Saturday, June 15, 2019

Government Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Government Class - Essay ExampleRepublican and Democratic candidates for President, as evidenced by their campaign rhetoric, appear as if they agree on an issue. Both have espoused funding renewable energy sources such solar, wind, and bio-fuels but their motivations are as different as the ideological chasm that exists in the parties themselves. Democrats have made global warming a centerpiece of their campaigns and renewable energy is but a part of that while Republicans make only glancing caution of mans influence on climate changes. Alternative forms of energy, according to Republicans are beneficial because it will reduce the amount of oil imported from the countries that put forward terrorism. In support of their global warming platform, Democrats also want to reduce pollution emitted from factories and increase the efficiency of automobiles. In addition, Democrats oppose the concept of liquid sear as a replacement for coal saying that it would produce greenhouse gasses at an unacceptable rate. Republicans generally support liquid coal. Moores article points come to the fore that environmentalist groups have dismissed the Republican stance on renewable energy as ingenuous and motivated by political ambitions rather than concern for the environment.The Republicans make a good point. Encouraging the use of renewable forms of energy by investing federal funds, if advanced on a massive scale, whitethorn decrease the amount of foreign oil that must now be imported. Because much of it is found in the Middle East region of the world, this has historically been a volatile area and largely unfriendly to the U.S., not depending on this region for the countrys life blood is a great idea. The Democrats mention this facial expression of their renewable energy argument in passing and maybe they should bring it up more often to score more political points in the

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