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Corporate Human Resources †Hackney. Essay

This plan sets bring out the key aims and activities of the bodily Human Resources returns during 2003-04 and in particular how the serve well result support the winment of the 2020 Vision for the borough and the otherwise unified objectives agreed by the Council, which atomic fall 18 to* Make sure the Council kit and boodle properly and efficiently* Involve the public in what we atomic number 18 doing to seduce better* Improve opportunities and quality of life in the borough and promote affable inclusion1. OUTLINE OF THE SERVICE1.1 Corporate Human Resources is do itd by the assist Chief Executive (Human Resources), a member of the Core caution Team, who is creditworthy for ensuring the councils compliance with employment law. The purpose of the HR function is to snuff it in partnership with managers to maximise the efficiency and tellingness of our workforce in order to support the councils business strategy and achieve chastity in service turn backy1.2 The com p onents of the Corporate HR function be strategic human resource prudenceDevelops a strategic mannequin that provides direction for the organisation in order to optimise employee productivity and achieves uninterrupted improvement in the context of best value. Sets warnings of best practice ensuring conformity of advancement to counter one organisation. Provides both guidance and input into working(a) HR functions. Provides the tools to drive up devouration and productivity and drive down sickness absence seizure.Works in partnership with employee representatives in order to create and embed a positive and constructive industrial relations environs that achieves service excellence. give riseing and mechanismation of procedures and describelines to ensure managers work towards a fatty employee relations refinement. Learning and organisational developmentDevelops and introduces strategies, policies and course of instructions to develop the expertness of the coun cil, its Members and employees to successfully implement business objectives and priorities. Establishes a competency based effect commission approach to become a learning organisation, bring about culture castrate and to harness and extend the k nowadaysledge, skills and experience of all those within the council in hobbyhorse of service excellence. Health safety and welf arPromotes a wellnessy and effective workforce, promotes just practice in health and safety, and addresses ill health at work and ill-health early retirements. Ensures compliance with occupational health, safety and welf be legislation and guidance. Develops and implements Occupational Health service policies in co-operation with the Councils nominated provider. Strategic HR Contracts aggroupProcures and monitors the payroll department aimor to ensure timely pay of Hackney employees and pensioners. admonishers the Independent Referral Unit, which provides a 24/7 confidential skirt help- line. This is a n independent specialist service where employees can raise their complaints and concerns about racial discrimination, racial harassment and racially discriminatory practices in the work power.Monitors the One-Stop enlisting veer responsible for permanent and flitting recruitment and the job matching service for the councils redeployees.Procures and monitors the Occupational Health Service contractor which carries out pre-employment health checks on vernal ap exciteees and provides medical advice to help manage sickness absence.2. abridgment OF PERFORMANCE FOR 2002/2003The service was restructured in March 02 to downsize by eight posts and interviews were blameless over March and April there were some redundancies with staff leaving in June. Two vacant posts were filled by August.The Departmental Strategic Objectives for 2002/03 were To suss out and implement an HR strategy to reflect organisational needs and the red-hot elderly management structure to confabulate all stake conducters Directors, senior management and members by April 02.We achieved the early wooden legs and with the ap insinuatement of the Head of HR in August 02 this is worldness carried forward for completion by April 03. To introduce competency based surgery appraisal in the organisation by April 02 and carry out fastness audits of service areas.We are genuinely in the transit of reviewing the implementation process of the performance appraisal and development framework. A report of the findings willing be produced for Core Management Team in December 2002. To achieve Investors in muckle standard with assessments carried out across directorates by September 02.This was achieved by Corporate Human Resources and the tender Services directorate. Assessments of the remaining directorates will take place in early 2003. To work towards Commission for Racial equation aim 4 standard.This has been re placed by the comparison Standard for Local political relation level 2 and i s being carried forward for completion by April 04. watch to fight racial discrimination by hobby through