Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How Tobacco Companies Targeting Teens Research Paper

How Tobacco Companies Targeting Teens - look Paper ExampleAlmost thirty six percent of smokers ar foreseen of dying due to smoking. This leave result in losing two decades of dynamic life. Many big tobacco corporations are spending roughly $10.5 billion every year as a way of promoting their brands and a large percentage of their efforts in selling reach the teenagers directly. Reports issued showed that a fifty-two percent increase on market spending by the tobacco industry was viewed in 1998-2008 (Pampel, 11). According to the report, the expenditures in marketing reduced from $12.5 billion to $9.9 billion in 2006-2008 (Pampel, 12). Marketing on the tobacco that is smokeless has increased from 2005. Various documents in the tobacco industry, exposed in the lawsuits of tobacco, reveal that the companys manufacturing tobacco products have identified teenagers as their main market, conducted the habits used by the teenagers in smoking and created products or brands and developed marketing strategies aimed at the teenagers.I would like to start by explaining that large populations of teens in the United States prefer using camel, Newport and Marlboro brands of tobacco. These companies aim the teenagers by using images. The teenagers think that these marketing strategies used will make them be sexy, cool, rugged or allured. These companies manufacturing tobacco products use the images and associate the images with smoking. The teenagers are on the other hand convinced that smoking will make them be popular, seem as mature people, considered as cool people or fit in a certain crime syndicate of people (Pampel, 13). Tobacco companies have continued to market their products to vulnerable underage groups despite claims that their advertisements no long-run target kids intentionally.It is argued that the younger generation is targeted mostly as they form future customers (Warner. 1211-1213). These companies knowingly place advertisements on popular magazines wit h an aim of reaching as many young people

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