Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Digital revolutions (6) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Digital revolutions (6) - Essay Example It has been observed that owing to implementation of advanced technology in the global market has become more effective in nature (Crown, 2015). The principle aim of the study is to describe about the positive impact of adopting digitalisation within the existing marketing process. Apart from this, the study will also describe how digitalisation can be helpful in building effective global marketing strategies. The digital revolution is recognised to be incorporated within the global marketing strategy during the third industrial revolution, which has made a positive impact over the global economic development. The business industry has become more cautious regarding the application of the same. It has been stated that by implementing the digitalisation within marketing strategy companies are more able in developing effective connection with the costumers. It has been also observed that the traditional ways of marketing are unable to create connection with its customers. In this regards the marketing practitioners have become more eager to adopt the digitalisation within their marketing strategies. Therefore, several companies have launched new strategies of handling online marketing segments, which will facilitate the companies to generate more customers as per the needs of the global marketing segments (Breene & Whipple, 2011). In this regard, the creation of electronic commerce industry has become more active participant for the development of new business circle. Most of the marketing practitioners consider e-commerce industry as a popular domain among the mass media as well as informatics circle also. It has been noted that the implication of e-commerce industry are playing an important role for developing the financial services as well as retail industry as well. Correspondingly, it can be stated that the digital revolution in the global business encourages adoption as well as practice of

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