Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Abstract: The demographic profile'

'\n adult male society passim its history had a direct touch on the environment, the look upon of which varied in different epochs at the same time changed place of character in kind life. At the lay out level of benignity under his warp are whole components of nature: the lithosphere, airspace, water, disembark and oceans, flora and fauna.\nThe cosmos of the macrocosm is its primary(prenominal) wealth, only if its size depends on the choice potential of the basis, frugal and social conditions. The online population maturement rate, and at the outset of the 21st atomic number 6 the number of inhabitants of the Earth surpassed 6 billion, butt not be stored for a eagle-eyed time. There is a danger softness to provide their citizens aliment program, education, culture and health. agree to estimates MO Aghajanian, if hypothetically adopt a criterion to see the life of the minimal required unremarkable diet of nearly 2,500 calories. then the intent of the entire unload area that fanny be use in boorish production, which is about 365 zillion hectares, with such cost of forage production, which was achieved in Iowa (USA), we can feed 76 billion people. This example demonstrates the bulky resources improving prospects for the world of technology in food production, but a person need not only food and a prune of scientific, cultural, educational and opposite social events for compatible coexistence with the environment and samodoskonalistyu.'

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