Sunday, July 28, 2019

Technology Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Technology Management - Research Paper Example Too much automation and aggressive strategy can damage the performance of the organization when the decisions do not support the corporate directions. This aggressive automation can expose the organization to several unmanaged risk factors due to the lack of effective knowledge about the balanced approach. Short term thinking and lack of expertise can damage the business operation management of the organization. This report will determine the bottom-line impact of unmanaged technology on the business performance of the organizations. Analysis It is discussed earlier that too much automation can affect the business operation of a corporation. In terms of industrial fluid disposal and usage, list of poor fluid maintenance practices combined with several in adequate fluid choice can result loss of goodwill and significant operational cost. However, inadequate cost management due to the lack of effective knowledge can erode the bottom line on the daily basis that can impact the long term viability and competitiveness of several strategies and operational facilities (Hunt & Weintraub, 2007). The corporations are exposing themselves to excessive business operation cost and unmanaged risks due to seven key reasons. These reasons are discussed below. Poor Process Control Majority of the organizational facilities utilize more fluid than are required. It exposes the corporations to critical risks due to lack of establishment of robust and control strategy for all the fluid applications. However, this fluid condition can be changed dramatically. An effective and specific control plan needs to be undertaken by the organization management. An effective management programme can enhance the significant process control that is important for the productivity and cost control. In several cases, the acceptable range of the fluid condition can be extended as it may not result in the fluid related events. A strict and tightly management control plan can eliminate excessive use of f luids. Decisions based on data vs. Feelings Every manufacturer knows that, analytical data is quite important when addressing a particular manufacturing issue, responding to a specific quality concern or developing plan for the next step. It is true that, most of the facilities are effective at collecting quality, financial and production related data, but fluid analysis data is rarely collected, correlated, compiled and interpreted due to the specific specialized nature of the interpretation (Haneberg, 2012). Fluid management generally tends to non-core expertise in a particular manufacturing environment. Major characteristic of this fluid management is non-core focus. Several organizations consider that the fluid condition can effectively impact manufacturing, quality and availability, but major significance of this aspects to drive daily decision making process. It is the corrective action executed on daily basis based on the information and data that result in risk management an d cost minimization. Hesitance to change Management risk and direct costs are associated with the product change. This relation is quite significant. Due to this, the organization hesitates to implement product change management process on the floor of several manufacturing plants. Recently, the product vendors are making various critical claims about the significance and benefits of greatest and modern developed

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