Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pearl Harbor not a surprise Essay -- essays research papers

insertion dip oasis was vulnerable to approach path because of the obstruction of defense and warfarening.     I.     Signs of japans intent to attackII.     Politics involvementA.     War be applyB.     Eight-step planIII.     Neglected warning signs near Pearl experience shortly before the attackA.     Midget subs     B.     Radar detectingThe attack on Pearl Harbor has been known to be a complete force. Whe neer one thinks about it, they consider that it was. They whitethorn think that it was a total bewilderment except for a a couple of(prenominal) small warning signs that our government seems to expect ignored. Children are taught that Pearl Harbor is the "Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor" in school. It has gone into history as this. Even the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, tell in a speech soon after the attacks it was, but he was lying. Franklin D. Roosevelt, in fact, and a few select illuminate armed forces advisors on the job(p) closely with him are directly responsible for the surprise of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many opportunities to prevent and defend the attacks upon Pearl Harbor were never taken.The United States government knew well of Japans intent to attack Pearl Harbor well before the occurred. The attack may have been a surprise to Pearl Harbor, but it sure wasnt to Franklin D. Roosevelt and few select top armed forces advisors of his. An investigation after the attack revealed that the intercepting order received at least forty-three different de lawd messages that had clues to the attack. The president had at least four intelligence officers under direct orders from Roosevelt. They had decoded the Japanese code and had been monitoring their communications before the attack. They knew all about news of the plotted attack. In 48 hours b efore the attack, LTC Clifford M. Andrew, was told to burn forty file cabinets of top deep information on Pearl Harbor so no investigation could seek out the truth which was labeled top secret and destroyed.Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt hinder any warnings to go though to Pearl Harbor? He knew that most of American society before the Pearl Harbor bombing believed in the idea of isolationism. The only wa... ...he attack started, galore(postnominal) soldiers mentation it was a drill and nobody took action right away.There may have been a positive side to the attack. Overall, Roosevelt did many things considered wrong and inglorious to his right of presidency. However, had he not, the United States may never have entered the war. And certainly we would not have been as united in our stand against evil, for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor made Americans sympathetic for our striped men and women, causing more help from the mass majority of Americans, ultimately leading to vict ory in World War II. Had Nazi Germany won, no one knows the extent of evil that would have been caused. Even though Franklin Delano Roosevelt did many wrong things, his reasoning was good, and we were victorious.Yes, in its self, December 7th 1941 was known for the most part to be a twenty-four hour period that will live in infamy, for the wipeout of part of Americas force power, many lives lost, and the start of the war for the U.S. To sum this report up, December 7, 1941 should be better known for the day that will live in infamy because of the obstruction of warning or basic defense that would have certainly saved many lives and military property.

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