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Planning an Expedition to Antarctica

Pg 2 Pg 2 We as a group up up pass on be investigating the effectuate global warming is having on the Antarctic lendscape, we leave alone also look at the effects that the tack in the Antarctic landscape is having on new(prenominal) factors such(prenominal) as the distribution of animals. To look at the reassign we exit look at the rate of contraction of the land, the rate of water ice break up, the rate of which a lake is created, the flow rate of Moulins, the rate of sea direct increase.As tumesce as this we lead fork out to de frontierine how the reduction of white land mass entrust encourage global warming and at what rate. This leave be hard to do but one of the some techniques we provide employ provide be to take ice cores. We will barpage in Antarctica for 1 year so we do-nothing experience the effects of global warming over the different seasons we will then retrograde to Antarctica in 5 years and c only for the commute in data.To put to frig a roundher safety obligations we father created a fosterage schedule in which the members of the police squad will learn skills contended for the Antarctic expedition as organize as this they will learn beginning(a) aid and what to do if situations pee-pee stunned of hand (situations such as severe weather, come downs, hundred storms, or separation of the group) they will also on a lower floorgo rigorous testing and mental assessment to make sure they will be suited to the weather, environment, and leave out(p) of social interaction.This is the training schedule it will span over 2 years and will allow them to begin to experience what it will be like in Antarctica. They will go to the training place per calendar month for 1-2 weeks. Date Place Training January 13 Snowdonia squad up Bonding, Scrambling, Walking February 13 Scotland pass skills Proficiency*, walking, ice lift knock against 13 Lake rule Winter Skills Progression*, walking, rock climbing April 13 Scotl and Winter bunch days, avalanche aw arness, graded risque shipway May 13 Peak District rock candy climbing, navigationJune 13 Snowdonia shake up climbing, abseiling July 13 Swiss Alps 2 weeks, alpine mountaineering, crevasse rescue, avalanche, glacier crossing August 13 Peak District Rock climbing, navigation, primary aid September 13 Lake District Rock climbing, navigation, low aid October 13 northeasterly Wales Rock climbing, avigation, first aid November 13 North Wales VHF*, competent crew (sailing), marine engine darn December 13 Scotland Winter skills, skiing, mountain days, ice climbing January 14 Scotland Winter skills, skiing, mountain days, mixed terrain February 14 Scotland Winter skills, skiing, Pulk Training (pullka)* March 14 Nor counselling 2 weeks, ski touring, mountaineering April 14 Lake District Winter skills, walking, fitness, rock climbing abseiling May 14 Wye Valley Rock climbingJune 14 North Wales Alpine skills training and Psycho recordical assessment July 14 Alps 2 weeks, alpine mountaineering, crevasse rescue, avalanche, glacier crossing September 14 North Wales Communications training and Equipment checks October 14 Devon Advanced small boat training November 14 Alps jaunt Rehearsal, nett practice of all skills and checking of apiece persons specific role/job. *Winter skills proficiency-these ar things such as skiing, ice climbing, navigation etc. Winter skills progression- this is a get across notwithstandinging skill and knowledge in winter skills proficiency ( discern above for further details) *VHF- very eminent frequency during this training they will be taught how to utilization radios in extreme conditions *Pulk Training (pullka)- is training the company in the enforce of the Scandinavian pullka a short, low-slung small toboggan employ in for transport, pulled by a dog or a skier. Pg 3 Pg 3 We provoke decided to include marine training in case they ar caught in a situation which requires small boats or s hips as the authority to evacuate the ara.As rise up as this we understand that we have to play along strict use uplines during our visit to Antarctica but as these guidelines be many we have only been able to count a few to show we richly understand the responsibility we have to the environment. Article II Freedom of scientific investigation in Antarctica and cooperation toward that end, as applied during the International Geophysical Year, shall continue, feat to the provisions of the present Treaty. Article IIIIn order to march on international cooperation in scientific investigation in Antarctica, as provided for in Article II of the present Treaty, the Contracting Parties agree that, to the greatest effect feasible and practicable -a. information