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Compare what it book says and what textbook says. Ten words from Essay

Compare what it book says and what textbook says. Ten words from textbook - Essay ExampleAt the rootage of the book, cwm describes the old and fishily built Dutch house, which was the house of her birth because this was to go on to, being the main setting of the book. inside(a) this house is a secret room where political prisoners and Jews who were getting away from the national socialists were hid. We see from the very beginning of the book that the Ten Booms were essentially very kindhearted people who went out of their way to help the ugly and bonded well amongst themselves. Corries siblings are portrayed as people she found her best friends in and her aunts as grownups she looked up to. Taking in people to provide refuge started when one Jewish woman ended up at the Ten Booms doorstep and asked for protection following her husbands arrest by the Nazis. This gave a start to the privacy place for the Jews.However, the story is not a bed of flowers as Corrie and her family soo n had to face the Nazi Invasion of Holland, their country of residence. The Ten Booms became an essential part of the Resistance Movement and provided shelter for people fleeing the Nazi forces in a hidden room should the house ever be assailed. The book duologue intimately how they did practice runs everyday in case their house was ever raided.During the time all this was happening, Corrie sometimes had serious doubts about whether what she was doing was right or not but always came up with the conclusion that she was by keeping her faith in God strong. Even though the family and their wards prayed very hard that a raid should not happen, it eventually did due to the Dutch traitor named Jan Vogel. Ironically, the Jews in the secret hiding place were protected but the Nazis took the Corrie, her father and sister Betsie into custody. As luck would have it, the father died ten days after arrest and Corrie who was unwell at the time of arrest was put into solitary confinement. The b ook talks about ho every time Corrie came near despair, her faith in God unplowed her going y giving her something to do. During her solitary confinement, she just had a black ant for company with whom she divided up her bread. This alone gave her the strength she needed to pass the lonely days and nights of her confinement when she saw this ant assay to take the piece of bread back through the crack in the floor. A few months later on devil Corrie and Betsie were reunited at Vught Prison and the two sisters were able to catch up on what happened to both of them during the separation. Betsie had a weak heart from birth and Corrie knew she had to be with her sister ever more now. both sisters wished for release but instead were transported in boxcars into the infamous Ravensbruck Prison in eastern Germany where living conditions were so horrific that Betsie became more and more ill. Despite the uncomfortable living premises and Betsies continuously failing health, the two sisters kept bringing the word of God to any prisoner who listened and found strength in it. Corrie habitually sneaked in a tiny vitamin bottle for Betsie and also distributed vitamins to whoever needed them. Betsie was very sure that they allow for be released at the beginning of the year 1945 which

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