Monday, May 6, 2019

History of Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

History of Architecture - Essay ExampleThe essential origin in architecture refers to different individual parts of the building being related to the integrated only structure. The part-to-whole association as a basic element of the architecture has been consciously endorsed by Lloyd Wright (Harris 93), as seen in his Wayf atomic number 18rs Chapel. Similarly, Casa Mila (Figure 1.) depicting Art Nouveau architecture is a free-form mass located around a street corner. The organic architecture includes the faade which has a wavy cut-stone wall with a rough surface suggesting naturally faltering rock. The undulating balconies appear comparable a series of oceanic waves. The faade is also considered to look like a cliff-like rock with caves, and the building was named as the quarry or Pedrera, which emphasized its natural look. Moreover, the entrance portals (Figure 2) look like eroded sea caves (Kleiner 848).Further, the wrought iron entrance gates (Figure 2), balcony grills and in terior window work (Figures 3a and 3b), anyhow woodwork and hydraulic mosaics (Gaudi et al 262) are based on organic botanical motifs with highly stylized, catamenia forms. Distinctively, the rooftop is adorned with twisted chimney stacks and ventilators in unusual biomorphic forms (Figures 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d), with a surrealistic effect (Kleiner 848). The interiors are characterized by the curving lines of arches and room spaces with no right angles (Figure 5) From the plaster of the ceilings are created various organic designs such(prenominal) as the foam of waves, petals of flowers, or tentacles of the octopus (Figure 6).Like the Casa Mila, organic architecture is integral to The Wayfarers Chapel or the Glass Church (Figure 7) created by Lloyd Wright. However, in this case, the organic architecture is related to its location in a scenic setting in the middle of nature.

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