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Education Is the Key to Changing Life Styles Essay

Narration es regularise by Marie expense 3 February 2009 for Engliish 1AMarie Price06 February 2009 I was once a young mother in an offensive marriage, uneducated, sacred, and wondering Is this keep has in store me? I wise(p) the hard way that no matter what mis allow ins I make in my life, with support of family and fri suppresss, I was able to choose a better life style by utmoster education and dedication. At the age of 16 I got hook up with and had a child. I heard the saw oer, and again Just babies having babies. You could not convince me of that back then.As I measuring stick back at hotshot time it was not one of my better choices. I had married a man who was a flock older than me, so therefore I just knew I was all grown up. My mother was not happy to say the least and a sh appearing match lasted for a few days. I told her if she did not sign the papers I would prompt away, do it in any case and she would never bewitch me again. So against her better discr etion she signed the papers. The first couple of years were good, but then it got abusive verbally as well as physical. Physical cry out is appargonnt black eyes, and bruises hidden behind sun glasses, and makeup.When there is verbal abuse you are told nobody leave ever want you, and that you are to mute to ever do any thing on your own, or you bequeath never amount to anything. The funny thing about that is after(prenominal) a while for some reason you begin to believe it. After ecstasy years of this, I finally divorced. I was scared and thought I was not going to be able to make it on my own. With a young daughter to support, I in any casek my first step in many to come in my lifes journey, running(a) deuce jobs to keep a capital all over our heads, and it was not easy to make ends meet.I never went to extravagantly school so I believed it was my destiny to struggle for the rest of my life. As a single young parent trying to be the trump mother I could be, always at w ork I preoccupied a lot of time with my daughter, time I wish like a shot I had to do over again. It is 1998 I decided to take my GED see telling myself You will not be to pass this test you never went to school. Well I gathered all my will and took the test anyway I remember waiting for t he results it was sheer touchier. past came one of the best days of my life I passed the test.That was the first step in many to happiness that I am still working on to this day. In 1999 while at work at the ware raise I was employed at I met a man named Carlos, who to this day is a big part of my life. He is an educated man who is rattling well spoken, with lots of big(p) advice. He and I became friends, and talked a lot about peoples choices in life. Carlos is a very wise man with a heart of gold. Trough our many talks I learned a person could do what ever they first, set there minds to and second, have the suffer to want to better themselves.He seen something in me that I did not see in myself, the ability to go further in life, I stop up leaving that job for employment in Orange County as a credit processor. Thinking that was the job I would retire from. It did not work out that way you hear the story over and over on the news, the company goes out of business and the employees are left out in the cold looking for work that is not there. This was at the end of 2007 like so many others could not find work.Bills going unskilled I lost my car first then my house curtly after, and became homeless, so for the first time since I moved out of my moms house so many years ago I felt that I had no where to turn and my ex was correct about not beingness able to make it on my own, with the feeling of complete despair I phoned my mom telling her my dilemma just wanting some one to talk to, I felt so hopeless, and alone not well-read what to do. Well my mom and brother talked, and then asked me if I wanted I could stay with them until I got back on my feet.I started some c lasses via get off and very well, one more step toward higher education. So I announced to my family I am going to go to college full time. It is now fall semester 2008 at Chaffey College I have to my first semester was a gainsay and the first couple of weeks I found myself calling my thirty both year old daughter Amy, a couple of times saying I do not think this was such a great idea, I dont know what made me think I could do this. Amy verbalize to meMom dont give up I am so proud of you, and I know you can do this.With a lot of time exhausted at the writing center as well as the advantage centers I was able to shock myself once again. I received two (As) and one (B) last semester. Not bad for someone who never went to high school? I still have my struggles, this semester it is math but I am putting in the extra effort coming to campus on Fridays so I can spend all the time I need in the PS 12 math labs, because failing is not an option I have come too far, and I pooh-pooh t o give up. I believe that without my familys support this wouldnt be possible to discover my dream of making something of myself.I will be starting a new tradition in my family. I am proud to say I will be the first college graduate in my family. I have two granddaughters Anisa who is sixteen, and Angel who is thirteen. I constantly tell them how grievous their education is. I am adamant about the fact they will go to college as well, expressing to them how they need to be independent young women and sample higher education. I let them know what a struggle it was for me as a young mother, and how they deserve more in life.Could there be a better life for someone who quits school too young and becomes pregnant? With confidence in ones self and the ability to take it one step at a time all things are possible. When all seems lost friends and family will see in you the things we seem to over look in ourselves. It is not easy to return to school after being out for over twenty years, but I am here to say that no matter what mistakes we make in our lives, through hard work and dedication to higher education, all things are possible.

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