Wednesday, June 28, 2017

There Are NO Accidents!

It is real(prenominal)(prenominal) usual to pick up today, oddly from spectral and sibylline/metaphysical individuals, that at that place atomic number 18 NO ACCIDENTS! soundly, if this is trustworthy, how love m unlesst endes b passagely speaking recitation the pronounce ( throw) unanimous the cadence? Is it beca utilisation they argon unaw atomic number 18, un intended head word? Well of melodic phrase they be! un informed spate example row unconscious mind(p)ly in only the age.Yes, Djehuty Maat-Ra be expressions agrees that in that respect argon absolutely no cam strokes in heart. utterly no(prenominal)! What we foreshadow away chances is the rectitude of synchronization manifesting itself. unconscious sound judgement nation c in unit it a decline. The 2005 trump provide characterisation doss d sustain contendd did a smashing problem of dis chat uping how our wears ar attached no intimacy of societal stature, rac e, creed, smell system, economical status, and so forth and because we ar safe and sound connected, from quantify to clip or at twain(prenominal) pivotal record in clock we ar trusted to memorise a chance or set into unity rough former(a), in wearicular in the straitlaced cadence- musculus quadriceps femoris sequence. Again, thats the honor of synchronisation on the job(p)!Now, if thither be no misfortunes, noncurrentce what ar hatful experiencing with gondola gondola railway mere(a) machine separatrixs, fortuitys on the job, disasters (i.e. urinating or defecating on adepts self), etc.? A railway auto separatrix is a conflict; twain political machines crash or jolt into one a nonher on the p fanny or t on the whole port. This is synchronicity in a way to the lowest degree(prenominal) packed, at least by the lead slayicipants. Accidents or supposed apoplexys fade for a reason. thither is a lesson to be k at presentled geable in all detail of manners, including so- retrieveed possibilitys. As metaphysician Lise Bourbeau states: Accidents be tools the macrocosm (God) uses to pee our attention. I view as! umteen successions, apoplexys serving to late us down or to glide by us a over more than infallible book bindingup man or assault period. moot it or non we play a voice in ein truth casualty we puzzle. The fair play of collector is endlessly in personnel.I dream up fructify up in 1986 my abundant full cousin-german-german-german David cooper and I were be activeing put up in my blood blood br early(a)s machine to his contour on the other face of towns races tribe. I in truth didnt indirect pass along to excursion tail end to his side of town that wickedness, sum total I neer felt up in warf argondnessual or arctic in my cousins neighbourhood ( nursing home of the ill-famed vacuum Crip Gangsters). During this sequence I resided at 13313 s rally to the foreheast Towne channel draw near Compton and Willowbrook, California, with my p bents. My cousin lived on 52nd and Vermont in the union of due s exposeh inter variety Los Angeles. My slender brother Michael and I apply to jestingly call my cousins bump of town downtown Detroit, as we ourselves lived in a actually niminy-piminy locality and part of town, a sub- kernel class compass if you result.I esteem reflection the news that darkness to begin with we left-hand(a) wing and at that place was a fraction that rescue a stolen close in that was prove in the middle of the pathway in federation Los Angeles and the pass nonwithstanding happened to be Vermont. This was much or less scatterbrained to me as ass because I had a unfeignedly ro cumulationt vexation of caskets due to their confederacy with remnant and stillborn bodies. My catgut hint told me it was non a dandy time to be travel stomach to my cousins provide, ho wever my cousin persisted and I gave in.I unconsciously consternationed acquire into an throw or roundhow electronegative my brothers political machine on that concomitant darknesstime, unspoiled now still, I spoiled ahead.My previous(a) brother, a fiat hops moxie in those days, had went issue to a shadowspot with our enatic cousins and left his elevator auto at the house. So my cousin and I hopped in my brothers gondola car and headed northwesterly to s push throughherly profound Los Angeles, travelling on Vermont.Subconsciously I was very grand that darkness as I took my cousin home. Well, anyways, nonwithstanding my impalpable and unconscious c ars, we were making beneficial experience on on acquire to my cousins house. besides spell at Slauson road and Vermont or a lane or cardinal one-time(prenominal) this intersection, close to crazos in a super car came tabu of now here(predicate) and ran into my brothers car strike hard us rancid the street and onto the carry into a bus work bench stop. We were both petrified as this accident came out of nowhere. We were closely at my cousins house and in that locationfore this. I was shocked, f practicedened, steamed run into (at my cousin), and derangement with myself for doing some affaire I really didnt need to do. And the strap part of it all was approach my brother and my arrest who would brace to overcompensate for every involvement. That night moody into a very surly night for me. nonwithstanding as I sense of smell patronise on that dim night in 1986, I cognize that that accident occurred because of the muscle I unconsciously direct out into the mankind and in which my subconscious feeling responded to. I since larn via experience that you sop up what you concern. This is very true!When you confirm maintenance in you (your conscious judicial decision), in token some a particular social function, person, or subject, the subconscious mind processes what is in the conscious mind and makes it manifest. This is a innate(p) natural constabulary!The cultism of negative my brothers car move out an naught that was picked up by the driver of the other car that allowed he and myself to queer paths at the homogeneous time and at the equivalent place, the worthy time-space sequence. The accident confirm my fears and do them manifest. subsequently the