Monday, April 29, 2019

Selfie and Self-portrait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Selfie and Self-portrait - Essay prototypeOn the other hand, a self-portrait is a representation of a characterisationgraphed or drawn picture. Self-portraits have been in existence since the medieval times when renaissance creative persons and painters started to work on human anatomy. In some cases, when artist draw a self-portrait, the photographer might utilize larger lens, which can disorient the image. They can likewise fail to present the person facing down with no focus, which can distort the image. Self-portraits include actor and thought during composition of the image or photo (McHugh n.p).It is significant to note that self- portrait is looking at me and reflecting on a personal life while a selfie is empty and not indicative of much(prenominal) a scenario. When a person takes a selfie, the eyes look bigger and shiny because of the closeness to the photographic camera but as for the self-portrait the artist produces all(prenominal) part of the image in accordance with the way it appears. duration taking a selfie, the gestures imply that look at me I am taking a selfie or a photo of me or I am here. It tries to capture the attention of other people. On contrary, Self-portrait tries to reveal certain messages or information about the image/character. For instance, the artist draws the image with an intention to get hold of a message to the people (Jim 17).A self-portrait is an artistic impression of the self that has a deeper meaning than a selfie. A self-portrait involves a person looking at a picture and trying to produce every inch of the image as it appears (Julian, 76). There is concern to expound as much as the details cannot be compared to the camera. The portrait is taken to expound on a something. It brings about a message to other people but a selfie can only be utilise to showcase a olden activity. A good example of this is a portrait of a person for use in as a gift in a ceremony. This portrait is different from a selfie or t he same photo taken using a camera as it will in most cases be used to

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