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The Importance of History and Culture in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club Es

The Importance of History and Culture in Amy suntans The Joy passel Club The impact of history and finis on an individuals life is tremendous. History plays a large role in forming an individual because it helps them develop morals, ideals, and goals in life. It begins the process of finding an identity. The past is never forgotten because it leaves marks on bingles life as a simoleons does to ones body. It may go unseen physically, but the emotional effects it produces conk out a lifetime, and can continue on for generations to come. The women in the novel, The Joy Luck Club, deal with all of the good and the bad that their history and culture pay back to offer. At times they experience difficulties because the mothers and daughters, although they are as one, share varied cultures, while their history is the same. Ying-Ying St.Claire is the mother of Lena, who is a Chinese-American women. Lena and her mother dont see eye to eye at all times because of the fact that they we re raised in different cultures. Ying-Ying grew up in China in a very well-to-do family. At first she had very some worries, other than being obedient. Her Amah once told her, You dont motif to understand. Just behave, follow your mothers example (Tan,66). As she grew older, she had to prepare for her future a life of following future husbands orders and taking cope of her husbands family. Chinese women would do this because it was expected of them. They would care for their husbands parents so that when they were old they would be taken care of as well. Ying-Ying wise to(p) everything, all of the lessons and lifes meanings, from her mother. Her mother learned everything that she knew from her own mother, as well as through experiences from her own... ...all Chinese, and the daughters are Chinese-American. The mothers grew up in a more strict environment and followed the rules by the book. They were taught by their mothers, how to act, who they were, and what being Chinese mea nt. The daughters in this story grew up in a more relaxed world, where being an individual was accepted and appreciated. No one was punished for being themselves in America. For the women in this novel, finding their true identity was one of the most important things. By using their cultural background and discovering who their mothers were, they were equal to find their true selves in the end as well natural endowment them a complete sense of identity. Work Cited Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club, Ballantine Books, 1989 Thi Do, Thuan. Chinese-American Women in American Culture, available at http//, 1992.

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