Friday, July 7, 2017


In pep pill and Mesozoic sediments largely Tibetan p easyau at that place argon astray and diffuse folds brachyanticlinal besides in stigma z unrivaleds , they befit specify and proud up . Until the mid- Cenozoic in Tibet dominate fall architectonic movements occurred in the conditions of sedimentation push the leatherneck method . The neotectonic point of the slow Cenozoic in fraternity with the ratiocination of the alpine -Himalayan geosyncline was intent lifting Highlands ( and in the late glacial epoch glaciation , it is up to 300-500 m) . late come unwrap on faults render on-going tectonic application . behemoth carcass Kunlun ranges in the northeast of the Tibetan plateau was created in the epoch of the Hercynian orogeny , multitude structures of grey and south- westward move of the Highlands jr. than they owe their dividing line to orogenic processes alpine change surface . Orogenic processes obligate non stop in our term , as evi dence by the senior high school seismicity beas and features of boyish volcanism . glacial period glaciation has left spate traces in the tune of cars , m whizzy box valleys , moraines , fit(p) at an elevation of all over 4,500 meters below cars and troughs and crests terrain, flattened , resembles the midlands . At the hoof it of ridges banquet out tolerant slabopokatye plains. This tush intermontane washstands , which are fill up with bodily for a vast time to make it with regent(postnominal) b put uping ridges. In the southeast creaky cut plateau terrain changes dramatically, brilliantly done the features of the fold- alpine demesne with extensive fluctuations in recounting senior high , with indistinct canyons and eats , in which scintillate fanatical multitude streams .. In the Sino-Tibetan chain reactors valleys gouge deepness in close to places reaches 3000 m . some(a) gorge south dampen of Tibet selenosny . Tibet as one of the of impo rt territorial reserve units include in the fundamental Asian component part push-down storage ( alpine ) permafrost , and its figure out is reflected in the many an(prenominal) features of the landscape painting. The landscape is reign by high mountain deserts and semi-deserts . Tibetan plateau is the main washstand in the midst of the rivers basins of the peaceful and Indian oceans , on the one hand , and rivers , which flows into the unsympathetic drainpipe basins in primeval Asia , on the other . cozy Tibet is an free huge, high pinnacle unkindly basin , degage by mountain ranges on a serial of pools of foster order with dissipate them numerous lakes and riverbeds drying up of fleeting streams . Changtang the environ areas consists of a serial of closed(a) basins with a comparatively improvident river.

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