the festinate comparison Action Plan, to subjugate the number of complaints to the Independent Referral Unit, measuring the number of cases referred and their outcomesOngoing. Develop corporeal HR database and to ensure that systems are in place to provide workforce and BVPI monitor development with complete audit trails.We are on target to procure a Human Resources Information governing body by April 03, produce had the approval of Cabinet and are meeting the milestones of the new merged procurement process.The Departmental Service Priorities for 2002/03 were* Recruitment of third grad managers by 30 June. 88% achieved, 6% on a lower floor review, 6% vacant. perpetuation of this activity is set as a key project in Appendix 2(B)* TUPE of Education staff to Hackney Education trust by 1 August. Achieved* TUPE of finance staff to external provider. This fare is still to a lower place review and the decision deferred whilst the organisation examine the feasibility of a strategic partner arrangement.* devouration of Best Value Performance Plan action of annual BVPP estimates and actual performance by Feb 02. Achieved* Implementation of the second stage of Single Status. Ongoing.* Trade Union facilities agreement. Corporate agreement and budget simplification achieved. Local consultation agreements ongoing.* HR Standards & Frameworks. go off of existing documentation consult Executive and negotiations with Trade Unions as necessary. All managers complying with HR standards and frameworks. Available on website March 2002. Existing standards and frameworks on website. Continuation of this activity is identified as a key project in Appendix 2(B)* Objective trim back days lost per employee through sickness and industrial action. Project four-in-hand of sickness absence team ap chargeed, project authentic and now being implemented.* Race Relat ions Amendment Act. New Council policy agreed. Achieved* Non Discrimination Notice Requirements. output signal of regular observe information for the CRE. AchievedRegular ET panels to be convened. Dates pose now been scheduled for the remainder of 2003 and the broadcast of panels will continue through 2003/4.* To reduce spending on the Payroll Services Contract to save 250,000 per annum by 2004/05. On target to appoint new contract for Feb 04 and achieve nest egg on circulating(prenominal) contract.* Bring payroll debt infra control by 31 March 2003. New HR Information system to be implemented by September 03 will be single point on data founding to prevent new debt occurring. ITNet to be invoiced for debt out-of-pocket to their errors at end of financial year.The Training and Development Plan for 2002/03* burnish ChangeExecutive Coaching computer computer course of study. AchievedPhoenix Programme Race Equality Action Plan. AchievedProgress training and development rela ted to the Race Equality Action Plan. Achieved* Race Equality Action Plan/ Investors in PeopleImplement workforce development interventions and initiatives. AchievedImplement a mentoring and coaching programme for employees. Ongoing* Corporate Induction Organise a series of evidence programmes throughout the year. Achieved* Management DevelopmentImplement competency based appraisal & development framework. Achieved* Human Resource Management training. Ongoing* Workforce/ Organisational Development (Race Equality Action Plan)Investors in People. Ongoing achieved in HR and Social ServicesCorporate development events/ road shows. AchievedBudgetThe HR immediate payment limit for 2001/2 was set at 1,179k. Changes to accountancy practices meant that the approachs of the corporate trade union facility and for the Occupational Health Service were no longer recharged to the payroll overhead as in previous eld and no budget was transferred to the cash limit. This could have resulted in a 330k overspend but was contained by keeping seven posts vacant and through good housekeeping. HR were then on course to achieve the cash limit, all the same in February 2002 we were given the responsibility for the payroll debt and had to make a insalubrious debt provision of 271k for other departments debts. An under spend of 35k therefore became an overspend of 236k.3. CHALLENGES FOR THE course AHEAD3.1 Implement an HR strategy to reflect a one organisational approach. Reviewing and re-launching the HR standards and frameworks.3.2 Completing the government direction of recruiting the councils third point of management and working through a programme to increase quaternate tier expertness.3.3 Embed performance management to increase productivity, draw rein under performance and achieve service improvements through appraisal, sickness absence management, health and safety performance management and HR standards monitor.3.4 Embed competency-based performance appraisals in the organisation.3.5 Review the councils recruitment and retention strategy to improve the management capacity at all levels.3.6 Reducing sickness absence levels to achieve the governments targets of 9 days by 2005 and embedding an attendance culture in the organisation.3.7 Whole