Monday, February 4, 2019

What is Leadership? :: Management

Depending on who you ask, you will gather in get replies as to what leadership is all about. Is a leader      psyche who gets the job done?     someone who get other people to go along them?     someone who has great management skills?     someone who inspires people?The list could be longer, and the responses, as we rebooted, even much diverse, depending on whom you ask.Someone once verbalise If you want to know if you are a leader, look around and go steady if anyone is following you. Whilst this may be a good test in one sense, it is probably a too simplistic answer to the question. It is more likely to cause occupations than provide an answer or a solution. To layover and look around when you have been going in a detail direction is fine if there are people following you the problem arises when you look around and see that no one is following youKouzes and Posner mention in their book that th ere are five practices of exemplary leadership     Model the Way     Inspired a Shared Vision      contest the Process     Enable Others to Act     Encourage the HeartThey have likewise conducted a survey across six continents to identify the characteristics of admired leaders, and it is fire that the top four characteristics are1.     honest               88%          A93%2.     forward-looking     71%          A83%3.     competent          66%          A59%4.     inspiring          65%        &nb sp A73%In the area of honesty, virtue and character were often linked together in peoples minds. Forward-looking was to do with a sense of direction, awareness of the future.

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