Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Speakers Reflections Essay -- essays research papers

A Speakers Reflections     Robert Haydens song Those Winter Sundays is a reflection the speaker unit has regarding his engender. An analysis of the numberss tone and language reveals the speaker regrets his father did so more than for the family and no one ever thanked him. It is obvious the speaker feels regret for the manner he behaved toward his father in the past by examining the phrases in the poem, specially with the description of the father. The connotations of the language used in this description denote the father in a certain way that the speaker did not tick off him as before. The tone and feeling of regret or sorrow is plain in the poem not only through language and tidings choice on the literal surface, but also in the mental synthesis of the poem itself.      The poem indicates the father as hardworking by his description. The speaker reveals the father has cracked hands that ached from labor and that Sundays too he g ot up early to start a fire and warm the house. As if this apparent movement is not enough, Hed call to his family when the rooms were warm so they would not have to endure the blueblack cold of a winter morning. The poem also indicates the father doing other chores, such as polishing my effective shoes. This description of the father is moving, it show he loves his family and is thoughtful enough to do the chores no one else would want to do. The word choice for this description is very(prenominal) interesting, howe...

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