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Statistic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Statistic - Essay ExampleAmong the sample we questioned, a legal age of them, 66.7% representing 20 individuals were of the opinion that caseful II diabetes mellitus is a dangerous disease. Only 1 subject represents a meager 3.3 of the nub sample existence disagreed. This indicates that diabetes mellitus, type II is feared by more than half of the population as a dangerous disease and only(prenominal) a significantly low proportion of the total population are of the opinion that the disease is not that dangerous. This information is well represented in the submit 1 below.The perk ups of type II diabetes were listed as genetic factors, obesity, a despicable diet or, in around cases, vitamin D insufficiency. Consequently, the study sought to identify from the sample population what was their opinion on the cause of the diabetes among these intravenous feeding factors. Interestingly, more than half, 56.7%, representing 17 subjects in the sample joined type II diabetes to obes ity. However, a few individuals linked the disease to a poor diet or genetic factors. It should be noted that vitamin D and poor diet may be intertwined since both have to do with ones eating habits. In this regard, 30% of the subjects of this study linked these two factors to the disease. Therefore, inferring from these statistics, it is true that obesity leads as a major cause of type II diabetes mellitus with poor diet coming a distance second (see Table 2 below).Personal measures taken to prevent type II diabetes were also investigated in this study. These factors majored on habits/behaviors aimed at preventing type II diabetes, namely, exercise, diet, and enough sleep (sleeping early). Of the personal initiatives, 14 subjects, representing 46.7% of the survey subjects, exercised so as to curb the disease, whereas only 23.3% were of the opinion that sleeping early could prevent type II diabetes mellitus (see below Table 3, a pie chart

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