regarding plans for scientific programs in Antarctica shall be change to permit maximum economy of and efficiency of operations -b. scientific force shall be exchanged in Antarctica between expeditions and stations -c. sc ientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available.thither will be iii team ups positioned at different spots in the Antarctic. This means that the results we get will be varied and will cover much sphere this way we can look at the effects over a enormous atomic number 18a and calculate if global warming is bear upon different beas at different rates or different ways. Each team will be made up of the analogous type of people (for lesson all(prenominal)(prenominal) team would have a photographer). Each team will consist of 9 people, a team leader, a navigator, a photographer, an ecologist, a potamologist, an oceanographer, a glaciologist, a meteorologist and a doctor/paramedic.Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Reason Team Leader/ Expedition Leader Team Leader Team Leader You need the team leader to make sure that everyone is doing what they need to be doing navigator Navigator Navigator You need the navigator to be able to provide the ro ute needed and serve hygienic if the team gets lost as well as this they will be able to mark your position on the map. photographer Photographer Photographer To record the data photographically and to show the change in ice and to create a portfolio of the look for data. Ecologist Ecologist Ecologist To study how the change in landscape and temperature would affect the animals (how they would live and the dispersion of them) Potamologist Potamologists Potamologists To study the rivers, Moulins, lakes to see how global warming is affecting that bea within the landscape. Oceanographer Oceanographer Oceanographer Would study the rise in sea level, the ocean circulation, and the physical and chemical properties of the ocean, geology of the sea. Glaciologist Glaciologist Glaciologist Would study the ice shifts, the rate of ice melting, and how quickly the ice is retreating. Meteorologist Meteorologist Meteorologist Pg 4 Pg 4 The meteorologist would study the precipitation leve ls and how this will affect the landscape will this create more avalanches etc. Doctor/paramedic Doctor/Paramedic Doctor/Paramedic To economic aid anyone suffering from frostbite and other related ailments. As well as this the doctor/paramedic would be in charge of the log book and making sure all the equipment is present. The equipment and kit needed for the Antarctic expedition is numerous so the equipment list is provided after the initial document.The habilitate needed for the Antarctic expedition comes in many classs the first/ source core mould is light clothes the next layer is the mid(prenominal) insularity layer which is light freight and traps bole light up then the final/outer layer is the heavyest layer and is a tough and breathable barrier. Then in that respect ar the accessories such as the gloves, hats, sock and boots. The expedition will gasify from the UK to Santiago and then from Santiago to Ushuaia and will then sail across the Drake Passage from Puer to Williams in Chile, to the Antarctic Peninsula.Departure Arrival Company seizure Price per person Price over all London, Heathrow Santiago, Chile Iberia woodworking plane ? 560 ? 15120 Santiago, Chile Ushuaia, genus Argentina Lan Airplane ? 243. 76 ? 6581. 52 Ushuaia, Argentina Puerto Williams, Chile Boat ? 110 ? 2970 Puerto Williams, Chile Antarctic Peninsula Boat The boat will not be paid for it will be rented and we will use it to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula and to transport the other teams to the other investigate root of operationss. Total Cost ? 913. 76 24671. 52 To be able to go on this expedition we need sponsors to fund it. We will use 6 sponsors. Society/Sponsor Type of Sponsor Reason for Sponsorship Union of concerned Scientists Scientific community-non profitable governing They fund look for and they are concerned about how global warming is and is going to affect the planet European Science Foundation Scientific community-non profitable system The y sponsor 11 different research areas one of the ones is polar science this means that they would do good from this area of science. Secretariat of the Antarctic treaty Scientific community-non profitable organisation The information ga on that pointd during the research would be useful to all the research bases in the Antarctic and to all the countries within the Antarctic treaty. WWF Animal munificence and a non-profitable organisation Although the research we are planning to carry out isnt directly linked to animals if we look at the animal dispersion aspect we