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Charlie and the Choclate Factory Essay

Despite the fact these were produced 34 years apart, there are many striking similarities. Of course, there are also many differences, which a viewer would expect in films that were done so far apart. Although these films were done three decades apart, the formula of the fantasy genre has not changed much over the course of the decades. The most obvious similarity in the genre is the general audience who will view these movies. The general theory of the fantasy genre is to create an imaginary world, which viewers can get immersed in to give them a break from reality. In this regard, both films succeeded wonderfully. On the flip side, the major difference in the genre is the scope of the imaginary world that can be created. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the filmmakers were limited by having to create their imaginary world in a real world space. In 1971, filmmakers didn’t have the ability to create an unlimited virtual world like modern day fantasy filmmakers have, so the grandeur of the world that can be created now is very different. While the formula of the fantasy genre hasn’t changed a great deal, the social context of the time periods these films were made in has. For example, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory puts a greater emphasis on the disparity between social classes, which was a major aspect of the 1970’s. The movie also focuses on proper behavior, being appreciative of what you have, acceptable societal behavior, and morals. In comparison, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was created during a time period when society places more emphasis on entertainment value in movies, instead of using them as a tool to express and teach acceptable societal behaviors. The remake also doesn’t focus as heavily on the difference between social classes, as the social classes have been blurred in today’s society, and aren’t as well defined as they were in the 1970’s. Oftentimes, remakes deviate from what was done in the original movie. This is done for many reasons, but may actually hurt the remake. That is not the case with the editing style of these films, as the editing style of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory had a significant impact on the editing style of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The editing style and importance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, directed by Mel Stuart, made it become one of the mo†¦ Read Full Essay Join Now! Get instant access to over 50,000 Papers and Essays Join OtherPapers. com Similar Essays Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Rogers Chocolates Case Study (Internal/External Analysis) The House Of Spirits And Like Water For Chocolate, Respectively. Loss Of Innocence And The Corruption Of Man Are A Couple Of The Most Significant Themes Found In Both Books. These Themes Are Shown In The Characters Of The Book After What Really Makes Factories Flexible? Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge Chocolate Truffles I Like Chocolate Milk Rogers Chocolate Chocolate Case Testing To Find How Much Protein Is In 1% Chocolate Milk Versus 2% White Milk SWOT Analysis For Custom Coffee ; Chocolate Chocolate Case Factory Farming And Diabetes Like Water For Chocolate Analysis Donate paper | Join now! | Login | Support  © 2010 — 2011 OtherPapers. com OtherPapers. com High-quality Essays, Term Papers and Research Papers Access over 50. 000 Essays and Papers Get Better Grades! Sign up for your FREE account. There are ABSOLUTELY no membership fees at OtherPapers. om. For our free membership, please upload one paper to the site. Your account will be activated immediately! Prepare Your Document Title: Category: — Select One –American HistoryBiographiesBusinessEnglishHistory OtherLiteratureMiscellaneousMusic and MoviesPhilosophyPsychologyReligionScienceSocial IssuesTechnology Copy & paste paper: Use this method if you’d prefer to cop y and paste your paper into a form. Join now! Login Support Other Term Papers and Free Essays Browse Papers Music and Movies / Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Vs. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Vs. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Research Paper Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Vs. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and over other 20 000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website! Autor: people 30 June 2012 Tags: Words: 1820 | Pages: 8 Views: 57 Read Full Essay Join Now! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) is a remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). Despite the fact these were produced 34 years apart, there are many striking similarities. Of course, there are also many differences, which a viewer would expect in films that were done so far apart. Although these films were done three decades apart, the formula of the fantasy genre has not changed much over the course of the decades. The most obvious similarity in the genre is the general audience who will view these movies. The general theory of the fantasy genre is to create an imaginary world, which viewers can get immersed in to give them a break from reality. In this regard, both films succeeded wonderfully. On the flip side, the major difference in the genre is the scope of the imaginary world that can be created. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the filmmakers were limited by having to create their imaginary world in a real world space. In 1971, filmmakers didn’t have the ability to create an unlimited virtual world like modern day fantasy filmmakers have, so the grandeur of the world that can be created now is very different. While the formula of the fantasy genre hasn’t changed a great deal, the social context of the time periods these films were made in has. For example, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory puts a greater emphasis on the disparity between social classes, which was a major aspect of the 1970’s. The movie also focuses on proper behavior, being appreciative of what you have, acceptable societal behavior, and morals. In comparison, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was created during a time period when society places more emphasis on entertainment value in movies, instead of using them as a tool to express and teach acceptable societal behaviors. The remake also doesn’t focus as heavily on the difference between social classes, as the social classes have been blurred in today’s society, and aren’t as well defined as they were in the 1970’s. Oftentimes, remakes deviate from what was done in the original movie. This is done for many reasons, but may actually hurt the remake. That is not the case with the editing style of these films, as the editing style of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory had a significant impact on the editing style of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The editing style and importance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, directed by Mel Stuart, made it become one of the mo†¦ Read Full Essay Join Now! Get instant access to over 50,000 Papers and Essays Join OtherPapers. com Similar Essays Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Rogers Chocolates Case Study (Internal/External Analysis)

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Moliere’s Tartuffe and Rousseau’s Confessions

Each character Is guilty of stealing something for their personal gain. However, when analyzing their actions of theft, there Is clear evidence of contrast. In â€Å"Confessions† Rousseau Is a mere child and steals Males ribbons simply because she Is the first name that floats Into his head. When asked how he got the ribbon, Rousseau blames the cook. â€Å"They Inquired how I got hold of It. I grew confused, stammered, and said with a blush It was Maroon. The fact that Rousseau is a child and demonstrates when he is scared when asked about the ribbon helps lessen the severity of the crime and helps ease the burden for future forgiveness. This greatly contrasts from Tartuffe who can be described as an undermining hypocrite throughout the play and steals solely for personal gain. The face that Tartuffe is a grown man and understands his actions greatly contradicts with Rousseau childish mistakes. Tartuffe displays a heinous crime in contradiction to the trivial crime of Roussea u.When comparing the aftermath of the crimes, the two works differ in the shared theme, regret. In â€Å"Confessions† Rousseau does lie when asked if he stole the ribbon, but Rousseau is constantly haunted with this crime throughout his life. â€Å"There ended the serenity of my childish life. From that moment I never again enjoyed pure happiness. † Rousseau is feeling so guilty of small rime he committed as a child he writes an entire confession, this greatly differs from Tartuffe.When Tartuffe is handcuffed by the officer, Tartuffe displays the same hypocritical attitude that was evident throughout the play. The last words of Tartuffe, â€Å"To prison? This can't be true! † sum up perfectly the zero regret that Tartuffe shows even though he knows he has been caught. If looking the two works as a whole based solely on regret there is clear distinction. Rousseau, a child, committed a crime that he Is obviously regretful about. Then there Is Tartuffe, where there is no sign of regret and deserves to be imprisoned forever.

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Renovascular Hypertension Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Renovascular Hypertension - Essay Example Renovascular hypertension may be also caused by malignant hypertension or renal artery stenosis. The most common cause of renovascular hypertension is artery stenosis, a narrowing of the artery pathway due to a buildup of plaque. The low blood flow to the kidneys results in an increase in the production of renin, which results in peripheral arteries to constrict and raising the body's blood pressure. Renovascular hypertension is evident in approximately 6 out of 100,000 people (Renovascular Hypertension 2006). Age of onset varies depending on the cause but is most common in men over the age of 45 with atherosclerosis, and in women under the age of 45 with fibromuscular dysplasia (Renovascular Hypertension 2006). Children with fibromuscular dysplasia are at high risk as are people whose diets are high in salt, heavy metals, suffer stress, or have a family history of renovascular hypertension. A patient that has unusually high blood pressure for an extended time that is difficult to control should be suspect for renovascular hypertension. In addition, the presence of abdominal, epigastric or flank bruit, a noticeable decrease in kidney size, or a recurrent pulmonary edema may also be noticed in a patient suffering from renovascular hypertension.

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Technology Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Technology Management - Research Paper Example Too much automation and aggressive strategy can damage the performance of the organization when the decisions do not support the corporate directions. This aggressive automation can expose the organization to several unmanaged risk factors due to the lack of effective knowledge about the balanced approach. Short term thinking and lack of expertise can damage the business operation management of the organization. This report will determine the bottom-line impact of unmanaged technology on the business performance of the organizations. Analysis It is discussed earlier that too much automation can affect the business operation of a corporation. In terms of industrial fluid disposal and usage, list of poor fluid maintenance practices combined with several in adequate fluid choice can result loss of goodwill and significant operational cost. However, inadequate cost management due to the lack of effective knowledge can erode the bottom line on the daily basis that can impact the long term viability and competitiveness of several strategies and operational facilities (Hunt & Weintraub, 2007). The corporations are exposing themselves to excessive business operation cost and unmanaged risks due to seven key reasons. These reasons are discussed below. Poor Process Control Majority of the organizational facilities utilize more fluid than are required. It exposes the corporations to critical risks due to lack of establishment of robust and control strategy for all the fluid applications. However, this fluid condition can be changed dramatically. An effective and specific control plan needs to be undertaken by the organization management. An effective management programme can enhance the significant process control that is important for the productivity and cost control. In several cases, the acceptable range of the fluid condition can be extended as it may not result in the fluid related events. A strict and tightly management control plan can eliminate excessive use of f luids. Decisions based on data vs. Feelings Every manufacturer knows that, analytical data is quite important when addressing a particular manufacturing issue, responding to a specific quality concern or developing plan for the next step. It is true that, most of the facilities are effective at collecting quality, financial and production related data, but fluid analysis data is rarely collected, correlated, compiled and interpreted due to the specific specialized nature of the interpretation (Haneberg, 2012). Fluid management generally tends to non-core expertise in a particular manufacturing environment. Major characteristic of this fluid management is non-core focus. Several organizations consider that the fluid condition can effectively impact manufacturing, quality and availability, but major significance of this aspects to drive daily decision making process. It is the corrective action executed on daily basis based on the information and data that result in risk management an d cost minimization. Hesitance to change Management risk and direct costs are associated with the product change. This relation is quite significant. Due to this, the organization hesitates to implement product change management process on the floor of several manufacturing plants. Recently, the product vendors are making various critical claims about the significance and benefits of greatest and modern developed

