Wednesday, October 16, 2019

International Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

International Marketing - Essay Example l have to make decisions based on the interests of its customers, governments, employees and other key partners in the different markets it will operate in. There are various operational actions that will vary with particular business environments that need to be taken into consideration. Differentiation of products or services offered by the company will therefore have to follow highly integrative guidelines for the success of its operations. For instance, Ooredoo is a communication company and therefore it will have to take into account the various communication habits of the different countries it intends to establish itself. The company will also have to be aware of legal provisions that are aligned to ethics which may be varying. Recognition of the mentioned and many more will enable the organization effectively strategize on its expansion plans. Secondly, the belief system of various countries may have an impact on the business strategy. The company will have to incorporate the various moral values and principles into its business culture according to the needs of the customers and society it will operate in. For instance, honesty, integrity and trust may be some of the varied values that may be differently preferred to by various customers according to their country of origin’s belief system. As a result of the beliefs, there might be consequences the company will have to face in the different regions of operations. The cultures of communities have a potential of pushing businesses to align to their demands. Same is the social components that have a connection with ethical concerns. Different countries, for instance, have consumer lobby groups that may demand for certain ethical standards to be met by companies. An organization like Ooredoo will therefore have... This paper stresses that factors in international trade are also important to the expansion planning process. The company will, for instance, have to take note of the various restrictions or economic barriers that exist in the target markets. For business to operate effectively, it will be important for the company’s management to examine the socio-cultural influences on product consumption and the values that are attached to service in the respective regions. Lastly, given the challenges of globalization noted above, the strategic positioning of the company with regards to different market issues will be important. The company will have to engage in product differentiation and market segmentation strategies, for example, so as to penetrate different markets. This paper makes a conclusion that ethical and globalization concerns raised above are therefore significant for the success of Ooredoo’s internationalization plans. The company will have to involve its research and design department to ensure that all the issues are well understood before management arrives at viable projects. With the opportunities presented by globalization and market liberalization, it is evident that so long as the company will be able to understand and act on different ethical and global perspective concerns, success will be more than guaranteed. As a leader in the provision of communication products, it is important that it maintains this position even in the identified international markets.

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