Wednesday, May 1, 2019

BLOGS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

BLOGS - Essay ExampleRaci is faced by the quarrel of having to take hormone shorts off the street, and at times this feelm to affect her class attendances which seems to be worrying her professors. Another transgendered pupil is a Master candidate in Student administration at Michigan university who is faced by a contend of having to one day make his family who considers her a distaff understand that she is a male. In episode five, he is faced by the challenge of getting romantically involved with another student (Simmons, 2005). Gabbie, a student pursuing Computer Science at the University of conscientious objector has to cope with the challenge of being the youngest candidate to undergo a gender reassignment surgery. Will he by and by be accepted by her family as being female and not male? It is evident in Episode five of the documentary, which not all of this transgendered and transsexual student have been accepted and loved in the single sex colleges that they opted to joi n. Just as in the YouTube video clip on love and acceptance, single-sex colleges should negociate such students with love and acceptance because they were created so by God. Therefore, to help them in their transition to being a male or a female, love and acceptance would suffice (TBCvideoATL, 2010).Lack of acceptance and love has make Lucas a Neurology Senior at the Smith College feels so alienated. The society, her family, and some of her college mates consider and see Lucas as a female, but she wants to liver her life as a male. Lucas is faced with a challenge of defending his thesis in Episode five of the Transgeneration documentary (Simmons, 2005).A transgendered or transsexual student would want to attend a single-sex college just as gay partners, or lesbians would want to attend the temple Baptist church they want a place where they would feel loved and accepted. It is natural that attending a

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