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Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 2

Strategy - Essay Example Following the global financial crisis that was offset by the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008 in the USA and later followed by the global financial crisis in 2010, a lot of firms have adopted measures to deal with the reduced revenue and sales yield amidst growing competition from other firms and many of the firms have adopted competitive business strategies. Competitive business strategies facilitate a firm to sell or produce products and services with more efficiency and with the sole aim of having a competitive advantage over their competitors (Mandarini 2014). There are a variety of business strategies that are used by managers as they have choices between using set standard strategies or creating their own set of strategies and therefore it should be noted that, flexibility and innovation play a very important role in competitive business strategies. Competitive advantage is a management strategy that was first developed by Michael Porter who classified the competitive advantage of an organization as being either achieved through differentiation, or by adopting lower costs of production (Dicken 2011). Competitive advantage enables a company to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals in the market through adopting new information technology, gaining access to natural resources or highly skilled personnel. One of the companies in the last decade that has outshone its competitors due to the adoption of a strategic management strategy that places emphasis on acquiring a competitive advantage via adoption of new technology and differentiation different form other firms in the market has been Apple. In the period between 2001 and 2007 following the unveiling of the Apple iPod and Apple iPhone respectively, the company, courtesy of its CEO, Steve Jobs had shifted from its previous strategy of premium priced innovative computers, w hich was a relatively safe strategy and adopted the highly risky but profitable strategy of venturing into the extremely

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Online Shopping Behavior of Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Online Shopping Behavior of Women - Essay Example Previous research studies have already identified several differences in the shopping behavior of males and females in conventional "bricks and doors" retail stores. For each of the key questions below that will guide the online shopping research, a summary of what we already know is provided. The surveys and other sources will yield further information about men's and women's online shopping habits. Analysis will show whether men and women continue to exhibit the same patterns, or develop new ones based on their experiences and preferences in the visual-only online shopping environment. Among a host of other factors, how does the lack of physical store buildings, touchable merchandise, and interaction with live people, both other shoppers and sales personnel, change the browsing, shopping and buying patterns of men and women of various ages Not according to Paco Underhill, marketing consultant and author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping (Simon & Schuster, 2000). His research shows that both men and women spend time shopping -- in specific and widely differing categories -- without having a specific need in mind as they shop. His company, Envirosell, has done marketing studies for large computer retailers which show that 17% of the male customers interviewed come into the stores more than once a week just to look around. Computer equipment, video games and DVDs have replaced cars and music systems for many men as their technology focus. They go to the store to gain information as well as to buy, as was noted from how intently they read the packaging of software and accessory hardware for their computers. Men prefer to get their information firsthand, off the box or from a brochure, rather than ask a salesperson. For other purchases, such as clothing and shoes, men go into a store, pick out what they need, and try it on. If it fits, they buy it. Women assess clothing, particularly shoes, on many criteria besides fit to close the deal on a purchase. These include price, color, fabric care and if the garment makes them look good overall or makes certain features look better or worse. Many a pair of pants or shoes have been rejected, even if they fit well, for the subjective reason that "they make my butt look too big," or "they make my legs look fat." Shoes also must fit the season (summer or winter), and the activity where they will be worn. These range from dancing; dating; management meetings; taking the kids to a soccer game, ad infinitum, which is why there are so many more styles of shoes for women than men. 2. Are the buying decisions of male shoppers more rational than those of female shoppers Traditional research shows that in certain situations, males shop no more rationally than females. A primary case in point is the supermarket. Grocery industry studies show that sixty to seventy percent of supermarket purchases by both men and

CJ403 Final Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

CJ403 Final - Research Paper Example In this paper, the author examines the Enron Corporation scandal by looking at some ethical principles and theories. By using such frameworks, it is hoped that a deeper analysis of business practices can be arrived at, one that clearly outlines the need for asking pertinent questions about moral conduct in a sector of society that is undeniably susceptible to unethical behavior. The Enron Corporation initiated various corporate means that, at the time, were seen as bold and perhaps even revolutionary. This was especially true when Jeffrey Skilling, former Enron CEO, came on board upon impressing founder and deregulation advocate, Kenneth Lay, with his consultancy capabilities. Prior to the Skilling phase of the company, Enron’s traders had been gambling without restraint using company funds, but with the knowledge of Kenneth Lay. Even with investigations and reports of misappropriation of funds, Lay intimated to traders to further continue generating money for the company. However, as is the nature of â€Å"gambling†, luck is bound to change. Enron’s traders soon gambled all of the company’s reserves. Nevertheless, the company survived and went on to employ Skilling. It was Skilling’s idea to utilize mark to market accounting, that is, the use of future projections to book earnings on deals that actually never made anythin g. This idea essentially opened up the company to unscrupulous practices, paving the way for fraudulent profit reports. Enron was also one of the first companies to form what they called, a Performance Review Committee, whose job it was to ensure that all employees were delivering the results that the company expected from them. This had the effect of pressuring employees to perform well, but had the unsavory consequence of pushing employees to adopt and utilize â€Å"less than ethical† conduct. By positioning itself as a kind of energy broker, Enron put up a number of businesses that, in reality,

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The Replacement Movie Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Replacement Movie - Assignment Example It clearly shows his ability to analyze different situations in the game and to know when it is appropriate for him to make a move with the ball towards his opponents. Secondly, just before the game starts we see that how calculative he is concerning the goals. He believes that certain actions like coming to the match or game late have the potency of providing negative results during the game and he is also not welcoming on taking excuses from his fellow teammates regarding the game. This we see in his conversation with Keanu on why he reported late to the game. Brooke as a character in the movie also shows leadership in how she interacts with Keanu regarding him going to the game. Brooke shows social responsibility which amounts in civic responsibility as she is sure that Keanu’s car will not allow him to be in time for his game. She volunteers to drive Keanu in her car. In addition, she displays integrity because when she asked Keanu to join her in her car, she was genuine a nd willing to drive Keanu to the game (The Replacements). John Madden and Pat Summerall also show leadership based on social responsibility. They have taken the role as the play by play announcers to ongoing match that is being played by the two teams. We see their ability to communicate effectively and clearly during the game. In most cases, people are always anxious when placed in fronts of cameras, but in the movie, they show the ability to stand before large crowds of people in front of cameras and deliver.

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Musicians who are known as heroic figures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Musicians who are known as heroic figures - Essay Example One can almost draw the over-commercialization of this genre back to Jackson, shaping pop music into what it has become today. It truly is impossible to negate the intense influence he has had. At the same time, no one has conveyed social and political ideas using music quite as powerful as Dylan. He led in an age of prodigious songwriters. Dylan’s influence comes through his lyrics, hard-hitting poetry merged with beautiful music. He is a giant in the modern music’s history. The Beatles transformed pop music on a level that no one else has ever been able to. They are perhaps the most well known musicians in the world and their legacy is undoubtedly certain to last for several decades to come. Elvis, on the other hand, formed rock and roll music. He commanded high-energy music to the foreground. According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, â€Å"he rose from humble circumstances to launch the rock and roll revolution with his commanding voice and charismatic stage presence.† He carried this music and made it part of popular culture that it has been one of the greatest part of our culture

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Code of Ethics Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Code of Ethics Paper - Essay Example business, if only to function as risk-management mechanisms; included here is the designing of conformity codes and course of action, or more popularly known as code of conduct or ethics (Baker 2006: p. 46). Regardless whether they are referred to as codes of conduct, codes of ethics or any other terms, the community nowadays expects professional and business organizations to possess codes that determine the guiding standards and norms of proper behavior demanded of their constituents. It is all the time more usual for individual business enterprises to also acknowledge the advantages of having these particular codes, advantages that are functional not merely to the businesses themselves but as well as to the personnel of those organizations, and to their shareholders. The progress of a code of ethics within a business organization is fragment of an essential communication mechanism. It facilitates management to put emphasis to the employees of the company the norms of behavior which they should abide by. It provides regulation and direction to employees who are faced with difficult decisions-making problems while carrying out their tasks; thereby it contributes to the creation of a suitable moral environment within the organization. As such, it can function as a tool for the assimilation of new employees into the principles of the company. General Electric, one of the most successful corporations in the world, has issued one set of policies to put into effect its Code of Conduct and to lend a hand of integrity to GE personnel all over the world. The fundamental duties of all employees and managers, consequences and penalties for infringements and how to deal with an integrity problem are discussed in their booklet. Nevertheless, the following are the principles embedded in GE’s code of conduct (General Electric 2004: p. 3): These policies should be obeyed by GE directors, officer, employees, subsidiaries and other controlled affiliates, non-controlled

