Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Computer security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Computer security - Essay Example From this analysis, it has been deduced that PCs could be attacked without their users’ awareness by an effortless visit to any website that has been infiltrated by hackers [1]. Finkle and By Anoop noted that researchers have realized a code that attacks PCs by taking advantage of a newly discovered error in the newest installation of Java. In a subsequent piece of program called â€Å"Poison Ivy,† its release allowed hackers gain authority over the infected PC. PCs are vulnerable to infection without the users’ awareness merely by a visit to any website that has been infiltrated by hackers [1]. It is worth noting that a number of security organizations counseled users to instantly render Java program inoperative. This applied to the software installed through their internet browsers. These browsers had some nature on the great majority of PCs across the globe [2]. According to oracle, Java is present in 97% of activity PCs. Computer security specialists have commended the disabling of Java scripts for global usage on their browsers by PC owners. Rather, they stated that it was securer to authorize the usage of java browser plug-ins on a case-by-case when pressed for authorization by trusted software [1]. [1] Anoop. (2012, Aug.) â€Å"Quick! Disable or Uninstall Java from Your PC before Its Too Late†, Hacktabs. Available: your-pc-before-its-too-late/ [2] J. Finkle. (2012, Aug.) â€Å"Java Update Leaves PCs Open To Hackers, Experts Warn†, Huffingtonpost. Available:

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