Friday, February 22, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

thesis Technology, such as texting, duration driving is unsafe and can be a hazard to teen drivers and new(prenominal)s.In the Knox News opinion column, on that point was an oblige found titled Twits texting, tweeting behind the wheel. The author of this article, Ina Hughs, is arguing that texting, MP3 players, and other electronic devices are unsafe to use when behind the wheel. She is writing to assert teenagers and other drivers about the dangers of driving plot texting.Even though Hughes makes roughly excellent points in her column, she may non be the most qualify person to be writing about the dangers of texting and how tempting it may be. Hughes and so has a cell phone, but she had the texting enabled on her phone so she does non text with it. The only information that she gets that makes her qualified to write this article would be the fact that her eleven-year-old grandson just got a cell phone. Even with this information, it still does not qualify her since her g randson cannot drive. She did though get facts from reliable magazines and researchers to back her up.Hughs format of her article shows a lot about whom she is and her qualifications. Just about every split up she either has some sort of statistical evidence or an character of why texting and driving is bad. She does not have any real connection to the audience she is trying to address.The author uses logos a lot in this text to support her many claims as to driving while texting. one and only(a) thing she mentions is, according to the New York Times, one in five drivers admits to texting while driving on a somewhat regular basis, and they say they wint stop because they are literally addicted. This claim reinforces her purpose of texting while driving by giving statistical evidence of why it is so dangerous. So many people do it. According to research, every age you get a text, tweet, instant message, or call, your brain squirts out a little dopamine- the pleasure chemical- an d left to our own devices, we spin out of control.

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