organisation achievement of the Investors in People standard in 2003 and maintaining a nonstop learning culture.3.8 Procure, implement and deliver a Human Resources Information carcass across the council and improve all manual HR processes to meet audit requirements and best practice.3.9 The payroll function will be subject to a competitive tendering process by 31 January 2004.3.10 Continue the programme of single status implementation with Waste Management and Finance. Ensure that the programme of job evaluations for Scale 6 staff and below is completed in line with the single status agreement.3.11 To achieve level 2 of the Equalities Standard for Local government.3.12 Embedding a performance management puzzle for Health and Safety across the council.3.13 To implement a Members Development Programme.3.14 To implement a Leadership Programme for third tier management.3.15 SWOT compendSTRENGTHSOPPORTUNITIES* Nurture and maintain CMT/top team support for HR* change magnitude organisational constancy ? shared corporate knowledge* Increasing financial stability ? Less moving of goal posts* New Political stability ? let out decisions* New legislation ? Support Hackney change objectives* Continue to develop own (HR) skills* Develop SMARTER ways of working as a team (e.g. by cross-team project working, matrix teams, greater appreciation and awareness of individually others strengths).* Develop and achieve improvement to HR information systems.* Redistribute lessen HR recruitment budget and improve capacity-building (in HR)* Corporate Performance management framework All managers and staff are vindicated about the requirements and good practice standards.* Improving recruitment and r etention new employer brand improving rewards and recognition better and new skills offset.WEAKNESSESTHREATS* Impact of reducing budgets possible constraints on obtaining appropriate funding for changes required or innovating. wish to monitor closely and use more wisely and creatively.* Poor balance between operational versus strategic HR activities ? Need to improve capacity to focus more on strategic roles and review opportunities for improving efficiencies in delivery of operational functions.* Pressures of deadlines imposed by others. Affect ability to deliver reliably need to renegotiate earlier need to improve how we manage our needs/demands as well as other stakeholders/clientsMAKING confident(predicate) THE COUNCIL WORKS PROPERLY AND EFFICIENTLY4. MANAGEMENT AND STAFF PROVIDING HIGH character reference SERVICES4.1 Investing in the development of staff? Revise frameworks in line with recommendation? Ensure consistent standard of implementation? guess the impact of the su pporting Training andDevelopment programmes (quality and quantity)? Design, commission & implement programme? Design, commission and implement Scrutiny, Membersdevelopment programme.? estimate 2002 development programme? Implement revised programme? Develop Phase II of development programme? Design and implement Development Programme? Evaluate Phase I of Development Programme? Implement programme? Monitor Implementation? Evaluate programme? Implement programme? Monitor Implementation? Evaluate programme? Prepare for strategic assessment of the council? Audit standard to ensure continuous improvement and compliancein meeting IIP standard? Implement programme? Monitor Implementation? Evaluate programme? Implement programme? Monitor Implementation? Evaluate programme4.2 Ensuring staff performs to high standards. Embed performance management to increase productivity, tackle under performance and achieve service improvements. Embed competency-based performance appraisals in the organisa tion.4.3 Tackling poor performance. Reducing sickness absence levels to 9 days by 2005 and embedding an attendance culture in the organisation. Reviewing and embedding capability framework.4.4 Equality of opportunity in recruitment and employment practices. Monitoring of corporate Equalities Plan and Equalities Scheme.5. ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE USE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY5.1 HR are addressing the following corporate objectives* New financial management systems by procuring a corporate HR Information System. This will be a single point of data entry to payroll for starters/leavers and absence recording to remove the current problem of overpayments to staff and leavers caused by processes being paper-based and difficult to enforce.* Consistent records are kept and procedures followed by HR Standards and Frameworks giving a clear guide to managers on recording staff attendance and maintaining personal files, Maintaining a cost centre validation tool introduced to prevent staff being placed on payroll without a valid cost code, Developing and implementing an plaque Post number system for all staff to ensure notwithstanding valid members of staff are being paid.* Ensuring budget holders manage their budgets by issuing guidelines on verifying appropriate staff are on the payroll and paid at the correct scale. HR has local monitoring systems, which are reconciled to the general ledger every month. The ACE (HR) hold weekly budget meetings with the HR management team to identify and tackle potential areas of risk.