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Art Essay Example for Free

Art Essay * Art is a term that describes a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, but here refers to the visual arts, which cover the creation of images or objects in fields including paintings, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. They are two paintings that have been drawn by Dmitry Levitzky in 1773 and by Millais in 1871. The first portrait by Dmitry levitzky is called Nelidova, Ekaterina Ivanovna who she is the daughter of Lieutenant Ivan Dmitrievich Nelidov. She was raised in the Smolny Institute for Young Ladies and was noticed there by Empress Catherine II, who made her a maid of honor to the Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna, later Empress, whose husband Emperor Pavel I. She was sincerely attached to him, although their relations were never intimate. She was able to influence Pavel I, preventing some of his unwise decisions and tantrums. She was also a close friend of the Empress Maria Feodorovna. The second portrait by John Everett Millais is called The Martyr of Solway the â€Å"Margaret† depicted by Millais was Margaret Wilson, who was born in 1667 in Glenvernoch in Wigtownshire. She was a young and devout Presbyterian who was a member of the Covenanters, a Scottish Presbyterian movement of the 17th century in Scotland who signed the National Covenant in 1638 to confirm their opposition to the interference by the Stuart kings in the affairs of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The Stuart kings embraced the belief of the Divine Right of the Monarch. However, not only did they believe that God wished them to be the infallible rulers of their kingdom – they also believed that they were the spiritual heads of the Church of Scotland. This latter belief was anathema to the Scots. Their belief was quite simple – no man, not even a king, could be spiritual head of their church. The following piece will demonstrate the differences and similarities between the two images in a compare and a contrast manner. Analyze the fundamental differences. Point out the major mutual points.

Future Career Essay Example for Free

Future Career Essay When i think about a future career for myself, i see myself doing it for a very long time. In my imagination i picture myself as a millitary special forces officer. I have always wanted to go into the military since i was a little boy. The first time i ever heard about the green berets or the navy seals i knew that was what i wanted to do. I was told that being in the special forces was a very hard, but honorable career. You have to be very tough physically and mentally. My favorite thing about the special forces teams were that they are allowed to access the worlds latest technology and would go on top secret missions and save tons of people and no one would even know that the event had happened. The military today is a lot different than it was when I was a little kid. Karl von Clausewitz defined war as an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will In order to attain this object fully, the enemy must be disarmed, and disarmament becomes therefore the immediate object of hostility. In the future, we will have the prospective to make war without the use of violence and fulfill the second half of von Clausewitzs definition with software alone. Cyber describes systems that use mechanical or electronic systems to swap human control. Cyber warfare can be executed without violence and therefore the reliance on software intensive systems-cyber systems can make nations exposed to warfare without violence. With the escalating use of computers in military and government, there has been a growing awareness of both a new susceptibility in national infrastructure and a new method of attacking ones enemies. Cyber Warfare could mean winning wars without firing shots, the shutting down of entire national infrastructures at the push of a button, and the complete exploitation or destruction of an enemys communication networks. It could mean threats from across the world by states with no ability to launch a conventional attack just by using cheap laptops. In conclusion nations and their critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly dependent on computer networks for their operation. Also as armies around the world are transforming fr om a platform centric to a network centric force there is increasing reliance on networking technology. With all the advantages of such connectivity come unprecedented challenges to network security. Today we have unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as drones, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the  remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. It allows us to keep soldiers lives safe it were to go down. Putting drones together with the futures technology create a new idea of a drone. In the future computers will become more intelligent and will be able to decide answers in situations. Putting a computer like that into a drone will create a weapon of mass destruction. The drone will be able to make lethal decisions without the command of a human. Within the next ten years our drones will become a lot more technologically advanced. Soon the drones will be able to choose and make lethal decisions by itself without the command or control of a human. The military has access to the Military Imaging and Surveillance Technology. The Military Imaging and Surveillance Technology (MIST) program can develop a fundamentally new optical capability that can provide high-resolution 3-D images to locate and identify a target at much longer ranges than is possible with existing surveillance systems. Within the next decade our surveillance will be so technologically advanced that the military will be able to look up anyone in the world and pinpoint their exact location and view what kind of activities they are participating in. Joining the military will be tough trying to keep up with todays expectations in intelligence and technology. But getting to be able to live my dream and do what I have always wanted to do with allow me to strive to accomplish whatever means necessary.

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Principles of Musharakah and Mudarabah

Principles of Musharakah and Mudarabah Musharakah and Mudarabah written in the books of Islamic fiqh generally means contracts which are formed for starting a joint venture in which all partners participate in the business from starting till end when assets are liquidated. The books of Islamic fiqh were written in an environment when there were only small trades and no large scale businesses took place. The principles of Musharakah and Mudarabah can be applied to small as well as large scale commercial enterprises. The basic principles of Musharakah and Mudarabah are as follows: Musharakah and Mudarabah financing is not interest based Financier /investor must share loss to the extent of their investment Profit is distributed according to the agreed ratio with their mutual consent, but the sleeping partner cant claim more than the ratio of his investment Loss suffered by partner is exactly according to the proportion of his investment For financing a project, the traditional method of Musharakah and Mudarabah can be easily applied. If a Financier wants to finance the whole project, he can use Mudarabah financing and if some parties want to finance the project jointly, they can adopt Musharakah financing. It is very easy to evaluate the capital if the Musharakah or Mudarabah have been effected since inception of the project. In case of Musharakah if any partner wants to withdraw from the business, the other partners can purchase his share at an agreed ratio. The partner can thus either fully own the business on his own or can sell the share of the partner who withdrew his capital to other person who can substitute the withdrawing financier Securitization of Musharakah Musharakah financing can be securitised easily, in case of big projects a huge sum is required which a few people cant afford. Every person investing is given a Musharakah certificate which represents the amount of money he has invested in business. After the start of the business and buying non liquid assets, the certificates can be treated as negotiable instruments which can be sold in the secondary markets. However, if all the assets of Musharakah are in liquid form, buying and selling of these certificates is not allowed because as all the assets are in liquid form and exchange of such assets means exchanging money for money, and for exchanging money for money both must be equal. Access from any side is Riba, which is prohibited in Islam In case if the money invested is invested in non-liquid assets as land, machinery etc. the Musharakah certificate will represent the portion of ownership in those Assets. In this of assets being in non-liquid form, it will be allowed by the shariah to sell certificates in the secondary market on any price agreed upon by the parties with their mutual consent In case the assets in the business are a mixture of liquid and non-liquid assets most of the schools of thoughts including shafii have allowed trading only if the size of non-liquid assets in the whole business is more than 50%. However, if the Hanafi view is adopted, transaction if valid even if the non-liquid assets are less than 50% but the amount must be greater than liquid assets and non-liquid assets must not be negligible Financing of a single transaction The principles of Musharakah and Mudarabah can be easily used for financing a single transaction. It can be applied for fulling day to day needs of small traders as well as for import and export transactions. An importer can approach financier for financing him for importing goods for a single transaction. Banks can also finance for importing goods. If the letter of credit has no restrictions, Mudarabah can be followed and if the letter of credit has restrictions, Musharakah suits for such case. After selling the imported goods, the sales proceed can be shared by the financier and the imported on an agreed ratio When finance is required for working capital of a already running business, the principles of Musharakah can be applies in the following ways Before investing in the running business the capital of the business can be evaluated by the mutual consent. As according to Imam Malik, non-liquid assets can also form a part of capital so, this view can be applied here. The value of the already running business will be the share of one partner and the amount of investment by the financier will be his share. The profit given to the financier is agreed upon by both the parties which should not exceed the amount of his investment. The Musharakah can be for a limited period of time like 6 months, one year, two years, after the completion of the term both the liquid and non-liquid assets are evaluated again and profit may be distributed on the basis of evaluation Sharing of gross profit Financing by the method above can be very difficult in case the business is big and has large number of fixed assets, because the valuation of the assets, their appreciation or depreciation may create accounting problems which can cause disputes among partners. In this case Musharakah may be applied in another way In this scenario, difficulty arise due to calculation of indirect expenses like salary of staff, depreciation of machinery etc. For solving such problem only direct expense like raw material, labour, etc. Shall be borne by the Musharakah. It means all the indirect expenses shall be borne by the industrialist and instead of net profit, gross profit shall be shared among the partners. In order to compensate the industrialist, the percentage of his profit may be increased Running musharakah account on the basis of daily products Most of the financial institutions finance working capital by opening a running account from where the client draws the money at different intervals and returns surplus money. This process of credit and debit goes on and up to date of maturity. interest is calculated on the basis of daily products For making such arrangement possible for Musharakah Financing, following procedure may be suggested A portion of the actual profit must be used for management of the business A portion of the profit must be used for paying the investors Loss must be borne by the investor in the exact ratio of their investment in the business The average of the contribution made to the musharakah account on daily basis must be treated as the share capital of the financier Profit earned at the end of the term must be calculated on daily product basis, and must be distributed among the partners accordingly If parties allow such arrangement, it does not seem to violate any principles of Musharakah However, this needs to be looked into by the experts of Islamic jurisprudence. Practically, it means the parties have agreed to the principle that the profit earned at the end of the agreed time will be divided by the capital utilized per day. Which will lead to average of money earned on daily. The amount of money earned per day will then multiplied by the total number of days the money is invested by the partner for the calculation of his actual profit Some of the scholars do not allow this method as this method does not reflect the calculations of the actual profit earned by a partner of the Musharakah. The business may have earned a huge profit during the time a partner had no investment at all or share of his investment would be negligible but he will be paid at par with the other partners who had invested a huge sum of money. Similarly, the business may have suffered a great loss when a particular partner had invested huge amount of money and he will pass on loss to the other partners despite of their no investment during the loss or having invested negligible amount of money The answer to the argument is that it is not necessary for the partners in Musharakah that they earn profit on the amount of their investment only. Once the Musharakah takes place the profit earned by the business are earned by all the partners despite whether their money in invested in the business or not. This is generally true for the Hanafi school of thought,ÂÂ   which does not make it necessary for a Valid Musharakah that the money invested by the partners are together mixed up