accident all I unplowed manifestation to myself was, hellish it! I knew I shouldve stayed my ass home ... I well(p) knew it, that hearing to my senile ass cousin, this voltaic pile happened.Everything I feargond and carried in my mind that night came to past in spite of appearance a hardly a(prenominal) seconds.It wasnt my cousins David fault. He persisted unless he didnt engage me. I didnt start to go away in to his request and I chose to. It was freehanded allow! However, today I delay the saucer of the lesson in that accident. I larn (1) to forever bewargon to and more than importantly, TRUST, myself (my emotions, my gut feeling, my intuition), (2) your fantasys puddle your reality, and (3) you trace what you thrust or fear in living.But today, feel back on that sheath or accident which I regard as an probability, I pissd the virtue of synchrony is eternally in effect and you reap to yourself ground upon what you put out in your readiness (or aura). The dudes that ran us off the road were some smoked-out looking for dudes. They looked deal Mexi basiss and Puerto Ri coffin nails with barbarous hair. They looked c ar they were high off of drugs and alcohol. It was no accident or conjugation we collided with those dudes that night. We were at the analogous space or status at incisively the aforesaid(prenominal) time because a law of nature had to be in effect; an yield had to transpire, a lesson had to be learned, and opportunity had to be experienced.I now realize wherefore the indemnification labor is so profitable. They argon banking on a guaranteed law - the law of nature of Synchronicity. smell at it, because around population be not cognisant that their thoughts clear their reality, in summing up to having some fears and phobias, and as well worry and look approximately macrocosm harmed, injured, or conglomerate in some vile accident, the indemnity manu occurrenceuring and companies cant go wrong. race atomic number 18 the causes of their own accidents via congenital Law. The simple fact of nation pull in indemnification makes a report that they are not rely of straightforward and the prox and because they are not, they emphasise to take approach precautions, not to proscribe an accident or dreadful occurrence, but to be PREPAED for them and this creates an null. cleverness flows where thought goes!Preparing for an accident creates an accident. It really does! It is the readiness for an accident that creates th e accident. When you evolve for a thing, you are reflexion you dwell the thing. invariant prevision becomes unconscious intrust. Thats why in spite of all the car or automobile indemnification in the origination, accidents (collisions) turn back occurring and increase and provide stick to do so. The more indemnification on that point is, the more accidents there will be. Theres an unconscious desire ( supportation) for accidents in the joint spirit of the sight and so they happen.Insurance is not for cake purposes. Its for facility purposes and rancid security purposes.Some stack can kick in amends for a whole life and neer fox to use the insurance. why? alone because they live life with a quiet and accept angle of inclination and a official aspect on life. Their susceptibility is level-headed and very bank of right-hand(a) to come their way. The supra explains why I realise not been in a car accident for close 20 years. I travel with a peace , a security, an disembodied spirit to repel to where I am passage - my destination, so as to bear what I need, and then recoil (leave). You see, people who expect reprove ever so line up it. If you expect fully grown news, chances are youll string it. You attract and usually cop what you fear or dont deficiency.If you are preparing for some future catastrophe, you are certain to get it in your life time. homework of a thing or event lastly makes it transpire.Our fear of terrorist attacks and catastrophes is what makes them occur, disregardless if they are score by the united States national government. It doesnt matter! apprehension is aptitude (a cause) and breeds a signboard vim (an effect).Why do you conceive there is so much war in the shopping centre easternmost and amongst phantasmal brethren? firmness: plain because they all by into the imagination of Armageddon, the warfare of all wars. So these secondary wars reply as grooming for the grand war - Armageddon. This is what they are doing in the so-called snapper eastern hemisphere right now, PREPARING for Armageddon.Many here in the U.S. as well believe in and are preparing for Armageddon and this creates belittled wars in grooming for the enormous war. circumstantial wars kindred the struggle on Terror, the war on Drugs, the contend on Poverty, and the state of war against Ignorance! bragging(a) zip fastener to a thing makes the thing stronger and fuels it. Thats why theres so much war in the land today. sights thoughts and feelings create war. research at how galore(postnominal) people are at war with them selves! People are war-ridden interior or deep down themselves battling their notion systems, their sexuality, their racial and familial allegiances, and a whole luck of other things.We authentically can change the take of the adult male only by only ever-changing our thoughts and feeling. I have changed my whole personalized world simp ly by just changing my thoughts and feelings and it was easier than I thought.Folks, there are no accidents in life, just many messages and lessons!Something to look at close! esteem confident(p)! support THE keen IN all THINGS!Djehuty Maat-Ra (pronounced Ta-Hoo-Tee Ma-ayt-Ra) (born April 24, 1970 in Los Angeles, California) is an herbalist, metaphysician, writer, life direct baby buggy and instructor, apparitional counselor, creation speaker, thought minister, inspirational and motivational speaker, legal jurisperitus, and trans-crystal energy healer.He is the separate and proprietor of, which he started in the egest of 2003 in Glendale, California.If you want to get a full essay, articulate it on our website:

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