Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Scarlet Letter Work Journal :: essays research papers

Whatever the people of Boston take pleasure in seems to interpret as sin. If heaven is supposed to be a placed of paradise, isn’t it pointless to say that all that brings pleasure and happiness is sin? It’s almost like they’re making whatever part of heaven given to them in life into a living hell I think the people of Boston hypocrites because they are trying to build a place of the bible and a place of peace and happiness, yet they are unwelcome to change, narrow minded, and hard and judgmental towards other people I think these people are also fearful of their own emotion because everything because they wear is drab clothing that covers every inch of their body and they act very insensitive, but kind to those who had not done wrong These people are also very frightened of nature and the aboriginal that surround them. I think all the fears that these people have reflect the fear that is inside themselves because they are insecure and they know that they sin and they are so god fearing that they think they will not be forgiven so everything around them symbolizes the demons within themselves. That explains why they act so hard towards it because subconsciously, they think that they are showing their personal strength If God truly exists, does he not want a person to take pleasure of their gifts in life and take pleasure in the gift of life itself? I think Hester Prynne should take more pride and have more faith in herself. Everyone views her as a sinner simply because she got pregnant with someone other than her husband. I know that cheating on your husband is wrong, but her husband was gone and she did not know if he was dead or alive. She was simply doing what a sensible person would do and that was move on I really like Hester Prynne’s character because although she is insecure, she stands out from other people in the novel. The Boston citizens in the novel think she stands out in a bad way, but I think it’s in a good way. She is not afraid to give into her own passion I really like Hester Prynne’s daughter, Pearl, because she is daring and she challenges the people’s beliefs with her own although she is very young. Her mother is always telling her, â€Å"Hush, hush,† because she does not want Pearl to get into trouble with people but I think it’s a wonderful thing that she develops her own opinions.

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