Friday, March 15, 2019

European Society During The Time of The Communist Manifesto :: History Historical Essays Communism

atomic number 63an Society During The Time of The communist Manifesto At the time the Communist Manifesto was written, European life had become far much urbanize than the previous years. During this period, society in Europe was undergoing great diverseness. This great salmagundi arose from many influential factors. Among these factors, modern education, social structure of the bourgeoisie and laborers, and Marxism had colossal effects on the everyday life of European citizens. During the 1800s, an integral rate towards building a more than modern society in Europe was the neuter in education. Formal learning and obligatory attendance began to go place in schools. The demand for children to attend school kept them prohibited of the work place that they had inhabited for so many years. Another of the essence(p) aspect of schooling was the enforcement of teaching both sexes. The education of boys had been increasing for years, only if at this point girls now had th e opportunity to learn. As this change in education became more popular, literacy increased among young students. The ability to read and draw up became commonplace. The change in the way education was formatted increased the number of students uncoerced to learn. The increase in the number of students caused even more change in the structure of education in Europe. Older schools were forced to offer newly curriculum to keep up with the times. New schools had to keep bringing in new classes for students to choose from. It became hard for old universities to adapt to this societal change. As the schools began to change, they eventually became more expensive and necessary. Those who attended or worked for a university became more respected and honored in society. Professors were among those of the elite class and were thought of as extremely well educated. Their place in society was far leading of that of pre-university teachers. They had a high salary, educational assistants, and good vacation time. Before this change in education, some teachers were not much farther ahead of their students and did not have the allowances of the professors in the late 19th century. The educational system change in Europe in the 19th century greatly alter the life of children. There were more agencies to help families and widows with children. The middle class became more considerate of their children and these children began to populate a large portion of the world.

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