developed countries. This is in like manner relevant to us locally as we have an ageing population in Singapore.Although we have some other measures in place such as the Advanced Medical Directive, euthanasia has not been legalised in Singapore. With great attention being given to palliative care in recent years, the different perspectives in the euthanasia debate around the world is not far removed from us. The question remains as to whether our party is ready for measures such as euthanasia. As for authority, this article is written by Anna Holligan from BBC News. BBC News is the department of the British Broadcasting Corporation responsible for the gathering and broadcasting of news and current affairs.The department is the worlds largest broadcast news organisat ion. The BBC is required by its charter to be free from both political and commercial influence and answers however to its viewers and listeners. However, this has been challenged on a few occasions. On the whole, BBC News is still regarded as an objective initiation of news, as compared to papers subjected to political/commercial influence. In analysing accuracy, I found that the same news excessively appeared in The Huffington Post (US) and the Guardian (UK). NVVE (Dutch right-to-die organization) website (through Google translate).Please see the attached article from The Guardian as a cross-reference. At the same time, within the BBC article itself, the journalist had also listed quotes from the following Mr Jan Suyver, one of the creators of the Levenseinde (Life End) units NVVE (Dutch right-to-die organization) Bert Dorenbos, who represents the pro-life Dutch Cry for Life campaign group and The Royal Dutch Medical Association. In addition, the journalist gave statistics refe rring to the quick euthanasia law in the Netherlands, as well as findings from a report published by the commission on Assisted Dying in the UK.The information and quotes from these diverse sources (who offer different perspectives on the issue) strengthens the validity and reliability of the article. The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the new controversial option for euthanasia in the Netherlands. The intention to inform can be seen in the way the article presented the information in an objective manner. Perspectives of both the pro-euthanasia camp and the anti-euthanasia camp were highlighted, without the article being skewed in favour of every of them. Therefore, I think this is quite a balanced and reliable article.