Sunday, March 17, 2019

Vietnam War :: essays research papers

Upon reading the novel After Sorrow, written by brothel keeper Borton, I have realized that my view of the Vietnam War was skewed. Although I didnt live through the Vietnam War unlike my parents and their peers, I idea I was close enough in age to fully escort what happened during that time in my countries history. This novel gave the account of the Vietnamese War told by the race of Vietnam who lived there during that time. The American soldiers used bombs, napalm, Agent Orange and assorted horrible weapons to kill the Viet Cong. The government justified the killing of the Viet Cong because they were under the conception that they were all communists. Reading this book described a totally different war, regular the name is different. The American War, as the Vietnamese called it, was barely even fought by the Viet Cong guerilla soldiers. In actuality the war was fought in homes and market places by Vietnamese women and children. Another major misconception was that the Viet Cong guerilla forces were strictly communist Lady Borton found that this was largely untrue. After all of the terrible and disturbing stories told by the Vietnamese in this novel, the fact that Uncle Beautiful cannot blame Americans for their anguish. This quote is hearty to me because of the obvious unwavering faith Uncle Beautiful has for Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh believed the Marxists view of the distinction between government and the people during wars of topic liberation. He voiced to the Vietnamese people that the American and Vietnamese people were on the same side and were victims just as much as the Vietnamese were. Minh held that the US government, controlled by capitalists, made m unitaryy off of the mail industry and therefore a war would be in their outdo interests. He made the Vietnamese people see through their suffering and not hold the actions of a few Americans against the entire nation. I see it is remarkable how the Vietnamese could distinguish between the government and people of one nation.

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