Monday, October 7, 2019

Skills Of Scholar-Practitioners Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Skills Of Scholar-Practitioners - Assignment Example In order to perform the last stage, critical thinking, it is relevant to take part in coursework and writing, thus enabling me to become a connoisseur in my field. Academic writing enables me to better analyze and evaluate relevant information of my field and develop my personal critical reflections based on the latest developments in the modern researchers and studies. Professional communication is triggered once a person is able to identify relevant information for discussion, remember and understand it and further on discuss it with other scientists because the truth is born of arguments (Bell 2007, p. 55). With the help of modern technologies and the Internet web, it is possible to develop proficient searches in different fields. Online libraries and databases are fertile grounds for further improvements and scholar-practitioner skills’ application. In order to advance by basic and proficient skills of a scholar-practitioner, I am going to:1) Outline relevant databases for my research field;2) Evaluate and analyze information available from online and printed sources;3) Remember and understand it;4) Use smart think, the writing center, communicate with faculty members and colleagues for support. Moreover, in order to penetrate into depths of scholar-practitioner skills and information search strategies, I am going to go up the ladder of Paul and Elder’s six stages for developing a good habit of thought. Currently, I am at stage four: The Practicing thinker.

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