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Michelangelo and The Sistine Chapel Frescos Essay -- essays research p

On the 10th of May 1508 I gestural a contract to agree to fulfill Pope Juliuscommission on flick the jacket of the Sistine Chapel. I had bad feelings about the solely thing from the mean solar day Julius commissioned me to paint instead of sculpt. I am anarchitect and sculptor non a paint painter. It is not that I doubt my abilitys to completesuch a task, but I believe that there atomic number 18 opposite contrivanceists that would be much better suited forthe chew over than I. It is of course an whiteness to be chosen to paint such a ceiling and Julius isfar to perverse to find anyone else but myself, so I will paint and I will make it one of thegreatest fresco scenes there will always be.(Brandes, 254).The scaffolding that was to be used for the work was horrible. Bramante haddesigned a scaffolding that needful holes in my ceiling. How was I to paint a gloriouswork of art with holes in it The beginning thing I did was have his scaffolding torn apart. Ithen designed a new structure my ingenious scaffold increased its strength with the tilt that was put on it. I mounted floor boards along sideways running columns thatwere separated my wedges of wood. Maybe Julius has chosen the right man for the jobI sent to Florence for a number of assistance to help me with the frescos and thetechnique since I am somewhat hazy with the technique involved. I started my work onthe cartoons for the frescos. These 12 Apostles that I am commissioned to paint are soboring I must find a way around characterisation them in such a dull fashion. As we started topaint the frescos I became very uninspired by the idea of the 12 apostles I was upset andconfused. I knew that this was not the right idea for the ceiling.(Redig De Campos, 170).I talked with Julius today and we discussed the project. I told him that It wasmuch to poor a thing to paint nevertheless the Apostles. And when he asked why I repliedBecause the Apostles, too, were poor. He told me to paint as I please , and now I willthe only problem is I dont quite know what is right yet.I had a vision for the ceiling while outside daydreaming today. I will paint theCreation of humans and the Creation of the Universe, I will tie in the already existingfrescos on the walls to the ceiling frescos by painting events that preceded the two epochof Sub lege and S... ... (Brandes, 264).I tested to keep my painting style very consistent from painting to painting on the ceiling. I was going for a watercolor effect for the whole project and I did this by avoiding some colors and using a variety of others. I avoided pure reds, blues, and whites. The whites that I used I gave a bluish, yellow, or sometimes a brown tint. I did this to avoid a pure color standing out in the whole painting and to avoid distracting the viewer. I also left out gold and instead simulated it with other variations of color. When Julius asked me why I didnt use genuinely gold I replied The prophets I have painted were poor hands they had no gold. Julius was very material and loved his jewelry andexpensive clothing, he did not understand the reality of being a poor man. (Brandes, 274).My work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is now complete and I will bring forth to Florence to practice there. I believe that I have created something very special(prenominal) in this chapel. I have expressed my feelings and sent a heart and soul for all mankind to see. I owe this great piece of art to my imagination and am very pleased with the final product.

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