Monday, August 12, 2019

Frank Lloyd Wright Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Frank Lloyd Wright - Essay Example Wright was also a proficient educator who advocated for the respect of humanity and the natural environment. His works have remained unique for many years and in 1991 he was crowned the greatest American architect of all times. Wright spent over seventy years creating designs that changed the art and architectural arena of the 20th century. Till his death in 1959, Wright devoted all his energy in improving and developing his career and this made him gain recognition in the American architectural history. Wright is remembered for his great contribution to the development of ‘prairie school’ of architecture which he became the principal practitioner in 1900. Prairie school gained wide recognition for its radical approach to the construction of modern homes. This brought a total change in the America’s architectural field and the entire construction fraternity (Alofsin 49). Wright -designed apartments exhibited low roof over continuous widow bands that turned corner which were unique from the tradition convectional boxlike structures. His works for business and church are among the most remarkable structures in architectural history that have remained incomparable up to date. For instance, In 1994 Wright erected the Larkin Company administration block which was well ventilated, had metal desk, fireproof and well condition. Soon after its completion, he erected yet another unique structure at the Unitarian church of Oak Park which was later registered as a historic l andmark. LaFontaine and Wright (50) argues that during his seventy years in the architectural career, Wright created over one thousand designs which included recreation complexes, commercial buildings, religious houses and museums among others. In fact, Wright redefined our concept of space, providing all people with an opportunity to live in fresh environment integrated in the natural world.

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