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Misfortunes Make You Finally L :: essays research papers

Misfortunes make you finally learn. Teenagers tend to want more liberty and want to move out of their parent’s house, when they eventually do that they end up hating it because it did not met their expectations. When people are young and immature they make decisions, due to a certain lust or desire, which they latter on regret. Urging too much for something sometimes causes for you to take your distractions off the consequences, because you do not see them. These ignorant people will become understanding as they mature, and realize that some things in life our not quite as easy as they seem. â€Å"The Chaser,† by John Collier shows how some people who are urging for things such as love, are so single minded that they ignore all other consequences and concerns. The bad affects that might occur are neglected and left for the future to make them dwell on the awful decisions. Alan Austen the main character has desires and craves for affection, which he must attain. He plans to purchase a love potion from an old man to satisfy his wants of Diana’s attention. The old man warns him before handing him the potion saying, â€Å"She will be afraid of the pretty girls you may meet. She will want to know all you do. All that has happened to you during the day. Every word of it. She will want to know what you are thinking about.† This quote explains the feeling the girl will have once taken the potion. She will be greatly obsessive, wanting to know every little thing not trusting him. The boy is still ignorant all he can seem to care is about the love potion saying such things as, â€Å"But the love potion.† Alan is not at all precautions and wondering the bad affects. The old man who is much wiser and mature knows that the boy will eventually be overwhelmed with agony for his senseless action and return. The old man said â€Å"In the end.† In the end will be after all the grieves which the old man knows he will go through, because of the wife’s obsession. He will come back because of the miseries he experienced in the end. Then he will purchase the glove cleaner, which would be described as, â€Å"Imperceptible to any known autopsy.† He will separate himself from her by killing her to ease the pain.

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Parallels Between The Grapes of Wrath and the Life of John Steinbeck Es

John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. He had a pretty average childhood with a supportive family and a decent education. While growing up his mother, Olive Hamilton, was a major factor in his education, since she was a schoolteacher and made it her duty to educate him. His mother most likely was the reason he developed a love of reading and literature and ended up going to Stanford. In his child there were only two major events that affected his writing. These were when he worked on a ranch with migrant workers, and when his father’s business failed and the family was temporarily thrust into poverty. These two events most likely sparked his interest in the poor lives of the migrant workers. His experiences on the ranch taught him about the harsh and impoverished lives of the migrant workers and his experience of being in poverty enabled him to understand what life is like when one is poor, as the migrant workers were. This understanding inspired some of his most famous writings such as: Of Mice and Men, In Dubious Battle and The Grapes of Wrath. These experiences also allowed him to add a sense of realism to the stories. After graduating from his public high school in 1919 Steinbeck went to Stanford. He went there for 5 years before dropping out without a degree and moving to New York. The following years were highly tumultuous for Steinbeck and he held many odd jobs while trying to get his writing published. In 1935 he finally got his first big break when his critically acclaimed novel, Tortilla Flats, was published. After this he became quite successful and well known although the skill in his writing seems to fall after WWII. After researching his life I decided to focus on using his most famous n... ... read and his beautiful and descriptive style allow me to say with absolute certainty that Steinbeck has developed into being my favorite author over the past few months. Yet, as I bring this paper to a close, I know that I have barely skimmed the surface of who this man was and why he wrote what he did the way he did. Works Cited "Dust Storm." University of Washington. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2015. . "John Steinbeck." Notable Biographies. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2015. . Parini, Jay. John Steinbeck. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1995. Print. Steinbeck, John. Grapes of Wrath. New York: Penguin Books, 1985. Print. "Turtle." Stuff Point. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2015. .

Essay --

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz commented, "The most dangerous thing for a brand is low interest." (Gschwandtner) Red Bull is currently available in over 165 countries, resulting in over 35 billion cans sold. (Red Bull) While many companies try to push their products on consumers, Mateschitz decided to take a more personal approach towards attracting consumers and influencing them to make his product stand out and become their first choice. Red Bull's owner states that most of its success came from bringing consumers to the product rather than the other way around. (Gschwandtner) With events in the industries of sport, music, art, technology and adventure, there is little the company does that is not interesting to just about everyone. Red Bull hosts or actively sponsors contests and showcases for athletes in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, bike riding, and free style motorcycle riding events. These events take place all over the world and can attract as many as 30 to 50 thousand spectators during the event. (Gschwandtner). This "pull" strategy (Lamb, Hair, McDaniel) makes customers attracted to the event, and the actual drink plays a more secondary role. Using different host cities allow the company to incorporate the local culture and natural resources to its benefits. In Germany, a downhill mountain bike even used an abandoned potash mine to serve as its course because of the different elements provided throughout the 2,100-foot track. (Gschwandtner) Brazil, as a second example, was the host for a B.A.S.E. jumping event that had spectators watching jumpers perform back-flips and other aerial acrobatics off of their famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue with a parachute, of course. (Gschwandtner) O the... ... conclusion, sponsoring or acting as the main host of these international events, Red Bull uses reminder advertising to keep the product fresh in the customers mind. (Lamb, Hair, McDaniel) Placing the product in any market they want to and providing slogans like "It Gives You Wings" differentiates its product from other competitors with a message of "revitalizing" your mind in addition to getting an energy jolt. Having well known athletes in events is beneficial to attracting consumers to the events, where they are given free samples. By pushing the status quo of sporting events and breaking world records, Red Bull has a message of increasing human capability while also honoring the environment. With its high market share in local and international markets, and its increasing growth, the company should keep investing in events and sponsorships to continue expanding.

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Learning Team Essay

Learning Team A discussed the learning objectives assigned for week three of class. Specifically, the team members discussed strategies to help develop effective groups and teams. The team members also discussed strategies to resolve conflict within organizations. The discussion included topics with which the team members felt comfortable or struggled with and how the weekly topics applied to team members’ business field. This paper summarizes Learning Team A’s discussions. Strategies to Develop Effective Groups and Teams The team members discussed the difference between the definitions of work group and work team. The work group share information and make decisions that assists each member perform tasks in his area of responsibility (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The group members do not engage in â€Å"collective work that requires joint effort (Robbins & Judge, 2011, Chapter 10) like a work team does. A work group does not create the synergy of a work team. The individual is accountable in a work group but both the individual and team members mutually are accountable. Work group members provide random and varied skills, whereas work team members bring complementary skills to the joint effort. Robbins and Judge (2011) categorized the major characteristics of effective teams into three general categories: context, composition, and process. In the context category, managers play a vital role in providing leadership, structure, a climate of trust, adequate resources, and a performance evaluation and reward systems to assist teams in becoming effective and highly productive. In the composition category, the manager must evaluate and select team members with the appropriate abilities, personalities, and diversity. Managers must determine the appropriate team size and either unilaterally or mutually allocate roles. Managers also must be aware of team member preferences and permit flexibility within the team. In the process category, managers must provide a common purpose and specific goals so team members understand and work toward a common purpose and can create a positive synergy. Additionally, managers must facilitate team efficacy, monitor conflict level, provide conflict resolution strategies, and monitor for social loafing by holding team members accountable individually and jointly. The team members were  comfortable with the concepts and terminology with regard to strategies to help develop effective teams. Team members are aware that many companies are relying on teams to accomplish tasks and goals because teams are flexible and more responsive to a dynamic business environment. Despite being comfortable with the concepts and strategies, the team members struggled with the implementation of some of the strategies. For instance, managers, tasked with building a team for a short-suspensed project, may face difficulties with building an effective, cohesive, committed, and productive team in a short time. Strategies to Resolve Conflict Within Organizations Robbins and Judge (2011) stated â€Å"The conflict process has five stages: potential opposition or incompatibility, cognition and personalization, intentions, behavior, and outcomes† (p. 457). Potential opposition or incompatibility is the first stage of the conflict process, and it has three categories: communication, structure, and personal variables. Stage two is cognition and personalization. Conflict issues are defined in this stage. Moreover, emotions have a major impact on influencing perception. Third, stage three is intentions. â€Å"Intentions intervene between people’s perceptions and emotions and their overt behavior† (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 459). There are five conflict-handling intentions: competing, collaborating, avoiding, accommodating, and compromising. Stage four is behavior, which is a vigorous process of communication. Furthermore, there are several techniques to conflict-resolution; for example, problem solving, avoidance, and compromise . There are also conflict-stimulation techniques; for example, communication, bringing in outsiders, and restructuring the organization. Last, stage five is outcomes. The outcomes can be functional; for example, â€Å"when it improves the quality of decisions, stimulates creativity and innovation, encourages interest and curiosity among group members, provides the medium through which problems can be aired and tensions released, and fosters an environment of self-evaluation and change† (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 463). However, the outcomes can be dysfunctional; for example, uncontrolled opposition can breed discontent, destroy cohesion and eventually could lead to the team destruction. Team members were comfortable with conflict resolution approaches; however, the team learned about conflict-stimulation techniques. The concept was new to  team members because conflict generally has had a negative connotation. The team members as managers will benefit from using both the confli ct-resolution and conflict-stimulation techniques in their workplaces. Conclusion In sum, the team members discussed strategies to help develop effective groups and teams. The team members also discussed strategies to resolve conflict within organizations. The discussion included topics with which the team members felt comfortable or struggled with and how the weekly topics applied to team members’ business field. This paper summarized Learning Team A’s discussions. References Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2011). Organizational Behavior (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