* Improving the way we procure operate by participate in the corporate procurement training programme and involving the Hackney procural Centre at all stages of current procurement projects project management of these and participation in post-procurement reviews.5.2 District Auditors Regularity Review* Risk based planning. Operational and financial risks are being identified and evaluated as part of the on-going, six weekly scrutiny process. Risk identific ation, evaluation, monitoring and management arrangements are being embedded in the 2003/04 budget preparation and service planning process. Improved monthly financial monitoring procedures have been introduced and a new scheme of delegation has been finalised.* Payroll. A reconciliation exercise between payroll records and local employee monitoring and forecasting systems has been undertaken and additional resources have been deployed to clear the backlog of payroll overpayments. Revised procedures are being developed to reduce the risk of future overpayments and the new HR Information System will act as a single point of entry to replace current paper-based processes.* Contracts. Contracts registers established. Contract monitoring and management procedures are embedded.* customary income. Work is underway to improve income collection and debt management and recovery procedures. Income profiles are being established, against which collection performance will be monitored on a mo nthly basis. Revised procedures for debt management and debt recovery are being introduced and performance will be monitored on a regular basis. Arrangements are be being strengthened further in the 2003/04 budget preparation process.* Payments to force staff. A One Stop Recruitment contract for permanent and fugacious recruitment is in place as a result of a competitive tendering exercise. There is a single point of invoicing from appointed agencies via the leas supplier who provides monthly financial monitoring information to the council.5.3 Key procurement activities are the purchase and implementation of an HR Information System (see 3.7) The competitive retendering of the payroll contract which expires 31 January 2004 (see 3.8). Future retendering of the Occupational Health Service contract by April 2004.INVOLVING THE PUBLIC IN WHAT WE ARE DOING TO GET BETTER6. REVIEWING OUR unseasoned DEMOCRATIC ARRANGEMENTS6.1 The Head of Learning and Development is working with the Deput y mayor and INLOGOV to design and implement a Members Development Programme. Members training needs such(prenominal) as IT training and Scrutiny skills are being identified to implement a training programme.7. IMPROVING INFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC7.1 All current job vacancies in the council are now published weekly on the Hackney Live website. The public can download job flesh out and profiles, advice and guidelines on how to apply for posts and complete application forms. The One Stop Recruitment contractor Bartlett Scott Edgar manages and maintains the database of advertised posts and acts as a single point for enquiries and response handling. Hackney recruitment now has corporate branding and materials are produced to improved quality standards. We intend to make it possible in the following year to make it possible to complete and send applications online.7.2 Our equalities scheme we will use our council website to publish the results of consultation exercises and the monitorin g information in conformation with our requirements under the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000.8. DEALING WITH SERVICE REQUESTS straight off AND EFFICIENTLY8.1 Members enquiries are logged and responded to within three days. All responses are authorise and submitted by the ACE (HR). The service besides implements the corporate letter monitoring and complaints procedures.8.2 Complaints about externally provided HR services are raised in regular contract meetings with providers and used to review and fine tune services provided. Contracts are to monitored against HR local BVPIs.IMPROVING OPPORTUNITIES AND QUALITY OF LIFE IN THE BOROUGH AND PROMOTING SOCIAL INCLUSION9. GIVING OUR ADULTS THE SKILLS TO GET JOBS9.1 HR will look for the increased involvement with apprenticeships and work experience schemes to improve access for local people to council jobs.10. PROTECTING AND SUPPORTING THE MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY10.1 HR ensures that all staff interviewed for posts wit h unsupervised access to new(a) people have a pre-employment check through the Criminal Records Bureau. Agencies providing temporary staff through the One Stop Recruitment contract also carry out pre-employment and police checks before placing them with Hackney managers. All agencies under the contract have had to pass quality criteria to ensure they carry out these procedures.

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