Saturday, March 23, 2019

For the Sisterhood Essay -- Women Feminist Feminism Papers

For the Sisterhood The female praying mantis is notorious in the zoology kingdom for her mating habits. It has been observed that occasion anyy, the female ordain bite rancid the head of her mate during copulation. Among the many reasons for this cannibalistic behavior is that the head is an inhibitory center during sexual intercourse. Removing the head increases the drive of the male. As I sit in lecture listening to my Animal Behavior professor epicurean on the peculiar yet fascinating mating habits of the female praying mantis, I saw my male classmates around me squirm in their seats obviously disturbed by what they were hearing. Some of the girls in the room tittered nervously. I could not help smiling. Now there is a woman after my receive heart. I often ask myself what I con perspectiver an ideal woman. In my mind, an ideal woman is independent, ambitious, self-sufficient. She has no fear of reaching for what may reckon unattainable. Instead, she thrives on the challenge. Looking around, I see there are draw of wo manpower who fit that mold. The US government has more high ranking women in office nowadays than it has had at any other time in history. Compared to even just ten years ago, women are a panoptical force in the corporate world. The times overhear yielded us highly accomplished and highly successful women professors, writers, policewomen, musicians, doctors, lawyers. The list goes on and on. However, even with all the progress that has been made for women in the past few decades, there is undeniably a glass ceiling for women. Gender division of labor exists. condescension these progressive times, society still imposes expectations on women in all aspects of life, and women have not yet completely broken out ... ...ling will shatter. Women will scatter and fearlessly run rampant throughout the previously predominantly male society. We will not bite off the heads of our male counterparts similar the female pr aying mantis. We are, after all, not insects. We will simply push men aside and assume those roles which we women are best suited for in todays world. Women will take a stronger hold of their position in relationships, and this will be generally accepted. Men and women will work side by side in professional settings for commensurate pay and for equal amounts of respect. Old stereotypes of women will disintegrate because historically traditional roles are barely that historical and traditional. Such changes will take time. Schools of thought cannot be neutered overnight. However, until that day comes, we will continue to persevere and fight for our place in this world.

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