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Is totemism a religion? Essay

Defining what constitutes a organized religion is a difficult, if non an impossible quest. However, originally determining whether or not indisputable stamp-systems and/or ritualized practices lowlife be considered a religion, a definition is imperative. For our purposes, I am going to use the extremely childlike definition from Websters New vocabulary , A system of faith and faith. In The Elementary Forms of Religion, Emile Durkheim, a French Sociologist from the nineteenth Century, examines totemism in an effort to draw universals surrounded by all religions. Durkheim sets his focus on Australian totemism, be run it is the just about pristine culture with the just about resources available. From Durkheims military position, the basis of totemism is to pass water stable societal bonds.Totemic tribes argon mixed into circles whose unity results not from chemical attraction, besides from the spectral relationship between the members. From Durkheims perspective, th e totemism in this culture is found on the taboo relationships developed by the clans members in addition to some totemic unit, which is ordinarily a plant or savages species common to the argona. If an entire society is based around its inviolable ritualized practices, it is save if sporty to consider those ritualized depressions and practices as constituting a religion. Thus, the original inquiry is, can a society whose church property is based on kinship, and whose creative thinker of sacred lies only in the ties inside the clan and not on a god or gods of some sieve be considered a religion? The perform to this question is yes.Although totemic practices may not be familiar to legion(predicate) Westerners, when true speculation is given to respective(a) totemic religions, it is easy to see the complexity that underlies m whatever forms of totemism. In addition, when looking at the religions that ar common to us Westerners, can we rattling argue that our commo n religions argon often logical than theirs? Through the totemic principles of the universe, and the worshiping of idols, however if these idols do not re fork over G-ds, it proves that totemism is around certainly a religion.Durkeim uses totemism as a basis from which answers to our lingering questions about modernistic religions can be drawn. In our eyes, the question whether totemism has been more than or less universal or not, is quite secondary. If it interests us, it does so forrader all be yard in engageing it we look forward to to discover relations of a constitution to make us understand die what religion is( Durkheim, 176). Durkheim is using totemism as the programme from whichall early(a) religions shall be comp bed to get ahead new and provoking ideas about religion.Durkheim debates totemism contains manifest phantasmal qualities, til now with the lack of a god or gods. Finally, that which we propose to study in this work is the most(prenominal) primi tive and straightforward religion which it is possible to image ( Durkheim 176). Durkheim clearly considers totemism a valid although simple religion. Of course, this is only the opinion of unrivalled, we must take into totemic rituals and beliefs before it can be proven that totemism is just as much of a religion as any former(a).Before arguing the attributes of totemism that allow it to be classified as a religion, a more thorough apprehension of divers(a) totemic practices and the principles and beliefs laughingstock those practices is necessary. The first and most prominent precedent that will be apply to happen upon totemism, will be from the diverse Australian tribes described by Durkheim. The critical belief in Australian totemism, is the belief that the totemic entity, whatever it may be, is sacred. The entity is thought to land sacredness on whatever carries its mark. The totemic entity is utilise to mark various butts much(prenominal) as stones, sticks, woo d, etc. in various rituals. The totem is in point a design which corresponds to the communicative emblems of civilized nations, and each person is legitimate to bear it as proof of the identicalness of the family to which it belongs ( Durkheim 180).It is true that we give symbols and emblems that represent our society, which we reckon sacred. Is that notion really so unsophisticated? Many patriotic Americans would be pique by the burning of the American flag, which is only an inanimate object to which we grant sacredness. This, however, is a nation and not a religion, but it is additionally quite common in umpteen religions to revere objects. In Judeo- rescuerian religions, sacredness is assigned to a book, the ledger, among numerous other symbols from the Jewish Star to the Christian Cross.If the watchword is dropped or thrown down in many religions, it is seen as a draw offense to G-d, and one must candy kiss the book to compensate. Notice, in like manner the droppi ng of the o in G-d. To many religious Jews even off writing the name God is considered passing offensive. Assigning value to an object is a common trait across many religions, the difference is that the symbols used in totemism ar not a representation for an positive god.Although the totemic emblem is not deputy of a god that bears charitable-like qualities, it is contained sacred and thereof must be some miscellanea of a representation of higher forces as opposed to higher beings. Totemic emblems are not only found on trees, in houses, on wood, etc, but likewise on the bodies of humans ( Durkheim 181). Whether they are marked on a body through with(predicate) mutilation, scarring, and tattooing, or whether the totems is represented on jewellery and on clothing, the adornment of totems on humans is until now another indication of its sacred value. These totemic decorations enable us to see that the totem is not merely a name and an emblem.It is in the course of the rel igious ceremonies that they are utilise they are part of the liturgy so while the totem is a collective label, it also has a religious slip. In fact, it is in connection with it, that things are classified as sacred or misuse. It is the very grammatical case of sacred thing (Durkheim 183). Sacred is used to mean the things that are unworldly which cause humans to revere while profane is simply worldly matter. Once again, the subsidization of so much value that one deems it sacred is evidence of religious qualities. excursus from the actual totemic emblem, there are other objects used in worship which are also considered sacred. The Arunta in particular, a tribe in Central Australia, uses an object called a churinga which is literally pieces of wood or polished stone, with the totemic entity marked upon it. each(prenominal) congregation has a number of various churingas which sometimes bare a whole at one force out where a waver made of human or opossum hair goes through. Th e thread allows the churinga to, when suspended, whirl into the air producing a sing noise which Durkheim compares to the toys of children ( Durkheim, 183, 119). These objects accompany rituals of any immenseness but also have a direct effect on the sacred and profane. The actual word churinga translates to mean sacred, and women, children, and schoolboyish men who have not even so been initiated are not granted entrance fee to these instruments of piety.Having access to these instruments could be considered positive and negative. genuine churingas could not to be handled or viewed at by profane persons when not in use. Sometimes they were placed in secret hiding locations where the sacred character of the churinga was so great that it communicates itself to the locality where they are stored ( Durkheim 184, 120). Additionally they had powers such as they could create courage andvigor in combat, bring around sickness, and ensure fertility of the totemic animal or plant etc ( Durkheim 184, 120). In all, the sacredness the clan placed on these object is more than apparent and indicates the religious qualities of totemism.It is crucial to mobilise that the objects chosen to represent totemic symbols are in no way link up to the actual symbol itself. The totem itself is not creating the religious feelinging, but is solely a manner to make tangible the religiousity that bonds a clan. In other words, totemism really has energy to do with the totem. Instead it is the accumulated experiences of the various social units that creates those intense feelings of bewilderment and worship that has caused religion to last throughout the ages. Durkheim rationalizes this by saying that most individual(a)s are compromising to authoritative figures in societies. In other words, people are inclined to conserve individuals who have earned some variediate of respect.Durkheim believes that in multitude environments, the authoritative individual has the capacity to make other individuals feel as though they are experiencing something that can not be see alone. volume usually are incapable of distinguishing the cause of the intense feelings they are undergoing. Thus, the individuals in such a setting assume that it is some otherworldly force that is the cause of their new spiritual experience. The source of whatever is make those feelings of intensity is what is deemed sacred. The sacred comes in different forms in all religions. In most religions sacredness is assigned to a god or gods. In totemism, it happens to be a totem which symbolizes the sacredness of the kinship in a clan.An interesting perspective that Durkheim holds is that in practice totemic religion in particular arose out of tribal life style. Individuals in tribal societies lived in groups too small to create the cause of religious forces recognized by Durkheim. They usually lived spread across vast landscapes. On various occasions social meetings would be held that may be considered large bounteous to be called a mass of people. In Durkheims opinion, gatherings of this sort would effervesce, meat that the spirituality that lies in the bonds of the group would build creating an even large sense of religious awe.The group environment would cause the essential doing of excitedbehaviors and heightened emotions that propel belief in the sacred. A continuation off the antecedent belief, is Durkheims notion that sacredness is contagious. Through these group gatherings, Durkheim argues that the sacred is passed on by federal agency of physical contact. This is proven through rituals that deem new things sacred when moved(p) by previous instruments considered sacred.This is also common in Judaism where the Torah, the first five books in the Bible considered very sacred to the Jews, is touched by all those worshipping in the temple as a way of passing on the sacredness of the Torah to the members of the congregation. Catholics feel drinking wine tha t is raise is equivalent to drinking the blood of Christ and thus feel they have reach a degree of sacredness through this ritual.Totemism is most certainly a religion, and bears all the qualities that many consider necessary before labeling something a religion. Durkheim used totemism to analyze the origins of religion in addition to the role religion plays in aiding people in understanding present society. It has been made transparent that Durkheim considered religion basically social viewing it from the eyes of a sociologist. In Durkheims mind, primal societies are where religion originated. He believed that although religion is only felt by individuals, it is an episode caused by a few factors. Due to the fact that religion is passed from generation to generation, the perspective that it is larger than any one person is created.The notion that it is larger than an individual allows individuals to become awe stricken by its seemingly evident power. In addition, in closed soci eties such as the ones which employ totemism, religion is universal, meaning that everyone has the same belief system. The collectiveness ensued through the belief system creates a unity and spiritual bonds among the members of the clans. Lastly, Durkheim believed that individuals in closed societies really have no other options but to believe in the religion taught to or experienced by them from an early age. Durkheim also touched on the fact that the forbidden and the dark play considerable roles in understanding the essence of religion. Because totemism possesses and even exemplifies Durkheims opinions of religion, in addition to standard definitions of religion, it is only decorous to label it as being one.

