Saturday, May 11, 2019

Lifecycle of a successful nightclub Research Paper

Lifecycle of a successful corporation - Research Paper ExampleNightclub goers seek fun, refreshment, entertainment, food, and accommodation. A successful club should have the potential difference to attract new club goers and maintain the patronage of the occasional club goers. As such, the cabaret should submit in a secure location and possess the required club and liquor license. At the similar time, the golf-club should possess a unique club mood that makes it stand bulge from the rest. Most importantly, the employees of the nightclub should be hospitable. Notably, several factors affect the nightclub life cycle and nightclubs go through varied developing stages to become successful. Indeed, some nightclubs are more popular than others are as seen in the marquees case study where Marquee succeeded where other clubs failed. Hence, there is indispensableness to understand the basics of the nightclub byplay and its lifecycle for enhancing a longer profitable life of a clu b. Body 1 The personnel of operating a nightclub as seen in the Marquees case study involves managers, security people, bar backs, waiters and waiters, adit attendants, bartenders, and a DJ (Elberse et al., 2009). For a nightclub owner to establish a successful nightclub, it is necessary for them to turn up other forms of entertainment like restaurants to understand the entertainment blood (Klebanow, 2007). Indeed, Tepperberg and Strauss were initially event promoters where they established a good customer base that later came to Marquee nightclub. Moreover, there is need for clear bar business concept for the nightclub. Additionally, we should do a market research (Earth Bar, 2013) to derive a clear understanding of the nightclub business (Klebanow, 2007) just as Tepperberg and Strauss spent their time in major hotel, restaurant, or club fountain in Vegas. More so, for a successful nightclub we should not be mean in expending (Klebanow, 2007) and should strive to create attrac tive and appealing environments. As such, there is need for adequate space, amenities, lighting, parking, and other club aspects. Indeed, we can see how Marquee stood on a space that was functional and efficiently laid out to accommodate drinking, entertainment, dancing, and special events (Elberse et al., 2009). Notably, a successful nightclub should cater for different types of people as seen in the case of Marquee, which had three separate spaces for professionals, socialites, filler crowd, and bottle service customers who were mostly celebrities. Indeed, the club has seven different kinds of bars located in the main room, the library, and the Boom box area (, 2013). Notably, to sufficiently carryout these operations, there is need for a well-trained staff (Earth Bar, 2013) to disco biscuit hospitable, excellent, and clean services. Indeed, we can see that Marquee had trained staff, which offered exceptional services, which make the nightclub a one-stop shop for hospitality in New York (Elberse et al, 2009). A professional DJ to reserve entertainment and play the right music is also very significant in a nightclub. Marquee had invested heavily on a top class DJ. Most assuredly, any nightclub must offer a wide variety of alcoholic drinks to its different types of customers. Notably, Marquee offered different alcoholic

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