Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sophocles’ Oedipus Cycle †Antigone, as a Feminist Essay -- Antigone E

Sophocles Oedipus Cycle Antig sensation, as a FeministThroughout history, women absorb always stood in the shadows of men. In many cultures, the role of women has always been to be seen and not comprehend. As one of the first feminists in world literature, the character Antigone, of Sophocles Oedipus Cycle, displays fine characteristics of a coarse fe antheral leader in order to reject up against male dominance for her religious, political, and personal beliefs. When the king denies her brother, Polynices, proper burial, Antigone goes against state law by burying him herself in order to protect heavenly decree and find justice. In doing this, she steps out of her place as a cleaning lady in a male dominated society.In order to stipulate Antigone as a feminist, it is important to study Antigones early childhood, which displays the origins of the characteristics prove in her that make her a feminist. In Oedipus of Colonus, Sophocles illustrates these qualities that Antigone pos sesses. During the first twenty age of her life, Antigone spends her time secluded from society with her blind, exiled father, Oedipus. Sophocles sums up her childhood in the pursual soliloquy by OedipusSince her childhood ended and her body gained its power, has wandered ever with me, an obsolescent mans governess often in the wild forest without shoes, and hungry, trounce by many rains tired by the sun yet she spurned the sweet life of home so that her father should have feed (Fitts 104). Because she is secluded, Antigone never has to take her place in society as a cleaning woman. Without a female role model to show her how a woman is supposed to act, there is no one to raise her as a woman. She spends her days taking care of her blind father and leading him. Sh... ...Creon, when she kills herself make Creon to lose. Creon at this point has caved in by deciding to bury Polynices and degage Antigone, but it is too late. She dies an honorable death for future feminists.Sin ce Sophocles wrote Antigone, there have been thousands of literary works about feminists and their movement to let their voices be heard over men. Through her strong will and bravery, Antigone made her political, religious, and personal beliefs seen. She died in order to win against men even when no one else would stand up to male dominance. For these reasons, Antigone is a prime example of a spectacular feminist in world literature.Works Cited Fitts, Dudley and Robert Fitzgerald. The Oedipus Cycle. Trans. Sophocles. Florida Harcourt Brace & Company, 1977.Sophocles. Antigone. Literature and the composing Process 5th ed. New Jersey Prentice Hall. 1999.

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