Friday, September 13, 2019

RedBull & PR Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

RedBull & PR - Literature review Example This paper presents an analysis of public relation strategies used by Red Bull around the world. Energy drink manufacturers, including Rend Bull GmbH, target a specific market segment, i.e., urban and young male males aged between sixteen and twenty nine (Buchholz, 2010: p43). This market segment has aspirations of living their lives on the edge. Accordingly, Red Bull uses extreme sport as a way of relating to them, with the sport being highly popular among this particular category of consumers. Additionally, the slogan used by Red Bull, i.e., Red Bull Gives You Wings†, was developed with the aim of creating public awareness among this particular segment of customers via communicating that drinking their beverages would ease challenging tasks. Moreover, the company epitomized modern branding by utilizing a marketing communication’s mix, including public relations, which sought to sell a way of life rather than a simple product and become culturally relevant (Buchholz, 20 10: p43). To do this, it was necessary for Red Bull to come up with PR strategies that caught the attention and appealed to their target group. Red Bull has come up with appropriate public relations strategies that are aimed at reaching out to its target market and getting them interested in the product (Russell, 2010: p44). As noted, Red Bull targets customer groups who live an active lifestyle by engaging in extreme sport and activities. In this regard, Red Bull’s public relations strategies attempt to create a perception that Red Bull beverages give necessary energy and edge to users, which can assist them to lead the lifestyle that they desire, as well as increase in their performance ion various aspects of their lives. Public Relations are defined as the relationships that an organization has with various public segments or groups, which have an effect on their ability to achieve their mission, objectives, and goals (Russell, 2010: p11). Companies can leverage PR by usin g publications and press kits on a regular basis in order to inform their shareholders around the world about the company, new products, news, events, and any other issues related to the company. Red Bull publishes its annual reports via which it communicates essential messages to stakeholders and the general public regarding the company. These annual reports serve as an effective tool for advertising where its main strengths and achievements are highlighted (Russell, 2010: p11). Red Bull also identifies Identity Media as one of its most effective tools for advertising (Russell, 2010: p46). The company fully utilizes Identity Media via the development of an online TV channel, which covers various company sponsored sporting events, especially extreme sports, and other programs aimed at attracting consumer interest in the company. Red Bull also publishes the Red Bulletin, a monthly magazine that is distributed by the Telegraph newspaper on Sundays. The issue carries sport reports inte rspersed with product information. The company also uses alternative methods of Public relations, for example, involving their brand in lobby activities in order to integrate themselves into various communities and build relations. One of Red Bull’s most famous public relations

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