Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Review of a Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Review of a Paper - Essay ExampleBy the end of a 30 minutes presentation people already have lasting judgments about your character. The error in judgment made by the people earshot to ideas often does not allow them to properly gauge a project. The author of the article did an extensive research of this topic in the television industry. He after applied what he witness in Hollywood to other industries and the results were the same.Potential investors atomic number 18 very interested in ensuring that the person pitching an idea has creativity. sight on the receiving end of pitches have no formal, verifiable, or objectives measures for assessing that elusive trait, creativity (Elsback, 2003). According to the author of the article successful pitchers fall into three prototypes showrunners, artists, and neophyte. Showrunners combine yeasty inspiration with production know how. Artist prefer the world of creative ideas to reality, while neophyte tend to be or act as if they are inexp erience and naive in order to exploit that to their advantage. In general people commit that creative people have certain traits such as intuitiveness, sensitivity, passion, and youth.In general the article provided an interesting insight into what occurs in the decision making process to approve ideas or products in the marketplace. I generally believe that the author made some good arguments about what occurs when people pitch ideas to decision makers. Despite the fact that the author made good arguments he did not completely convince me of his theory. I believe that when a person is listening to an idea the idea itself supersedes whatever effect that the listener had about the personality of the pitcher. My opinion goes against everything that the author wrote in his article. The author did not show any clear proof that his theory is

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