could help them showing how global warming is Pg 5 Pg 5 ffecting the landscape and how that in turn is affecting the animals Panasonic A company, profitable organisation They are sponsoring us because of the photography side of the expedition and due to this they are providing us with the photographic equipment. Harris A company, profitable organisation They are a communication company so they are helping us with the beaver transceivers and communicating devices. The route we will take from arriving at the Antarctic Peninsula will differ depending on the team they belong to.The three places that we are staying are in the Antarctic are the Antarctic Peninsula, Queen Maud Land and the Transantarctic area. On the map below it shows the route each team will take. There is a research base here in which team 1 will stay and the other teams for the 1st week and then team one for the rest of the year. interrogation base-Rothera (UK) There is a research base here in which team 1 will stay and the other teams for the 1st week and then team one for the rest of the year. Research base-Rothera (UK)There is a research base here in which team 2. Research base-Novolazarevskaya (Russian) There is a research base here in which team 2. Research base-Novolazarevskaya (Russian) There is a research base which team 3 will stay at. In this area in that respect are only two research stations. Research base- McMurdo (U. S. ) There is a research base which team 3 will stay at. In this area there are only two research stations. Research base- McMurdo (U. S. ) The research could be use both in the near future and in the far future the research we arPg 5 Pg 5 planning to manner in Antarctica could be used to determine how global warming is affecting other places and whether the rate of global warming has increased or lessen and by how much, as well as this from the data we collect we can try to determine how large a threat global warming is for example if ocean circulation is changed by global warming then major(ip) changes in the climate are very likely. So if we could carry out research and find out whether the ocean circulation is changing then we could try to predict the effects.As well as this by repeating the same expedition in 5 years we will firstly get more accurate results and secondly we will be able to see if the levels of global warming within the aforementioned sections have increa sed or decreased and again at what rate. As well as this the research carried out would benefit not just our country but all other countries within the Antarctic treaty and possibly even further afield. Kit list-Clothing Clothing Price Layer type Reason Insulated base layer top ? 20 each Base core These will form the basic layers and will be the thinnest and lightest of all the layers.This will help trap atmospheric state between this primary level and the secondary level forming a good insulator. Insulated base layer trousers Base core douse ? 32. 27 each Mid-Insulation layer These will form the secondary layer and will be just slightly thicker and heavier than the previous layer. A well as they will trap air between the layers providing more insulation Insulator trousers ? 41. 96 each Mid-Insulation layer Polar parka ? 96. 99 each Outer layer These will form the outer layer and will trap air between the secondary and outer layer.These are the thickest and heaviest of all th ree layers this is because they have to be windproof and waterproof Down or Synthetic trousers ? 90. 99 each Outer Layer Light weight gloves ? 4. 99 each Accessories Depending on how cold the area is depends on how many layers of gloves you will need. The lightweight glove liners are the first layer, the lightweight gloves are the second layer and the ski mittens are the outer/final layer. They work on the same principles as the clothes this principle is that they trap air between layers Ski Mittens ? 14. 99 each Accessories Lightweight glove liners ? . 99 Accessories Balaclava ? 20. 00 each Accessories You lose about 10% of your body heat from your head so this is inborn. Under socks ? 7. 99 each Accessories The under socks are used as layers and like the lightweight glove liners are the first layer so they are light and thin. Socks ? 2. 00 each Accessories The socks are thicker and heavier thermal socks so provide more protection against cold, wind and rain. Mukluks ? 155 each Accessories The mukluks are there as snow shoes they are thick soled and thick so it protects the foot from cold, wind and rain. Neck pettifoggery ? 5. 99 each Accessories The neck gaiter or a jack off can be used to protect the neck from cold and traps the body heat Ski glasses ? 50. 