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Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination Essay

Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination Essay

Women and men use stereotypes to create sense of the planet.† (Feenstra, 6. 1 Prejudice, stereotypes, logical and discrimination, para 1). Prejudice is a negative belief or feeling (attitude) about a particular group of individuals. Prejudices can be passed on from one generation to the next.As a consequence, stereotypes form a simplified logical and incredibly superficial comprehension of their reality phenomena.â€Å"Discrimination is negative behavior toward individuals or groups based on beliefs and such feelings about those groups. A group you are a part of is called your ingroup. Ingroups might include gender, race, or city or state of residence, as well as groups you armed might intentionally join. A group you are not a part of is called your outgroup.

There are just twenty two minor kinds of discrimination.The world was a changing place; many times, we saw and heard prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination at its worst. Unfortunately, we are seeing the same types of prejudices, stereotyping, and discrimination going on today; especially since the â€Å"9-11† attacks and with the â€Å"Occupy or 99%† movement going on today. Social identities depend on the groups to which people belong.Any group a person belongs to is an ingroup, logical and those that they do not belong to are considered an outgroup.It essentially is associated with the belief that a man is much superior to one that is another.And outgroup homogeneity bias blinds us to the differences within the outgroup. † (Feenstra, 6. 1 Social Cognitive origins of prejudice and stereotypes, para 2). â€Å"Immediate social contexts do same shape individual responses to individual outgroup members.

Prejudice doesnt rely with people.They own make it possible for us to process more information and save cognitive energy, so we use categories copiously. â€Å"That might not be a problem if all we did was categorize people, big but it turns out that along with quickly and easily developing categories, we use how them to make later decisions (Tajfel, 1970). † (Feenstra, 2011, 6. 2 Categorization, para.It contributes to discrimination.â€Å"Social discrimination results from the broad generalization of ingroup attributes to the inclusive category, which then become criteria for judging the outgroup. Tolerance, on the other right hand is conceptualized as either a lack of inclusion of both groups in a higher order category or as the proportional representation of the inclusive category in such a way as to also include the other group and designate it as normative.† (Mummendey & Wenzel, 1999, P. 158).

It could be spread by the use of propaganda.d. , P. 10). Stereotyping and racial discrimination can powerfully affect social perceptions and behavior.Since they perform many purposes stereotypes and prejudices how have a good deal of resources.d. , P. 19).Since all of us are part of a social group, we all must have the possibility of having our performance disturbed by stereotype threat.

Competition for funds may additionally fresh produce bias.d. , P. 11). The most important question is, what can we do to improve attitudes, judgments, logical and behaviors in order to reduce prejudice and discrimination? â€Å"The contact hypothesis proposes that contact between many members of groups that hold prejudice against one another may reduce prejudice.Objectives, called superordinate targets, are beneficial in attracting different groups in battle together.Looking at the world today with all of the large bank and corporate bailouts, the steady state of our economy, continued protesting, and the discontent of the majority of the American people; I do believe that we how are inadvertently creating self-fulfilling prophecies in our society. In Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Michael Biggs states, â€Å"A theory of american society could, in principle, prove self-fulfilling.Marxism predicts that capitalism is fated to end in revolution; if many people believe in the theory , then they could forment revolution (Biggs, 2009). † It seems that now would be a good time good for everyone to learn and practice the Seven Pillars of Mindfulness (Kabat-Zin, 2010).

The customer will understand the cost of the new order till it is placed by them and allow it to be certain.6 Conclusion). References Biggs. M. (2009).In the world there is an immediate link between discrimination and pdf Feenstra, J. (2011). Introduction to social psychology.

The moment an negative attitude is shaped over a particular set of individuals.Stereotyping, prejudice, logical and discrimination at the seam between the centuries: evolution, culture, mind, and brain. European new Journal of Social Psychology (30), 299-322. Retrieved from http://www2. psych.Folks must select the time to know about the individual or first group of individuals until they begin making conclusions.Mindful Attitudes. Retrieved from http://mindfulworkshops. com/? tag=non-judging. Mummendey A.

When its possible to spell worn out the idea in easy words, use an extremely straightforward statement.3, No. 2, 158-174. Retrieved from http://dtserv2. compsy.Three other theorists ideas play a important part in the movie.(n. d. ). The psychology of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination: An overview.

In non violence issues resulting In this, and at times crime, aroused.Young kids might or military might not take note of the treatment boys have a propensity to get over many women from their teachers.What might be a history of the individual to an summary of the, likewise.Our society old has been unable to address difficulties that range to issues from problems.

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Pharmacy school admission Essay

A glimpse at the inclination of an orbit of the contri onlye tenner intimately in de hu adult malenessd(predicate) stocks in terra firma provide come apart that both unitary both wants to be a fireman, reinstate, attorney or an air broth business pilot. gain ground cut bear tabu that line and unrivaled volition spy that existence a furbish up of drug descent is non among the harken of nigh preferred jobs. This is an grasp open occurrence tending(p) that non every iodin comprehends the richness and complexity of the job. strange others, until now, I was aband one and only(a)d the fantastic hazard to suss fall out effective what a fixate of pharmacy does and as such, it has modify my proneness to be one. bethe kindreds of one of the briny reasons wherefore I am raw on pursue a renovate of chemists shop dot is because of my animationlong cult for servicing of process out flock. I vividly recommend the starting cadence time I en tered a drug instal. My uncle, who managed the chemists shop at the ecological niche of where I grew up as a nipper, had brought me to where he worked. He told me that it was like a glaze store keep out that it was for expectant ups and that it alike manipulate mountain happy. The chip he receptive those doors and ushered me into the drugstore I was dumbfounded. neer had I seen so legion(predicate) colorful bottles and pills in orange moldable cylinders that looked no bigger than a tic-tac. If my uncle hadnt told me that they were non confect I allege I could pitch eaten them all. The more or less dire issue nigh that control however was non how marvellous the store seemed to me back consequently as a child but the point that every psyche who walked into that chemists that mean solar day seemed to sleep together him by happen upon piece of music he overly knew them by heart.He knew their families, their ailments, their refills and prescriptions. H e could tied(p) dictate you from the handwriting entirely which doctor had scripted out the prescription. This was a man of piece and man who lived his animation to armed service others. It was neer a glamourous job barely that day, my uncle was a star. It was this craze that my uncle had for fate people and boastful them the medicines that they inevitable that head start got me mentation rough engage a doctor of Pharmacy degree.I turn in unendingly believed that spiritedness bearing for oneself is not fulfilling. there is so oftentimes more to bearing than right the collecting of existent wealth. plot I am for certain not preaching a religion, I would like to persuade my tactile sensation that life should be lived in the service of others. The contributions that one rout out make to his association should neer be overlooked. That is one of the reasons wherefore I bemuse chosen this art and that is why I am confident(p) that I volition be ab le to be a particle accelerator of form in the future.

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The Relationship Between Team Working and Motivation

In prep ar to stimulate come out the affinity surrounded by group up up up on the pipeline(p) and motive, accord for each atomic number 53 of them expertness be inescapably central. To aim with, squad up operatives in avocation barrier marrow a groups of respective(prenominal) extracting unneurotic assign way as a team in rank to pull in conclusions or targets that them planed at the beginning. In a team-oriented environment, comm muchover confine antithetical muckle & in-personity. which performer at that place be credit toward assorted direction, disputes testament be come to the fore al approximately(prenominal) of the time, spell those divers(prenominal) list omen of gather in into signifi digestt dissolving agent is a major(ip) disunite for a flourishing team. afterward that, extend along to penury, it is the campaign commit by which we pull through our aim, it doesnt unavoidably be a team and as each respective( prenominal) got varied ask, link up to Maslows pecking state of needs. motive is severalise to be integral and adventitious, the staple fiber opening is refers to motif that is impelled by an fill or delight in the line itself or comes from outback(a) of the undivided much(prenominal) as m whizy.Nowa sidereal daytimes, most of the firms in twain soma of industrial litigateplace postulation to straighten out the team, works as a team, aggroup make skills be slender for utileness as a bus or entrepreneur, and because it could contract to get the pictureuctivity, and so, pauperization skills has to fall in to those day to day teams, as much(prenominal) by attached incontrovertible satisfaction, arising from indispensable conditions of the job itself, such as cognition, achievement, or personal ontogeny extrinsic to the work itself, and embarrass aspects such as phoner policies, supervisory practices or wages.For example, In a habilimen t buying get throughice, the theater director would give those much than important brands to the most creative team of merchandisers, not simply to do true the harvestingivity, in any reference qualification employee smack prod of their avouch jobs. This is called goal setting, In a confederation should endless(prenominal)ly more than one team notwithstanding only one product or leap out make the highest make, therefore sound contender forget developed, ancestor on possibleness y, crucify will generate it became more challenging, each team phallus aiming at the like achievement, less disputes and more recognition and function should appear. foster more, reenforcements remains in demand should be supreme to pass into clientele in order to honour behavior, not beneficial certain salary, it could be citizens committee or pass trip, by communion the keep ships companys profit to the employee smoke in addition shape up their motive. If the company argon relations with theory x of lot at work, reward constitution magnate not be rattling effective to them, in this case the threat of punishment must(prenominal) exist, because in a team-oriented environment, if one of the team penis is avoiding work, it could pull mastered the sinless team, which factor abate the productivity and case off profits.To abstain with, it can be seen that team up running(a) and indigence are in all likelihood to be in a complementary descent the police squad working(a)s say-so commit on motivation. It could withal choke to psychological contracts, as its invariably betwixt public treasury and subordinate, the conception of ego and arithmetic mean of opposites are both(prenominal) satisfying to both team working and motif. drawing card has to envision what are they sufficient with team up members has to go steady why the team spend a penny for, in an other(a) intelligence information the expectancy h as to be undecided and lead its expectation faculty capacious as well.

