Saturday, October 19, 2019

Discussion pages addition Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion pages addition - Research Paper Example Using scientific methods of study, the phenomenon involves investigation of the physical relationship that exist between animals and their immediate physical environment, as well as ecological relationships and interactions to other organisms. Of these studies the animal behavior includes aspects such as how animals feed for themselves, avoiding of predation and survival, deciding on who to mate with and the cycle of reproduction, and subsequent mothering ability and care for the progeny. Departing from the popular view of studying the animal behavior, the scientific method is a more systematic method of animal study using scientific methods and has evolved over the ages to be referred to as ‘Ethology’ a term that has evolved to find acceptance around the nineteenth century by French zoologist Isidore Geofrey. When describing animal behavior using scientific view, (Butler) provides four critical elements that scientific study of animal behavior must address, these include: causation, the development of the behavior, function, and the concept of evolution of that behavior. (798) The foraging behavior of animals especially the chameleon has received numerous popular and scientific arguments to suggest how the chameleon feeds. Of these, scientific theory becomes most preferred classifying the chameleons as active feeders and ambush forager or an intermediate class commonly referred to as the ‘cruise forager.’ (Peter, Anthony and Jay 3255) These animals have been studied both scientifically and by popular views. To this extent different studies use different terminologies to explain the behavior of chameleons. The scientific studies have their own ways of classifying and identifying the different species of chameleons; while the popular views have their own ways of analyzing the behavior and spices of chameleons. This is to say that, animal behavior can be studied differently. This is scientifically and by popular view of

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