00 each Accessories These have to be high UV levels they are there to protect the explorer from snow glare. Equipment list Pg 6 Pg 6 Equipment item Price Type Reason dormancy bag ? 199. 99 each Sleeping This is thick and well insulated so keeps you warm as well as this most of your clothes will be kept in the sleeping bag when you sleep. Closed carrel foam sleeping mat ? . 99 each Sleeping This is there so you are not sleeping straight on the snow and stops some of the cold from coming as well as this it is more comfortable to sleep on. Mountaineering ice axe ? 54. 99 each uprise It is there to help the climber get up the mountain this as well as the crampons and ice hammer are essential for climbing. Ice hammer ? 54. 99 each move up It is there to help the climber get up the mountain this as well as the crampons and ice axe is essential for climbing. Crampons ? 9. 90 each Climbing It is there to help the climber get up the mountain this as well as the ice hammer and ice axe is essential for climbing. Climbing Harness ? 59. 95 each Climbing The climbing tackle is there to stop the climber from falling when climbing the mountain or glacier. It is there as protection. Personal crevasse rescue kit ? 20. 00 each Climbing This is there in case some member of the team move into a crevasse this will help them to get back out. Right and leave hand ascenders ? 38. 0 each Climbing These are there to link up the rope to the climbing harness. Skis with touring binds ? 350. 00 each Skiing equipment The skis are there to help the explorer travel across the ice sheets and snow. Adjustable ski poles ? 65. 00 as a pair Skiing equipment The adjustable poles are there so a ny one can use them and they are used to guide the skis in the right direction. Transceiver ? 65. 99 for 5 Skiing equipment The transceiver is there to drop dead and receive messages to other members of that team and other teams. Avalanche probe ? 29. 0 each Skiing equipment They are a crucial part of the avalanche rescue kit it is there to mark the spot of the person who is under the snowfall caused by the avalanche. Shovel ? 15. 00 each Skiing equipment These are there to dig you, your ski or the ledges out of the snow if they are buried. Ski crampons ? 26. 24 each Skiing equipment These are to help you grip in the snow or on the skis while you are walking or skiing. GPS ? 115. 00 each Navigation The GPS is there so you can determine where you are and the quickest route back if youre lost. Compass ? 15. 0 each Navigation The master is there for those who do not hold GPS or the GPS has stopped working and so can be used as a navigational tool. Altimeter insure ? 90. 00 e ach Navigation Altimeter watch is an altimeter, barometer, and compass so can be used in many ways and is very helpful. Spare batteries ? 1. 93 for 8 Navigation Spare batteries for the watch and for the GPS to be used as arrest and when needed. Lightweight group tax shelter ? 359. 99 for 9 people Emergency This will be used in emergencies if you are caught in a snow storm or if you need to camp out before you reach your destination. Personal first aid kit ? 22 each Emergency This will be used in case you are separated or if Pg 8 Pg 8 you are on a journey and harm yourself. flyspeck repair kit ? 9. 58 each Emergency This could be used to repair skis, boats, snowmobiles or any other equipment needed to be mended medication - Additional This is only there for those who suffer from chronic of short term illnesses as well as basic medication such as paracetamol, aspirin etc. Food packets ? 5. 00 for 10 packets Additional These will be used on journeys and in emergencies if there i s no access to food. body of water purifiers ? 30 for 5 Additional This is there if the water runs out and you need to melt ice then it will be essential to honk the water before you drink the water Water ? 10 for 31 litre Additional These will be there if you are on a journey, trek or are caught in an emergency as a form of liquid so as to stop dehydration. Vitamins and minerals ? 20 for 5 jars Additional Are there for any emergencies when the explorer is suffering from a vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Sun screen ? 20. 0 for 4 Additional These are to protect the skin from the high UV level. mouthpiece screen ? 20. 00 for 5 Additional These are there to protect the lips from the high UV level. By Francesca Steeples 9P All prices were correct at the time of picture Pg 1 Pg 1 How Is Global Warming Affecting The Antarctic beautify? Contents Introduction pg 2 Training Schedulepg 2-3 Articles/Rules in Antarctic Treatypg 3 Team and Team Memberspg 3-4 Equipment and Kit Listpg 3 and 5-7 itinerary to Antarcticapg 3 Sponsorspg 3-4 Route in Antarcticapg 4 What the research could be used for in the futurepg 5

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