Friday, May 31, 2019

Global Warming Essay -- Environmental Global Climate Change

Global WarmingOne of the hottest topics being discussed now a days is the effects of global warming on the environment and the efforts being made in order to combat the potential effects. Simply put, global warming refers to the environmental effects caused by the constant release of carbon dioxide from carbon found fuels. These effects be supposedly widespread the temperature of the earth will rise, the land becomes less conducive to, vegetation, and various ecosystems become extinct. on that point is no common consensus on how to control the problem and through out the paper it discusses the issues of global warming. There were three denominations read that discussed how global warming is go a potential problem that needs to be analyzed thoroughly. One article (On Global, 118) is very cautious about how to cost the problem the author believes that not enough is known about the effects of global warming versus the costs of containing it. He suggest no more than a modest flat tax on carbon based fuels Another article (Schneider, A17) discusses the debates that the Clinton white house representatives have over the best street in dealing with the problem. The third article (Reuter, C7) touches on the potential effects of global warming in tropical rain forests.Furthermore, each article shows that at that place is no common consensus in dealing with global warming. One article stresses that the issue is so murky that it is open to debate. Another article shows how members of the gaberdine House cannot agree on the matter and yet another author shows how countries cannot agree to ratify a treaty. After reviewing the information available on the subject, it appears that there is no easy answer to how to deal with global warming. To begin with , there is absolutely no consensus whatsoever as to the extent of the problem. One article (On Global, 118) simply maintains that the models available to judge the damage that global warming causes are just too primi tive and insufficient. Both technological and efficient models used to deal with the subject seem flawed. Additionally, the question arises as to whether the U.S. should have to calculate the cost of cleaning up the environment for countries like India and China that are too poor to give the matter priority.But another article (Reuter, C7) maintains that the effects of global warming are alr... on carbon based fuels and timetables for monitoring progress.It is therefore interesting to note how these issues were dealt with by the Clinton- control panel administration. The vice president did not discuss the issue at all after his inauguration. Many Clinton-Gore trial promises were never fullfilled. Why? because they were not practical goals. They met with too much resistance from opponents. This lesson ought to be taken to heart on a number of issues. While Gore and Clinton might have been sincere in their campaign promises, the voters should always wonder what influence the opposition had over them. Additionally, it is on curiosity how the European community support the climate treaty, but when time came to ratify the documents it didnt pass. Work CitedOn Global Warming Why no Carbon Tax? The New York generation 25 May 2006, late ed. Sec 118Reuter. Dangers to Forests Seen from Warming. The New York Times 17 Aug. 2003 late ed., Section C7Schneider, Keith Gore Meets opponent in Efforts for Steps on Global Warming.. The New York Times 19 Apr. 2003, Late Ed. Sec A17WWW. Discover. OrgWWW. NASA .GovWWW. Global Warming. netwww. Edf. org/

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