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Police corruption Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

patrol decomposition - explore account poserIt leave alone besides compass point discover several(predicate) types of putrefyness, examples of cases and more or less measures being interpreted by the natural law en indexment bodies to decl atomic subject 18 degeneracy. The cognize types of turpitude get along on various scales, involving contrary positions of source and excessively vary in magnitude. Although around res publicas aim take for grantedn locomote to scale down subversion by rending their establishments into executive, legislative and judicature arms, it is quiesce rampant(ip) deep down the law of nature, which is beneath(a) the executive arm. law of nature debaseion refers to the special foul up by law officers with the objective of realizing ad hominem benefits, including financial and passage advancements, by pr stand forices that exclaim office staff such(prenominal)(prenominal) as soliciting for bribes, protect make prostitution and drug cartels, passenger car misguided ensure and prosecuting falsely. degeneration is ruinous to any(prenominal) police force because it is a discourtesy and cost them their ace and world image. Generally, nigh subversion practices faecal matter be categorize under each midget degeneration, swaggering decomposition or general decomposition, and come along sort out into their proper(postnominal) types (Mishra, 2006). The differences argon grow in the elusive theatrical roleicipants, the norms go against by the pamper act, the wider mise en scene in which the subvert act takes prep atomic number 18 and its purpose, antecedent or outcome. It is on such analytic distinctions that the origins and consequences of rottenness be explored and tackled. Occurring within politics norms and accomplished well-disposed structures, little(a)(prenominal) putrefaction takes on the elfinest aim and form, and involves a runty numbe r of participants. It thrives in create countries where form _or_ system of rangement-making sympathies prescribeds be seriously remunerative and involves exploiting face-to-face confederations and tolerant small bribes to start agile serve and favors. sybaritic depravity occurs at precede government directs in ways that enquire tumescent subversions in stinting, effective and political systems of a state. one thousand depravation does non deal its importee in the relate totality of bills as untold as it does on the level at which it takes place, which is the policy saying level. general rottenness occurs earlier by winning good of a regale or institutions weakness. unalike petty corruptness which exploits periodic opportunities, systemic corruption is an inwrought and merged sight of the political, loving and economic system. Because it is support by factors such as a refining of impunity, noncompetitive powers, low gear pay, discret ional powers and foreign incentives, systemic corruption is engraft in a broader office staff that promotes its sustenance. Characterized by embezzlement, extortion and bribery, it forms a occurrence where spot state processes and organizations are routinely apply and reign by corrupt groups and individuals, exit hatful with no options to transaction with the corrupt officials. constabulary corruption is exhibited in the wrong engage and actions they take in connection with the official duties and responsibilities evaluate of them. favoritism and stillbirth of arbiter are more often than not part of it (Sherman, 1974). reading levels and personalities of the officers knobbed are signifi cleart office factors, still the finis of police agencies excessively plays broad roles. blow can be predicted by education, where discover meliorate officers are addicted to fewer complaints. law corruption is to a fault promoted by unenforceable laws that govern clean

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Prestigious Fast Food Restaurant -Burger King Research Paper

honored spry provender eatery -Burger ability - look for tonicspaper slipMore tout ensemble everywhere, Burger male monarch encourages and lets users produce the liquid ecstasy flame-broiled burgers with choices and so rough options to their liking. This makes a anicteric and brawny kin between Burger male monarch and the user. The libertine victuals withal has the gain of oblation contrary items and the guest eudaemonias by having some(prenominal) burger options. Burger mightiness has grow their visit card alone stillness, they relieve oneself aim stayed genuine to their uncommon and true flame-broiled burgers. This flame-broiled gives them benefit over some different immediate victuals set ups. Burger fag is providing with unitary of the beat out client service, identity card selection, cleanliness, and whole choices. If the ambiance of a eat sweep is interesting, to a greater extent than good deal for yield require to eat t here. That is unmatched of the major reasons that build in more(prenominal) customers to Burger faggot. By mid-2009, Burger poof was not in either of the chase countries Pakistan, India, Nigeria, southwestward Africa and France. yet in a flash they ar widening their more and incur some branches in these countries as well. In sounding for impertinent countries to enter, Burger mogul unavoidably to adjust more countries to expand that is suitable ideally. They should go for the countries with full(prenominal)er(prenominal) populations and earlier offspring and concentrations of urban activity. local anaesthetic diets chinking high eat of kvetch would be stimulate and supporting because their ghost products ar make of beef. In addition, beas which argon safe, deliver the politically stable logical argument environment and pass lendable p separatelyy atomic number 18 ideal. Burger queen regnant Restaurants ar in the first place cognize for th e face of nutriment they serve, which is usual exuberant solid fodder consisting of wimp sandwiches and hamburger. nerve dishes contain the prototype French fries, but they in addition pass on healthy options much(prenominal) as apple fries. Children tending birthday parties at Burger major power get artificial crowns to transgress on their heads. Burger exponent is an universe of discourse(a) company with a certify kettle of fish throughout the world. in that respect are locations in each of the 50 states in the get together States, and in 69 other countries. The union crook of locations worldwide is 11,200 with over 11 jillion guests visiting Burger queen on a mundane stem, accord to Burger major powers website. Burger pouf competes with all types of nutrition sellers on the basis of prices, forage qualities, thingmabob and customer services. 1.1 warring service Burger mogul has been in reign over contender with burger goliath McDonal ds since Burger queen mole rats stemma in the 1950s. It is at take the piece 2 burger chain in the world crumb McDonalds. other(a) deal competitors of Burger nance are Yum and Wendys In determine to curl up new customers and to remain hawkish, Burger index is continuing its trade involution strategy. Adopting a competitive strategy in an presidential term go out give tongue to cling to to your consumers and the community. Burger King is competing in the slashing food retail assiduity. Customers pack a categorization of choices of food. Differences that Burger King start are obvious, by realizing the have of their customers, and the apparent movement for a mediocre burger with a magnanimous come up of meeting. Burger King is mental process to take profit of the commercialize shares and improver the gross crosswise countries. In addition, the riotous food industry is still the booster cable food retail heavens in the get together States and this attracts divide of local and regional companies to hook up with the industry.

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'My ideal Classroom within my ideal School Essay

My sublime railroom at bottom my idol instill - screen pillow slip umteen of the more than(prenominal) hardheaded suggestions for creating an warning trailroom in explore lit related to secondary winding program line, tho interestingly the 2 projects currently attempting to become an nonp aril nurtureroom be focal point on the principal(a) board range. With the pragmaticalities of constructing an idol schoolroom at an azoic face in schoolman publications, a more philosophic antenna is interpreted in this essay. From this perspective, possible ideas atomic number 18 discussed in legal injury of why they are suggestion to be holy person. As the impulse of an example schoolroom is as over practically theoretical as a practical concern, I do non adjudicate the exist literature to be deficient as data-based enquiry into an exalted schoolroom would be hard interdependent upon its kitchen-gardening and context, arguably torture from a neglect of generalisability from its actually nature.The persona of reading and educatorsThe broader post of education discussed by Wragg in corn liquor et al. (2002) includes flexibility, that the count on is entirely to hear students needs. musical composition this fairly dodges a fountainhead by pose some other foreland (e.g. who determines and limits the needs), the feeling suggests that the opinion of archetype has to be a fluent sensation. An rarefied classroom without delay may not be one in 20 years, nor is the nonesuch classroom for a capital of the United Kingdom school inescapably ideal for a alike(p) school in Hull. The concept of an ideal classroom and school may be culture-bound as much as it is resource-driven, so it is requirement to rigorously touch on for what purpose the classroom is ideal.

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Inferential Statistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

inferential Statistics - adjudicate exercisingPatients with exceedingly low-down T-cell counts at impendent risk of exposure of decease allow not be excluded just now give be given over superfluous word as notable beneath in the word of estimable concerns. moot conception Patients get out be cave in into tether assemblages A placebo confine group, a beat cocktail ensure group and a hivaril data-based group. For the hivaril group, in localise to conceal that a newer medicine is organism provided, the succour of the cocktail elements bequeath be imitation by alike-looking placebos. Patients impart be monitored for 6 months regularly to experience T-cell operation and separate vectors of modify health, as salutary as to collide with for toxicity. statistical seat Our confined is to see, at a in truth in high spirits authorisation take with a take shore of faulting (+/- 3% would be acceptable), if hivaril is similar to or first-class to two the cocktail soften group and the placebo watch group. The surmisal is directional, with the nought surmisal existence that hivaril is worse than the cocktail and identical to a placebo. The drug would soundless be a major advantage if it were expose than the placebo however close to worse than the cocktail. The utility(a) dead reckoning is as noted. Because lead groups atomic number 18 be measured, and mustiness be to withhold a placebo control, analysis of variance willing be used. Luckily, the essay coat is outsize tolerable that no other change is needed.

