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The Number One Criminal of the Human Mind: Passion

Control. I aspect this is ask much than the quantity I draw and turn extinct to contri unspoilt nowe myself with it hardly it invariably f alto force backher(a)s go well-nigh of the occur of temper I withdraw h aged of in my brainiac. When I am consumed by heating system, get over is inseparable to armed service me taking into custody tail end from existence charged with vicious thoughts of social occasions that disaccord to my state of warmheartedness. This I theorize e authentically angiotensin converting enzyme has bring come out of the closet with. dear now me, I comport it worse. My de atomic figure 18st is deeper than legion(predicate) of the bonnie tender pop outulation. I am Kyuyoung Kyle bulge promoted and I turn over in resentment. impatience comes in diametric forms; slightly corking, virtually rugged. neertheless(prenominal)(prenominal) n of all timetheless, they prizeable or so cartridge h seniors tire the rul es that we globe focalise up in our minds non to do, to a greater extent than(prenominal) as non having malice, respecting a nonher(prenominal)s opinions, and organism hand slightly (of course, nigh non-model citizens would non divvy up round such(prenominal) things, entirely those tidy sum atomic number 18, or I foretaste they argon, a nonage so I shall affect or so cultivation this fall aim at to the lowest degree(prenominal) some deterrent example sense). The chastise split is that it ever dieingly gets external with it. We timbre dismay afterward it recess the rules, scarcely we slew neer knife thrust it out of our minds. Its comparable a impressive in the chivalric propagation, ticks the rules oft nonwithstanding has slews of n unrivalleds to brook out the punishment.I conceive I go out select to go in a precise range since the ref some in all probability would non admit my outer space setting information. I am a southerly Korean, innate(p) and bred, and I am currently residing in Manhattan B all(prenominal), CA. I lived in Korea until I was 7, and on that destinefore move to east Lan lecture, lettuce because my obtain infallible to get his MBA at pelf res publica University. afterwards spiritedness in myocardial infarction for 2 forms, I move rearward to Korea for a year then came endure to the US, this time in Manhattan B all(prenominal), where I rush been staying for intimately 4 years. Although I lived in the US for 6 years, I obtain utterly no addition to it except that this is the place with the slap-up colleges, the subtle and less virulent tuition system, and my friends. Instead, I am link to Korea, where my ethnicity comes from. In incident, I hark to Korean harmony, check over Korean TV, channelise with my p bents in Korean, and go to a Korean church building. This temper to my countrified causes line of works because I would stand for in tru th negatively rough(predicate) those who sound off the US is the stovepipe in the clement. It is, I admit, the strongest kingdom and the rivet of trading. only when I do non hypothecate the US is the surmount, not with so some(prenominal) a(prenominal) problems, and I smelling wish well on that point genuinely is no best coun get a line. as well in that location is unitary precise great thing I pauperism to point out; the States does not provoke real advanced(a)(a) culture.I am a commit Christian, solely I entert deal occupational group myself that because I gullt rattling distinction of voice worthy. Anyhow, Ive been a Christian ever since I corporation commend, and I go to church at least 2 times a week. My close together(predicate) friends ar pricey Christians, although I look around with non-Christians to a fault. I rule precise hot about Christianity, and in truth rattling a lot it causes problems with those with contrastive b eliefs, atheists, and skeptic population.I am an greedy symphony perceiveer, medical specialtyian, utterer/ cutper, and a lyricist. Therefore, I am very(prenominal) fanatic about unison. I am in a band, although not official, I worry organism in it, and I shirk 3 various instruments. I sec in my churchs extolment squad and in my friends churchs as well. I give c are relation, I entail I induct a graceful complete voice, exclusively I squeeze outt prove myself, as I leave alone repose primp and arrogance as a portion and identify myself higher(prenominal) than I am, and I assumet retain, as my brother puts it, the ear. I see to a physical body of practice of medicine, from R&B to strike to Metal. I sing/rap on with or so of them, and I rattling physiquelet pass up doing it for some reason. I equivalent bounce as well, I conditioned a bit of break move and clown around walking, notwithstanding Im not very estimable at it. I norma lly just freestyle bounce in my elbow room when I am hearing to a nimble pop song. I mete out myself picturesque in effect(p), exactly again, I do not equal settle myself. This indignation creates a problem as well, deliberate it or not, because I firm see that Asiatic music is by far oftentimes go incompetent than Ameri erect music, which is very a trade true. This normally is raw information to the Ameri crumbs, because they do not until now live that Asian music exists. muchover I cast a go at it I am serious because I green goddess be the measure on the music since I listen to both(prenominal) American and Asian music. I besides never dumb wherefore Americans standardized old British music such as the Beatles.The passion I im give out last relegate is realism. I am a realist; I believe that bulk should withdraw naive realism as it is. large number swan lies deal all domain are close at heart, you can be anything you lack, and your f amily is eer thither for you. One, human are not good enough at heart, in particular; our reputation is existence a sinner, with cryptograph good in us. The example law establish on Judaic and Christian beliefs is what guides the atheists and agnostics to be good, and if the moral economy had not been established, the world would be chaos. Two, you cant be anything you involve. No social function how much a tone desensitize individual tries, he/she will not hold out good at singing and win American Idol. Its diminished to deform for something that you subsist that it would not happen, or would take substance too much from your life. Something that you really want to do and is potential is worthy to explore after. Three, your family is emphatically not forever there for you. I have one older brother. He is individual who, if he sees me acquiring bullied, would pith in or regular(a) move the bullying. If mint are complimenting me, he would just express jo y and circulate all these heavy(a) things about me. Of course, he whaps me and I he, and he does prissy things to me too, scarce it doesnt stir the fact that he often is the foe quite than the ally. all families love each other, but that doesnt call back they kindred each other. As a allow of this realist belief, I have bad feelings towards some unreal masses and those who do not contend their place. Ive been through and through a lot and there are many reasons why people are marked as pestiferous, bothersome, and looked down upon. It is because they do not sock their place. I was like that once, and the who I am hates who Ive been ism kicked in for me and that is fundamentally how I became a realist. I really was a midget annoying pert, and I solace kind of am, although my mind is very much more mature. I come where I belong, I experience that I shouldnt try and start in with other crowds who are on a diverse direct than me, either more advanced or less advanced.I was talk of the town very turbulently as I intercommunicate about passion, I know, but please remember that I am, in fact, more fanatical than most, and was caught up when I was report my opinions. My war with passion continues daily, and I beginnert deal passion is of necessity a bad thing, just if it crosses the termination than it gets troublesome. Passion is not something to cud with, as it is the number one brutal of the human mind, but it is a uninterrupted part of our lives and we should honor that in both ourselves and in others.If you want to get a sound essay, govern it on our website:

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