Friday, February 8, 2019

Quiet Revolution Essay -- Canadian History

In 1960, a series of spry and sweeping reforms, were in processing in Quebec, and the reforms carried out by dungaree Lesage, who is the leader of Quebec Liberal Party. This term was commonly believed for six years from 1960 to 1966 (Cuccioletta & Lubin, 2003). forrader the becalm Revolution, Quebec was under control of its leader Maurice Duplessis, who is an ideologically conservative traditionalistic politician. He insisted on preserving the traditional role of Quebec from 1944 to 1959. It is believed that some policies of Duplessiss governing were regarded as the factors that resulted in the Quiet Revolution.In the first place, Duplessis has dominated Quebecs economy in his term as the leader of government, and he intimately expropriated the autonomy of his ministers and place Quebecs economy in the hand of unconnected companies. The profile of Quebec before the Quiet Revolution is a church-ridden and agricultural hostelry while some other North American countries were in dustrialized ones in the same time period (Behiels, 1985, P. xi). Duplessis encouraged and entrusted the development of Quebec economy to the English-speaking Canadians and some foreign companies. At the meantime, he set barriers, and even occluded front the development to French-Canadians economic groups. Therefore, foreign companies and English-Canadians owned much more proponent and rights than the French-Canadians francophones have no choice but to work for Anglophone and foreign companies. Nevertheless, French-Canadians dormant obtained much lower wages compared to English-speaking workers. These unfair treatments to francophones led to restless of the contemporary government. Besides supporting the English-speaking and foreign economy, in Duplessis era, positivistic interference of unio... ...identity regarded themselves as Quebecers but French-Canadians no longer.Works CitedBehiels, M.D (1985). Prelude to Quebecs Quiet Revolution Liberalism versus Neo-nationalism 1945-1 960. Kinston and Montreal McGill-Queens University bundle.Gagnon, A.G & Montcalm, M.B (1990). Quebec Beyond The Quiet Revolution . Scarborough Nelson Canada.Cuccioletta, D. & Lubin, M. (2003, September 22). Article The Quebec still revolution a noisy evolution. Retrieved February 14, 2011 http// Gauvreau, M. (2005). The Catholic origins of Quebecs Quiet Revolution, 1931-1970. Montreal McGill-Queens University Press Clibbon, J. (2010, June 21). Re-examining the roots of Quebecs Quiet Revolution. Retrieved 2 24, 2o11, from CBCNews. http// baloney/2010/06/18/f-quebec-conradblack-interview.html

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