Saturday, August 24, 2019

Follow-up Questions for 2nd Writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Follow-up Questions for 2nd Writing - Assignment Example oved from Montgomery to Hampton to look for green pastures and mostly because park had disagreements with King and other heads of the civil rights movement. Parks got a new job in Hampton as a hostess in a hotel and after a short while they moved again to Michigan (Parks and Reed 2006, 44). Until in 1965, Park labored as a seamstress when the American-African diplomat for U.S, J.Conyers employed her as a secretary. In 1970, Parks experienced the worst of her live when illness struck her, her husband, brother and mother causing her to admit donations from well-wishers (Weidt 2003, 76). Later on Parks was involved in a fall accident while she was walking on an icy sidewalk and she was hospitalized with broken bones. It was a big blow when she lost her family members within a short span of time (Weidt 2003, 81). In 1980 she devoted herself to founding and raising finances for communal rights and learning associations. In 1992 she published her autography named Rosa Park-my story which was aiming the youthful generation and there after her memoir-Quiet Strength and points out the significance role her faith played in her life (Weidt 2003, 84). In 1994, she was attacked by a drug addict an ordeal that traumatized her for long. She made her last appearance on the film in 1999 after participating in a movie called Touched by an Angel (Weidt 2003, 91). In 2000 her health deteriorated and was almost evicted from her apartment when a Baptist church came to her rescue due to high accumulation of rent debts (Weidt 2003, 91). She was honored and received many awards due to her achievements and later died on October

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