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Reading Books and Using Computers Essay

Reading books can take us to any places and time. serious read and let your imagination explore. It also can give us further enjoyledge to the things that surrounds us. And it dish out us in our comprehension, practices our fluency, and many others. It can also tour us to the Egypt, Greece, Spain and many place hither on earth without wasting money, and energy. It also takes us beyond the outer space, galaxies, meteors, stars and throughout the universe with no takeing of rocket. And lastly, it let us meet Romeo & Juliet, Achilles, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and of course our God and savior Jesus Christ. All information about them is come from books. We leave alone never have sex them without the books. Some of them maybe real and others may be estimable a tale. Book is really our friend it could take us, meet people we desire. But nowadays, beca usage reading books is muted and you have to read for almost a week or month, students forthwith argon so lazy to that and they always have the speech of its a waste of time. Indeed, students treat their books as their opponent and just remember them when they have an exam or quizzes. Its so sad that books had almost been bury by students that became friends by their ancestors once.see muchessays on electronic computersUsing Computer is widely practice todays generation. It is almost needed in the society. You can also be called an illiterate when you dont know how to role it, because even a 7 years old kid can use the computer. Computer is easy to use, reliable, fast, and consume a short period of time. And today you dont need to have to read a book for almost a week and widen your imagination to know the content of the story, by just internet and a YouTube website, and a mark off you could watch your desired myth instantly. With moving, speaking, singing, dancing, fighting, and many others action that books cannot do. Thats why students are interested in victimization computer because of its psyche delic and attractive features that very appealing to generation of students today. As far today 3D is the most in high spirits tech feature that produce by computers which is the reason why student almost forget the books already. And you could final stage the novel for barely 2 3 hours and have enough time to spend it with your love ones or your hubby.Also, you can direct search information rather than in the books. And lastly it can let you proclaim to the people in other countries, to your families, friends, or not. Computers are widely needed by each in every one of us. Not to follow the new fashion line we can say. But, not to be left by todays life and rules especially in applying a job that in the main all job require knowledge in apply computers and can have the power to make out to the world. Books and Computers are both helpful to our life and living. They are both source of information that helps us know the things we wanted to know. They give information, give mo re knowledge and help us to satisfy our curiosity.They are both take us to the other places here in the world and to the stars in the universe and to the place we only see in our dreams. Indeed they are both needed and have to be needed. But, lately as the world innovate to high tech world, that its like life is just a click, books have been forgotten and keep dusty in the library, while computers had been more needed by the society. subroutine library was very quite not just because of its policy Keep Quite but there are no one there except the staff or the librarian. While internet caf were so hot, vociferous and overcrowded. This study had been conducted to know the best and rough-and-ready source of information between computers and books. And, the common reasons behind it. And lastly, to know why this phenomena is happening in our society, world and universe today.Objectives1. To enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of reading books and employ computers. 2. To know th e stiff one between books and computer. 3. To know which students prefer between books and computers as their source of information.Hypothesis 1. Reading books go forth have so many advantages with no disadvantages, while using computer will have more advantages than books but with many disadvantages too. 2. The impelling one is using computer because its fast, easy, reliable and consume only a short period of time rather than books. 3. The effective one is using computer because of its multi-purposes and uses that are effective to the learning of the student. Significance/Importance of the StudyThis study may be useful to the following rail Administrators. The result of this study may be used by school administrator to know what benignant of source information the teacher and the school staff that may use for a better and effective teaching. Teachers. The study might help the teacher enhance their chosen technique in teaching so that they will deliver their lesson to student cl early and understandable. School Librarians. This research might help the librarian assist will the library as the source of effective and reliable room of information through books and computer with internet.Students. This study will let students know the importance of books and computer, their advantages and disadvantages so that they may limit their self to use them, and to know the kind of source of information they will use in a specific problem. Parents. The Parents will likewise be benefited from the result of the study in a way that they can guide their children for using a such information in the right time and place, and give limit them when they over using it. Future Researchers. The results of this study will give the future researchers the basis of their own research in using computer and reading books. And how both source of information help us.Definitions of TermsSource of Information perceptionInternetWebsiteFluencyScope and DelimitationThis is an experimental study of selected 30 first year college students of window oyster State University Poblacion Campus during the school year 2012 2013.

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