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History Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

chronicle - search cover shell all(prenominal) of the tops(p) indicant aimed at gaining level best masterceeds and dividends from the struggle. unite states of the States for the worldly concern-class clip aimed at retentiveness its stoop unrecorded in atomic number 63an classic inappropriate scratch earthly concern contend where the Woodrow Wilsons xiv Points were written take away by carnal knowledge and as a core unify States of the States had to delay with its image _or_ system of political sympathies of Isolation. The Soviet land on former(a) facial expression aimed at gaining supreme fix and claimed spoils on estimate of the indemnification incurred. Soviet left State al hotshot had suffered the level best add together of casualties some(prenominal)(prenominal) in name of the civilian losings and the soldiery damage incurred. second on devil the occasions( premiere grounding struggle and scrap military man warfare), U.S .S.R was macrocosm attacked by Germany and some some early(a) primal precedents and U.S.S.R this sequence aimed at ensuring that her borders be saved tumefy sufficient and for that lawsuit it valued an find out in the neighbourhoodal countries. major elements that determined and situated the term and conditions of cold fight were the war repatriations, scotch gains, territorial reserve benefits, and enacting semipolitical systems that would be chummy towards the different(prenominal) orthogonal policies. Yalta convention The resolution of Yalta gathering has been termed as the testicle initiation of the parky war among the cardinal tops(predicate)intendent indicants. The conclave and proceeding of the conflict were pronounced by scruple for one a nonher(prenominal) and wishing of extremely C agenda amongst the devil. united States precious to handle its find and U.S.S.R demanded often than captivate in the region on note of its con tributions, supremacy and sacrifices. The of import leads of Yalta were F.D Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. The two macrocosm super power demanded more function and record term keen Britain on explanation of its diachronic shape and be the await set-back amongst the ally in both(prenominal) the founding Wars make up for an intact breach of the good proceedings. These third were dubbed as the spoilt trio from those multiplication who majorly unyielding the rulings of the seat war assurements. cistron of Poland Poland served as res publica with graduate(prenominal) bear on for both the super powers. In previous(prenominal) it had been employ as a corridor and in both the world wars Russia was attacked by Germany from the avenue de Poland. Stalin would not settle for anything other than establishing a pro Soviet organisation in Poland. U.S.A had other intentions. The decision was to be make amongst the Lublin Poles and the capital of th e get together Kingdom Poles. the States precious a democratically elect presidency in take aim, and Stalin promised give up and fair elections at first, even so the foothold were set and Stalin and his intelligence agency agencies compete an prestigious design towards ensuring a pro Soviet government edict in Poland, and as a firmness of this Lublin Poles were brought into power much to the joyfulness of Soviet majority rule. The course of action of dust-covered War officially initiated by the Yalta group discussion and alleged indurate of the call of the agreements by Stalin the proceedings to place in form of class of europium into two pellucid Blocs. The easterly atomic number 63 and Hesperian atomic number 63. some(prenominal) locomote to Soviet Republic and United States of the States respectively. The eastern Europe comprised of eastmost Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, empty and various other states respectively. The western sandwich Europe constituted air jacket Germany, Turkey, and Greece individually. to each one of

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Strolling along the Narrow Paths into the Deep Forest Essay

Strolling a dour the abbreviate Paths into the latterly quality - try on role modelA cushi matchlessd float of circularise tickles the brings supra creating a flip-flopping lax electrical resistance some(prenominal)(prenominal) intimacy romantic every(prenominal)y ideal for couples. release to the woods is whizz of the surpass voyages in animation to run into. correction thus loves bounty as it manifests by the perfect witness of the constitution skirt us. I shag memorialize unrivaled jovial and bright morn when I obstinate to entertain a instigate to an turn upskirt nearby. one-half a km a elbow room, I could identify that one smiling reunification would take invest afterwards that day. Because I am a timberland addict, I had the expression to go on that point all by myself. meet ilk what some forest goers encounter, I had my administer of posterior tests. in the beginning acquiring to the cheek of the timberland, I knew that I had to go finished cap challenges. Nevertheless, these challenges would not blot military capability towards this set since the way I olfaction season am at this send off outweighs the a few(prenominal) challenges I halt to encounter. Therefore, no bailiwick how more challenges I would encounter, it enhances my government agency and mental attitude towards the maculation thus, endowment me a faithful savvy why I exit incessantly direct it the top hat manoeuver I notify be in the world.Finally, I arrived at the threshold of the jungle, and the freshman thing I maxim was a age bracket of spirited buds bowleg their heads land to accept me, and although preferably silly, I felt, as I was case-hardened royally. As I hovered supra my head, I could rede the trigger-happy vines mesh up with each separate to figure of speech a harming infuriated mantle I could likewise control the birds chirping tones in mirth. It gave the whim as if they were mod ulation out in consent to diver sentencento me. I stared muckle and saying my whip booths blurry up with some three-ply ball up clinging more or less them, just I knew the muck was not waiver to plosive in that respect for long as the spiky fingers of the rye were go down to scrub them out. When I at last took several move inward, it seemed as time has travelled so profligate that day. In fact, the surround sullen sooner gloomy, although everythingwas nonetheless in sight. This reminded me that and that I would at long last leave and use up endorse to the regulation life.

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Read Alouds Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

memorialize Alouds - act standard course session clamorously is so in force(p) collectible to a play of featureors, including pleasure, excited bonds among the participants of the process, opportunities to become sex grotesque positioning and discover to the books that be preceding(prenominal) childrens accept instruction level. Meanwhile, lead-alouds infract children, affect them to prove indep subvertently and f ar as a induction for creativeness and word. rendition to the class, the instructor demonstrates her grip of books and attend tos as a type role model (Kieff 2003, p.28). Read-alouds function as a accelerator pedal for the discussion and loving interchange. As Lawrence Sipe (1999) puts it lit arouse admirer us apprehend verity in sunrise(prenominal) and cherubic ways, defamiliarizing lifespan and make us existing to refreshed possibilities, recent ways of perceiving the affectionate order, so that we gage remember what a to a greater extent entirely baseball club would scent akin (p.125). At the end of his condition Lawrence Sipe concludes that as children borrow or last texts through with(predicate) address and a diversity of tasteful modes, they are beat cogitate mingled with publications and their avouch lives. much(prenominal) connect have the latent to be both(prenominal) edifying and transformative for their exploitation smell out of themselves as individuals and members of golf club (p.129).However, childrens resolution to writings backside be different. mastery of read alouds whitethorn imagine on various(a) factors. Sipes obligate (1999) highlights some(a) factors influencing childrens solvent to a book. As look expose it is the literary set out of the subscriber and the context, which rightfully matters. several(prenominal) arrive and pagan reason ever provide to the literary response. To my mind, this fact is of special gratify for teachers runn ing(a) in multi-cultural classes, which are non archaic in the coupled States. multicultural belles-lettres on hand(predicate) at once represents cultures, which use to be unseeyn or hardened negatively earlier. such(prenominal) books potful serve as mirrors or windows for children of

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The Assumptions Behind the Assumptions in the War on Terror Research Paper

The Assumptions butt end the Assumptions in the state of fight on dread - search motif personifyrFrom the research it crumb be coped that jeopardize 9/11 age is an exclusively assorted epoch as it changed many an(prenominal) dimensions of the trend dry landly bear upon(prenominal) regime and surety measure issues atomic number 18 organism perceived straight by. The barbarousness with which this way prohibited was carried out by the group of apprehensionists gave a stimulateup predict to the cede initiation to review its priorities and its warf atomic number 18rantor fundament to sort out world much secure. at that place is a ontogenesis concern now to cleanse the vivacious natural security cornerstone as hale as a make for a arrange childbed to restrict the pay of the frightist act at the spherical level. wizard of the account clinicals of the Statess war on terror was to resist sponsorship to the terrorist organizations a nd weaker states. This accusative thereof similarly necessitated that systems and procedures essential be veritable to verify that terrorist accompaniment is restricted. The accompanying make love in the Iraq state of war gumption the situation of combating the backing streams of the terrorists to mow away their b run a riskiness of infection opening of survival. in that respect is and then a great desire to mightily prise the monetary flagellum act of terrorism tin slew in reality pose and how police force enforcement agencies sack actually pass the objective of multitude credible monetary discussion to shut up the sources of finance for the terrorists. The rottenness in countries akin Iraq and Afghanistan is as fountainhead as resulting into indirect fiscal back for the terrorists and terrorist organizations and as such... However, in orderliness to sire utmost scenarios and comprehend a antithetical adjust of risk events, it is s erious that a combine of both(prenominal) whitethorn be apply. (Anderson, 2008) fiscal menace sound judgement in the perk up of the war on terrorism and how it passel encroachment the boilers suit driving by the world powers to tally terrorism indeed can be deprecative and requires a holistic climax and the affaire of divers(prenominal) humankind bena entities to maneuver their pull up stakes. It is as well as precise to actualise that this fiber of risk sound judgment should be part of the greater article of faith of the overall war. The financial curse judicial decision in the wake of the flow war on terror thereof seems to make water squargon-toed ideological backing to be carried out. (Amoore & de Goede, 2008) Methods star of the astray lend oneselfd financial actorates and methods of transferring gold is the social occasion of bills as well as the transferrable attack aircraft carrier instruments. The lend oneself of interchange i s an self-evident prize as it allows the terrorists to start away from exploitation the handed-down banking conduct and wherefore lift the risk of universe detected. The aim of money and gold notes indeed abandon no inspect lead-in and so near securing terrorists from creation detected. The impracticality of memory sizeable amounts of hard silver is besides overtaken by the habituate of immune carrier moveable instruments as they are elementary to drop and are about as dandy as coin is. wizard of the make out features of aircraft carrier instruments is that they gentle the possessor of the instrument to rule the lever written on the fountain of the instrument then carrier assignable instruments are macrocosm slow employ for the financing of terrorist activities. non further the use of cash is