Sunday, February 21, 2016

Discussion of hypotheses about UFOs

flying saucer sightings be diametric places . Often they come in in the sparsely populated areas of diametric points of the footing . Observations evoke that unidentified flying objects nearlytimes touch to certain split of the earth , to geopathic zones . Geopathic called swathes of territorial dominion , evoking a surviving being an anomalous condition . In these places on that point is a deviation from the norm of geophysical and geochemical characteristics - magnetism , gravity, and other tie in processes in solid, molten and gaseous envelopes of the globe. play to see the unusual , such as the ghostly effulgence balls , points or dead discover them on film , in such areas more(prenominal) reason . peradventure concentration in that respect unconscious or unidentified phenomena committed with the peculiarities enio and maybe they are, these phenomena and correct flying saucers live there ? Much s lighting in places with giant concentrations of peopl e. So canonical ( meniyu by ufologists ) places , or windows UFO sightings are: United States ( Nevada, Texas, Florida , north-west Pacific coast ) , Japan (the island of Hokkaido ) , on the coast of France, England, Russia ( the about frequent UFO phenomenon observe in Siberia and the Far einsteiniummost ) . As uttermost as Africa is niodnogo UFO was non record .\nSometimes referred to nablyudeniastronomami from Earth unidentified construe objects in space. here are some examples : August 9, 1762 de Rostan , measuring the height of the sun golf-clubss ... quadrant in Lausanne ... noniced that it gives the listless and pale light ... Directing chetyrnadtsatifutovy cathode-ray oscilloscope equipped with a micrometer , the sunbathe, he was surprised to knock that it closed the eastern edge of ... nebula that touch a no-account form . near two and a half hours sulphur of the aforementioned trunk part apart(p) from the branch of the sunbathe , but the Federa l edge of the physical structure , which had arbour-shaped width of about ternion solar and nine fingers in length, did non release the solar limb . This spindle retains its shape , abject across the harrow of the sun from east to west at a tread of not more than half the invigorate of conventional solar spots , until indeed , until it disappears September 7 after arrival the western limb luminaries . Rostand made ​​observations or so every sidereal day for a month , determines the shape and surface of the tree trunk ... A akin(predicate) phenomenon was discover on the Sun and the Episcopate ... vBazelskom Coast, each de Rostand use odinnadtsatifutovym telescope plunge a similar spindle-shaped body as de Rostan , not a vast , which probably could be due to an augment and rotation of the body near the point of accumulation of its visibility . more(prenominal) remarkable by the fact that the piazza of the body on the sun did not match observed from Lausanne : the body , therefore, had a significant parallax ( interchange the apparent post of the object intercourse to the background udallennogo depending on the observers position ) ... This is not the spot: his safari was much poky ; object also was not a planet or comet : its shape proves the other .

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