Monday, September 30, 2019

Qualities of a nurse with a BSN as a Mentor Essay

Qualities of a nurse with a BSN as a Mentor The nurse I chose as a mentor has wonderful qualities that I hope to have after I also obtain a BSN. She shows great communication between nurses, doctors, and families. She is able to explain any situation in a professional manor. Her confidence is shown through her professionalism, for example, when she addresses information of medication and disease process to a family, she explains thoroughly, which builds trust with the family, shows her confidence and accountability, and she takes the time shows care. I know that being a nurse is a stressful job but nurses are able to find emotional stability and this nurse does just that by finding the balance of being happy in one room of a patient who was just extubated and doing well, then she will go to her next patient who isn’t doing as well and have empathy for the family, she says the right things, keeps her own emotions stable and nonjudgmental, and changes her whole thought process room to room. She pays attention to detail by noticing the wrong medication dose before giving to a patient. She has great problem-solving skills by helping residents and doctors come up with solutions in critical situations, she has quick responses with traumas. For example, she noticed something not right with her patient after a certain IV medication was given. She shows respect to all medical staff and families by staying professional, culture sensitive, and always shows a positive attitude. I have observed nurses with ADN and nurses with BSN’s, and I have noticed that BSN nurse show more professionalism in the hospital setting. She believes that nursing is a commitment of service and the desire to help those in need. It is more than treating an illness, she is focused on delivering quality patient care to each patient. Her philosophy of nursing combines the knowledge of medicine with compassion and respect. She has leadership skills that were learned through her education, patients are her number one priority, collaborates with the healthcare team, gives support, sensitive to patient’s needs, and shows praises to other colleagues. She works for the best interest for the patient, such as when she does not agree with an order written for a patient she will question the order and take action when needed. She also shows her leadership skills through forming  leadership meetings on ways to improve employee and patient satisfaction for our unit. She strives to improve areas on our unit that lack strength and finds solutions to make it better. Her attributes are what I am striving for my life long goals as I become a nurse with a BSN. The qualities that I have observed and the influence instilled through this nurse added with the education South University will be teaching me, will help me succeed as a professional nurse with a BSN. Not only will this add to my personal philosophy but also my own personal experiences as a current nurse and my willingness to continually learn, listen, accept advice, respect others beliefs, and work with others in any environment given (adaptability). I look forward to advancing my skill and succeeding as a professional nurse and continuing my education. Chitty, Black, K. (2007). Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges (5th ed). W.B. Saunders Company.

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