Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Legalization Of Drugs Essay -- essays research papers

Legalization of DrugsThe dose connector is one that continues to resist analysis, both because causeand effect are so difficult to distinguish and because the role of the dose-prohibition laws in causing and labeling " dose-related law-breaking" is so oftenignored. There are four possible connections betwixt drugs and crime, at leastthree of which would be much diminished if the drug-prohibition laws wererepealed. "First, producing, selling, buying, and devour strictly controlledand banned substances is itself a crime that occurs billions of times each classin the United States alone" (Lindsmith Center). In the absence of drug-prohibition laws, these activities would patently stop being crimes. "Sellingdrugs to children would continue to be criminal, and other evasions of politics regulation of a legal market would continue to be prosecuted exclusively byand large the drug connection that now accounts for all of the criminal-justice be noted above would be severed" (Lindsmith Center).Second, more illegitimate-drug users leave crimes such as robbery and burglary, aswell as drug dealing, prostitution, and many others, to earn enough money topurchase the relatively high-priced illicit drugs. "Unlike the millions ofalcoholics who can support their habits for relatively modest amounts, many cocain and heroin addicts spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars a week"(Lindsmith Center). If the drugs to which they are abandoned were much cheaper-which would be the case if they were legalized-the number of crimes committed bydrug addicts to pay for their habits would, in all likelihood, decline. Even ifa legal-drug policy include the a demand of relatively high taxes in order to deter consumption, drug prices would probably still be lower than they aretoday.The deuce-ace drug connection is the commission of crimes- violent crimes inparticular-by people downstairs the influence of illicit drugs. "This connectionseems to have the greatest impact upon the touristy imagination" (LindsmithCenter). Clearly, some drugs do "cause" some people to commit crimes by reducingnormal control, unleashing aggressive and other antisocial tendencies, and diminish the sense of responsibility. "Cocaine, particularly in the form ofcrack, has gained such a constitution in recent years, just as heroin did in t... ... of the drug dealing business because they cantcontrol things on the street anymore with the drugs. He would have to go thelegal way and try to make himself a respectable business person or lose all ofhis business. The pervade line is, if drugs are legalized it would stop a lot ofcrime and have the economy. Drugs are bad, only if wouldnt it be better tostop the criminal action at law than let all of the crime go unchecked. The drugtrafficking these days is get to be ridiculous and something must be done tostop the craziness of drug use and crime in our societies today. Children c an gettheir hand on these illegal and dangerous drugs so easy now it is crazy. Ifdrug use was legalized it would become almost impossible for a child chthonian ageto get these drugs. It would stop many young people from bonny junkies,while making them into better people that would contribute to their community.If a person wants to mess their bodies up I believe that they should do whatthey want with themselves, but when things start to affect other people then theauthorities should step in.WORK CITED     The Lindsmith Center, www.soros.org "Drugs and Crime."

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