Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Fashion Industry of Lebanon, SWOT Assignment

The mold Industry of Lebanon, SWOT - Assignment ExampleThis paper get out examine the strategies incorporated into stylus and will analyze the strengths and weaknesses that be a part of the culture.The fashion industry is one that is continuing to grow in various regions, specific all in ally because of the growth and changes in the economy. Currently, the movement into global capitalism and the focus that is incorporated into unlike industries is the central focus. The fashion industry began to change with the industrial revolution, specifically because it allowed for mass production and exploitation at an international level. Industry leaders in fashion are known to have two components. The send-off is based on global trends that are reaching different regions. The second is from ethnically diverse types of clothing, all of which help with a combination of trends and fashion forward thinking that is based on regional concepts. This is merely combined with different regions th at combine industrial materials that are available as resources with the fashion that is available (Chandler, 303, 2004). The several(prenominal) changes that are a part of the fashion industry at large have also abnormal the fashion industry structure in Lebanon and the different concepts that apply to this.The Lebanon fashion industry has over 92 companies that produce different levels of fashion. The fashion is divided first by accessories, design, footwear and overall fashion. This is further divided by the expected industry that is based on global expectations, specifically which combines the economic scale of fashion with the production. Haute couture is the most expensive. This is followed by luxury items for those who still require high quality but want a lower price. Affordable luxury is the next target market followed bymainstream brands and discount brands. The most fashion-forward knowledge domain is in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.There are over 5,000 artisans work ing in this area as soundly as a Beirut Art Center, which includes exhibition spaces for artists. Schools specifically designed for the visual arts are also a part of the culture.

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