Tuesday, April 23, 2019

MarketingProject-Kuwait Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MarketingProject-Kuwait - Research Paper ExampleAdditionally, the offset fairish utilization of aircrafts, gives them a higher hail per every seat mile, this is different from Jazeera Air, which has cut its fleet and uses its aircrafts extensively (Shaw 35). This paper discusses how Ryanairs limited airport transportation will work in the Middle eastern United States where the airports are concentrated. Consumers across the globe have continued to turn towards the internet for their mixed impress needs. This involves enquiry on trips, comparison of prices, shopping for flights and mesh. Consumers have found this convenient and vital to their business and personal travel needs. Looking across the markets with increased focus on the Middle East market, there are various emerging demographic trends that drive growth across the B2C travel industry. Understanding this trend is vital for Ryanair in order to create a strong presence online and increase market share. One demographic gr oup, which would move ball Ryanair is the age group from twenty five to thirty four. This is because these are the most samely to prefer get-go cost carriers, as they have just started earning and would be more willing to forfeit the comfort and prodigality of a traditional airline for the cost further measures of a low cost carrier like Ryanair. People from thirty five to forty four would excessively consider flying Ryanair because of its cost cutting. This is generated by the idea that they have most likely had increased responsibilities. However, it should be noted that these are those people in the middle to low income earning bracket. Those over sixty-five were the least willing to consider flying Ryanair. Another demographic, which would fly Ryanair would be students studying abroad or travelling for study trips. This would be informed by the particular that they will be doing this on funds from the government or school. However, there was a disparity with the sexes, w ith iodine woman claiming that low cost carriers did not provide enough segregation for women, and since she preferred to remove her booking on the flight, she would be uncomfortable. Another demographic that would most certainly be willing to fly Ryanair for its low cost measures is tourist groups. Given that most claimed to be travelling on a budget that they had been saving for a while. For business people, the most receptive to Ryanair travel were those in supervisory roles or junior commission positions, in their companies. Those in middle management roles were also receptive of the idea of a low cost carrier. However, those in professional roles or senior management are least implicated in a low cost carrier like Ryanair. Finally, Kuwaitis travelling to Europe to experience leisure or visit relatives and friends are likely to fly Ryanair for its low cost. However, business people were least interested in using a low cost carrier like Ryanair, despite the fact that it would save their organization money. Clients who are concerned about the environment could elect to fly low cost carriers since the cut back weight of the plane leads to a reduction in fuel used by the plane (Shaw 38). These airlines also offer a fairly simpler scheme for fares, for example, charging tickets for one way at half the price of polish up trips. This encourages clients to choose it. Since these carriers fly to less congested and smaller secondary airports during off-peak hours to avoid delays by traffic, they offer an

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