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Pedro Parama time line Essay

Juan Preciado came to shade for Pedro Paramo later on Dolores Preciados end. 4-7 Preciado follows the piece who claimes to be Pedro Paramos son too. The man tells Juan that Pedro had died. 9 The man he followed, named Abundio, suggests Preciado to go see Eduviges Meets Eduviges Dyada Juan Preciado lodges at Eduvigess. Talkes some Dolores and goes to sleep. Pedro Paramo is thinking ab step to the fore Susana. Family is praying for Grandfathers death and is poor after the burial. Preciado awakes and finds out from Eduviges that Abundio had died already.Eduviges talkes intimately Dolores and her marriage to PedroSusana has left the town. Pedro Paramo longs for her. The day you went away I knew I would never see you again 21-23 Eduviges talkes just intimately Miguels death and his ghost get downing her. Have you ever heard the moan of a dead man? 23-24 Pedros m other(a)s ghost amazes to specify about his fathers death And you mother? Who killed you? 25-30 have Renteria does not want to pray for Miguels death. However, he needs financial reinforcing stimulus from Pedro Paramo. 30-32 Marie Dyada wants Father Renteria to save Eduviges Dyada who died of sorrow. Father Renteria refused since they are poor. Lets afford things as they are.Let us put our hope in matinee idol 32-33 Juan adds Damiana Cisneros from Media Luna. No sound not even of my breathing or the flagellation of my heart. give-and-take 1 37-38 Lucas tells Fulgor that Pedro was a disap alludement. 34-37 Pedros family owes money, especially to the Preciado women. Pedro decides to marry Dolores Preciado to sluttish the debts. 38-41 Dolores agrees to the wedding. Pedro wants Fulgor Sedano to file Toribio Aldrete for falsifying boundaries Fulgor Sedano took care of Toribio Aldretes boundary problem. 41-43 Preciado realizes Damiana Cisnero wasnt vital Preciado hears two women lecture about Pedro.Toribio Aldrete talks to his brother in justness about the land. 45-46 Miguel Paramo is pla nning to elope with Chona, his lover. Discussion 2Juan realizes the sounds arent real and meet a man and woman The woman and her brother Donis live in sin and her face looks diseased. Man comes back and promises to lead him away the beside day. A woman comes in while the two are out and scares Preciado. The two comes back and calms Preciado down. He awakes beside the woman, Donis is gone Preciado goes out Preciado hears his mother talking to him. 57-58 Juan wakes up from the heat and goes outside, then falls unconscious.There was no shine only the dead. Meets Dorotea and tells her what happened to himself. Dorotea talkes about herself and her delusion of a son. Fulgor Sedano criticizes Miguels actions. Pedro is being too protective of Miguel. 65-66 Juan Preciado & Dorotea talke about the sky. The sky is so high and my eyes so clouded that I was happy just knowing where the ground was. 66-68 Pedro is inform by Fulgor regarding Miguels death. He matte no sorrow. Night when Migu el died, Father Renteria recounts Miguel and Pedro, leads him to think about his confession to a fellow priest.75-78 Narrated by Susana about her mother and Justina. 78-81 Juan hears Susanas voice and learns that Susanas mother died when she was born. Dorotea tells him how Pedro adored Susanna. 81-82 Fulgor Sedano informs Pedro about Susanas return. Narrated by Pedro Paramo, expressing joy at Susanas return. I felt that the heavens were parting Susana and her father quarrel about Susana s ending to be with Pedro Paramo. 85 Pedro arranges to let Susanas father, Bartelome, disappear in the mine. 86-89 Indians from Apango visit Comala. Chapter explores Justina and Susanas relationship.Susana is informed of Bartelomes death and reminisces about her childhood of mistreatment by Bartolome. 91-93 Father Renteria console tables Susana about Florencio, her husbands death. Susana why do you come see me, when you are dead *discussion 3* 93-95 El Tartamudo tells Pedro about the death of Fulgo r Sedano. Pedro does not react and thinks about Susana instead. But what world was Susana San Juan invigoration in? 95-96 Juan and Dorotea converse about the sea. And the next morning, I was again in the sea, purifying myself. Giving myself to the waves. Pedro Paramo provides the rebels with men and money for them to rebel against government. 99-100 Juan and Dorotea hear Susanas murmurs about a dead man, possibly Florencio. 100-101 Susana pines over Florencios death. Pedro tries to console her but did not know how. 101-104 Gerardo Trujillo, Pedros lawyer, leaves after the fight between the rebels and Villistas, but comes back demanding more money. 105-107 Damiana Cisneros refused to let Pedro in from Margaritas. She is aware of the revolutionaries 107-108 Damasio describes declare of the war to Pedro and demands money 109-111 Susana and Justina converse about sins.I only conceive in hell Two old women talk about Susana and the item that she should confess before she dies. Susan a dies. He sheltered me in his arms. He gave me love. discussion 4 People of Comala ignore Susanas death due to festivities. Pedro swears to fiddle vengeance on Comala. I pass on cross my arms and Comala will die of hunger. And that was what happened. 117 Pedro orders El Ticuate to help the government 117-118 Pedro longes for Susana to come back Abundio, outlawed son of Pedro, comes back to village to ask for money for his wifes burial.Pedro rejects and is wounded. Pedro Paramo dies.Discussions 1. At this point, is this enough of an evidence to say that Juan Preciado has already died? If not, at what point of the novel do you think that Juan Preciado becomes one of the deceased? 2. Do you agree that the man here is referred to as Miguel instead of someone else? If there were other possibilities, then who and why? 3. Did Father Renteria die at this point? Or was Susana who died? Why did Father Renteria appear alive later on? 4. Is Susana referring to idol or Florencio? Why do y ou think so and base on what evidences?

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