Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Business enterprise Essay

Design a web site for a business enterprise, see user requirements I convey physical bodyed my own website and my aim was to satisfy the requirements that my users need and desire from a health and beauty business. The specific enjoyment for my site is to promote my ethical made produce while holding people happy and giving them what they want and expect. Furthermore, the purpose for my site is to fork out my clients a sense of my brands personality and to hopefully retain them my users and continue to drive though e-commerce. Its purpose is to inform people of who I am and what we do and provide my clients with efficiency while saving time on my reference and increasing my node base. I am defining my website to 14 35 year olds who have an interest in fundinging healthy and expression nice while still being ethical and beneficial to the environment.My products clasp from hair, skin, nails, make-up, music, candles and many more, so whoever is interested in these, I wil l be defining my website to them. On my website I have six webpages (with links to others) and these acknowledge a homepage, transaction page, enquiry/chat patron page, review/customer feedback page, our story page, our products page and an additional find us page and our doctrine page. I have thought about how I am sledding about retaining customer and encouraging repeat visits by inserting certain aspects, for example, a product on sale. I have thought about how I will build verify from my site and I have added a chat help page so customers can ask questions and open enquiries. I also have thought about celebrity packaging and how nearone who people trust, trusting a brand can help users to build trust and confidence.P5 Describe how the design go outs user needsMy website design is designed to be simplistic but interesting to fashion at while providing users with every(prenominal) the appropriate selective information to guide them and also keep them safe and feeling p rotected. The layout is designed to be simple to read with whole the appropriate pages aligned so they are easy to pinpoint. There isnt a lot on each page itself which m everywhere that customers quash getting conf employ and can navigate around my site without stress. integrity of the functions of my site is to encourage interaction with particular sites that shows my business in a good light much(prenominal) as sure2amaze.com which I have copied and gap a link so users can view professional/customer feedback compared to other health and beauty products. I also have link myFacebook page and Twitter which enables off-site conversation, everyowing users to create a circle of interaction that extends from on-site conversations to off-site conversations. In regards to my food market segmentation, my user needs is to be efficient, up to date and engaging. In intercourse to the website in general, my website needs to be speedy, accessibility, good navigation and provide infor mation.My website is modern yet has a time of origin twist via the product bottles being the original brown pipet supply bottles that people might have used a while back. I engage my customer with marketing strategies such as celebrity promotions, and my website server is quick meaning the users experience doesnt experience any turbulence. Furthermore, all my website pages are aligned at the top of the page which never disappears. In addition to all this, I have pages such as our philosophical system or our story which presents users with appropriate information to establish personal connections with the customer to engage them. I feel all these features are appropriate because non only to the engage the user and encourage them to remain on my website, information about our story and celebrity recognition can enable the user to build trust and confidence when navigating around the site or reservation a purchase.Feeling protected can also build trust with the user and my security padlock image gives the user reassurance that when they are on the site they are safe which makes it appropriate because the user will non continue to shop with you if they experience any problems and feel they are pickings a risk. My domain cite is www.aesthetic-cosmetics.co.uk and this briefly means, a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as my website. The hosting option I chose is wix.com where I pay monthly fees to keep my website active on the internet. Hosting options essentially means where a website reside in order to be ready to be viewed by online visitors. The security settings I chose is comoo authentic padlock which protects my users from any spartan website additions and informs them that their personal information will be safe. Security setting basically protects the users information by safely storing this in the sites system and reassuring them that it will not be used for unapproved purposes.M2 Assess how the website design meets user requir ementsMy market segmentation is 14 35 year olds who have an interest in keepinghealthy and aspect nice. The attributes my target market has is being cautious about their image, being on trend including all different ethnicities, backgrounds and sexual natures. Other attributes of the younger propagation might include being active online and more aware of what companies should expatriate via being ethical and providing security for users. I believe my target crowd want something engaging so therefore colourful and interesting to look at while being individual and unique. The type of typography that my market segmentation will be attracted too are writing techniques which has fickle words of colour while still being professional and slowly readable. The typography of young adults/teens are to have friendly round corners and that the mojority of teenagers prefered each the font bambo or comic sans accourding the this websitehttp//issuu.com/anna_magombe/docs/research_into_typogr aphic_design_for_young_people_.The data was easy to find and I found this on a website which displayed an easy to read booklet on the typography design for young people. My website portrays the overall organisational objectives for my site by adopting an easy-to-use column of pages in the header which means users can easily navigate around the website. Another reason why my website portrays organisation is the features included such as a chat link, safety settings, customer feedback, information all come together to define an organised website with all the relevant features to meet user needs. Without these features, my website would appear to be disorganised and wishing in relation to customer satisfaction standards. D2 Evaluate the extent to which the website design meets user requirements, making recommendations for onward motionsIn my opinion, I believe my website to have been designed well, but delinquent to the lack of efficiency through Wix, I feel my design layout could have been improved if I used a more user-friendly hosting option. I feel the pictures and colour screen are engaging and simplistic. However because of the lack of features via Wix, I believe my website look crowded and I understand that some of the information designed to improve my users experience might be looked over and missed out in relation to the positioning and font coat (chosen from the lack of space). Some improvements I could have made would be choosing a different hosting option other than Wix. The reason for this is because there is room for improvement in the user friendly side of things in relation to this hosting option.

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